Brother Sewing Machine Review And Demo, Model PC-420.

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Michelle Giglio: I love this video. The only thing is, I wish it was not backwards. It would be great if you filmed it so it wasn't backwards. :0)

Hope Banks: I have 3 brother machines and am looking at getting this one. I"ve been sewing for more than 50 years, I've had machines that cost $800-$2000 but none of them sew like my brothers. I have the brother serger and embroidery machine. I have the HC1850 and the Designio2440. I'm thinking I'm going to pass the HC and the Designio to my nieces and get this PC 420 for me.

Muzaharul Islam: I wish to start a mini readymade school uniform garments plz give good advice with a low cost budget.

Paula Brown: I love your video and how you explain things so here goes -- if you can help Id appreciate it bunches. I just bought a Brother 420 sewing machine-- and while I was attempting to fill a bobbin with thread I didnt realize that the thread was in fact under the bobbin winder.. So now I am stuck with a new machine that has malfunctioned due to the thread.... Any ideas on how I can get the thread unwound from the bobbin winder shaft? I am visually challenged and didnt realize this was happening until the machine stopped. Thank you for your time

Julieta Ward: Does it sew leather?

Julieta Ward: is the video tape back works?

Sherin Ibrahim: Hi
I want to buy a sewing machine and I am wondering if there is a newer edition of this one.
can you please advice me?

Kelley Duenke: oh my stars thank you for putting this video up.....very informative......b nice if you traveled to teach sewing classes or hey u could do that on your you tube channel....I'm getting this particular sewing machine soon. 😁

Rose Garcia: Can you please do a short video if how to monogram on the PC 420? Please, please, please? I just need a tiny clip of it in action doing a monogram.

L L: Does this machine have adjustable pressure for the presser foot?

Paula Strong: Great demo!  Making me lean toward this machine.

Marian Mina: Hi! First off, thank you for making this video. It's really informative. I'm a beginner and looking into purchasing a machine. So far, this is the one I've been draw to because of it's features and price. I'm mainly going to sew clothes for my kids and want to know if this machine works well on thicker fabrics or even leather. I want to make a faux fur vest for my little girl too. Would you still recommend this machine for a newbie?
Hope to hear from you!

charlie southerton: well ive made up my mind on what sewing machine im gonna get 

Bothychickens: I'm actually reeling (I know the video's old, but bear with me!) - ALL sewing machines are LEFT-HANDED!!!
The free arm is on the left, so that the right-hand has to go underneath the big bulky bit!
Elias Howe, the guy that invented the sewing machine was LEFT-HANDED!!
Think about it - wheer do you need the most airspace to be when you're left-handed? on the LEFT! that's where it is on the sewing machine! All the space that you need in order to sew properly is on the left!
Your weird backwards video makes the sewing machine right-handed!

Renee Wall: Awesome review!! Thank you!

mscrissy38: How do you thread a bob on this machine

Maria Goumas: This machine is backward n brother letters too?????

Gayle Hall: This is a first for me! I've been sewing for 40 years and have never seen a left-handed sewing machine. I went to the Brother site and looked at this same model, and they're all right-handed, as one would expect in the USA. Did you have to special order it? Also, the brand name is backwards on your machine - very strange, indeed. 

Ashley Jenkins: @jd637906 it does ok on heavy fabrics, not as good as I thought it would. I have since bought a mechanical machine which tends to do better on heavy fabrics

angie hall: Hey saw this video on the brother web site. I am new to sewing and I want to learn how to sew. I would like to buy a computerized machine. However, some of my friends are telling me to look for an older sewing machine that has been refurbished. They tell me that they are better. I am not sure what to do and I would  like to know your take on it? Please reply.

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Brother Sewing Machine Review and Demo, Model PC-420. 5 out of 5

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Brother Sewing Machine Review and Demo. Model PC-420.
Brother Sewing Machine Review and Demo. Model PC-420.
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