How The Mongol Bow Is Made.

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Luvenia Waiters: I think you need to take some time and go to WoodPrix website to learn how to make it.

Duca Schoenberg: I've found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think

Romelia Polly: You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

Remington Mcneese: I made it, learned on woodprix website. great solutions I think.

tomjamapz: conquer the world by bamboo and yak horn.

Lalu Erfandi Maula Yusnu: where you get this video... I mean the source of your video? can I get the title or any information about the source of your video?

Bath Tub: Europeans long now looses with its central Asian counterpart, for comparisons see the video of Mughal composite bow which penetrated double plate armour, while longbow only 1 plat armour

ErnestG: Much further and faster than any european opponent*? What time period is he talking about specifically?
As far as I know, english warbows had a maximum draw weight potential of over 180 pounds. I doubt these bows had the same.

Takingout thetrash: longbow suck, as does the long sword, as does European knights

Asians are smart and they revolutionize warfare

Full camp Chad Mendes: Powerful JRE

Vidar Burström: wut m8?

james taylor: i want one

Vovk3: I hate to be that one pickle, but the narrator of the original video is a douche. Never before seen in Europe? Get real.

Pedro Ferreira: What a beauty!

Dakotah Jennings: Wow I wish I had one of those bows....

Shinzhon: damn I was so surprised when he turned the entire bow on itself xD these guys are seriously epic

Youssef Cherqaoui: معهم معهم :)) بتعمل ايش هنا im just kidding

Arslan MGL: Aah mongol hunuu harin luuhai nariin suuliin ueiin comentuudiig unshij buhimsaar baigaad ... Basl neg muu um mongliin tuhai bichij gej bodloo uuchlaarai

steelboy stanboy: Huue chi Mongol hun yum shig bn. Minii bichsen comment iig zuv oilgood asuultaa asuugaarai. chinii tavisan asuult chin hujaa baagiigaas l asuuh asuult bn daa

Arslan MGL: did you say history of china tell me than about great wall of china and who made you build that and more over who liberated you from japaniese occupation ????????????

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How the Mongol Bow is Made. 5 out of 5

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