Luffy, Sanji, Zoro Have Haki - One Piece Episode 570

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sboo7: love it..when luffy says: oi zoro,sanji! they wake up in second. :D

SneakBean: Is this the Haki that Sky Island People call ''Mantra''?

Nico Robin: Not True! On Chapter 758, Usopp Has Acquired Kenbunshoku Haki So Therefore, Usopp's The Fourth One To Use It


kungfukid2191: Is it me or is Observation Haki a rip-off of the force. Not that I'm complaining its just something that I thought.

Bezzer Hd: The best place to watch one piece is on kissanime it's in HD and I'm just saying this because on watchop a lot of the episodes army in HD

jorence gutierrez: Thats observation haki XD

SoulCypress: It's funny, Zoro in the thumbnail. freak man, it's like He-man in the Hey-yayay video OMFG

Kawaii Lenerd: Zoro had haki even before it was introduced , when he cut steel mr.1 he used haki that time and sanji had haki also when he was able to kick caribou

Monk0rz: Yes but before Luffy said this to Law, this scene was just showing that the three of them were using Observation Haki.

LaughingMan86U: how funny would it be if Nami was one of the three with haki, how else could she possibly smack luffy with her fists when he's acting stupid

MrIguna: man if only ussop had haki.he'd be unstoppable!

Kevinikolo11: Luffy -> Armor Haki, Observation Haki, Conquerors Haki Zoro -> Armor Haki, Observation Haki Sanji -> Armor Haki, Observation Haki

lyarunde: well zoro was literally the 'first mate' cause he was the first to join? :D no? *gets shot*

SuperVanGoD: zoro must have armanent haki (which is used both for defence and for offence against logia users) and at a high level due to his harsh training cant w8 for the first duel of zoro with a worthy opponent...

potzie10: Mr. Royce Egma your right.. :D

Flipp1234567: I don't think you understand what strawmanning is. I am by no means twisting your argument. I was simply stating (quite poorly i should add) that your descriptions of zoro having the qualities that he has purely SUGGESTS that he is the first mate. Suggesting does not mean that it is set into stone. This is what we're trying to argue. I don't believe fruitytrity has a stance on whether zoro is FstMt or not. For the record, you insulted them first with "shove it up your ass".

Michaeljefferson9000: Well now I HAVE to.

Cooper Roll: i love rooster

itachi93674: Yet you still prove your idiot. You can believe his first mate if you want no one is stopping you from doing so. Even I believe he is first mate. However it's not official until Oda says so. Thats just how it goes. Doesn't mean you still can't think his the first mate. Il put this in caps so you can understand. I BELIEVE ZORO IS FIRST MATE I WAS NEVER DISPUTING THAT WITH YOU ! It's just not considered official until Oda says so.

itachi93674: He has both observation and hardening. He could have killed Monet if he chose to do it. Tashigi states this. That was why Monet was freaked out because he made it seem like he was going to cut her in half. Whether he has Conquerors haki is still debatable. Personally I believe he does.

Spy TiVi: He only Think That !

Vexacus 2: Thats cause Luffy refuses to die until hes King. He will continue to protect his Nakama until he dies. but. Zoro IS the first member he recruited.

john snow: uhm well i think its allready stated when zoro tried to attack the tenryuubito kaizo urouge said: a second in command with 120m? he doesnt look like someone who would take orders that says something about the captain.

Dimas Lima: uhh,dont think so

MilleniumBrz: but also in the most recent episode. when sanji is in nami's body her uses haki when he is under water fighting the shark

David Hume: Go back to Bleach! Wait, aren't you already dead? HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ALIVE!?

Spy TiVi: He sayed , I think only the three of us ( luffy , zoro , sanji ) can use haki ,rewatch the episode !

Chris .Pswmadakis: Reaction when i saw the title: YOU DON'T SAY????

itachi93674: U mad bro ? The fact that you have been arguing about nothing for 6 months speaks for itself.

dordonii103: Can I join the conversation too :O ??

Square One: So much for your own anime. Get the friggin off this page this is not about you. :)

dadidb: that's what haki is anyway..

MilleniumBrz: no! he knows that. and in fact rayleigh said when talking to luffy that everyone has haki. but most people only know how to use it at the last moments.

CrismoniaN: Zoro just made a statement that if Luffy wasnt strong he shouldnt be the captain.

Mathias Estrup: Yes! Anyone can learn Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki, but only one in a million can use Haoshoku (Conquerers/Kings) Haki.

Naruto Uzumaki: It's me.

Mohammad Azmi: Kenbonshuco Haki

Au Siripron: sanji too. = =

Joshuamiller19570: Indeed, First mates are basicly either A. the 2nd strongest person in the crew, or B. the first person too join the captains crew, Zoro fits both of those pretty well :D

DiamondPlays: This freaking chain of comments is too long :l

cricket546: uhh, yes.

tkkmr4: it was never outright stated that he is the vice captin, it's depicted but cant be stated as a fact until luffy or oda says it (or i guess one of the other crew mates but anyway)

Spy TiVi: I know , all mugiwaras , and all people have haki , but we don't know yet , if it is just luffy zoro and sanji who can use it , maybe robin or I don't know ^^

ralphana47: what year are you on ?

tkkmr4: keywords in your post ''shows qualities'' ''oda has HINTED'' i already admitted 10+ times over that it's obvious he is portrayed as the 1st mate, what i'm telling you,something you morons don't seem to understand is that the guy who started this argument stating that it isn't a FACT, is CORRECT, it isn't a fact. Is it obvious he is portrayed as it? yes, but can it be called a fact? absolutely not.

Brook Soul King: and sword [man women ]

tkkmr4: haki doesn't make you faster....zoro's speed and sanji being able to ''air walk'' have nothing to do with haki :p

Grace Borum: Although it is not stated, it is assumed that Zoro is the first mate. Oda did say in the early version of one piece that Usopp was going to be first mate so that part of his dream could be realized as being 'captain of the crew'

Kaitn13: 0:29 Why did I think of Mickey Mouse when I saw Luffy there?

Luffy, Sanji, Zoro Have Haki - One Piece Episode 570 4.4 out of 5

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