Reloading .223 Rem On The Dillon XL 650

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Sam Bonz: I have been reloading on a Dillion press for a few years now, and have run into a problem with the shell plate not allowing enough adjustment of the die to set the shoulder back far enough to meet the specs of my head space gauge. (.223). Dillions tech line said to over cam it a quarter turn! Not happening! That puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the press. I took my shell plate to a machinist and had him remove 0.008 from the shell plate where the bottom of the die fits into, and that gave me all the adjustment I need to come into specs. It is nice to know a very good machinist. My rifle is no longer jamming.

C.A. Rosales: What's with the supposed upcoming ban on videos like this? Is it true?

Brian J: The powder stage is incorrect. On a rifle cartridge, it uses a funnel. Not like the a pistol that goes inside the case and bells/flares it out. As per the Dillon manual.

Mike Trentham: Thanks for the info. Will try and get my wife to make me some. sldo, Enjoy Your videos. I had two 550's and sold one last week. Turned around and orderd a 650. What was I thinking? LOL

Mike Trentham: Where di d you get your powder stand covers?

stektirade: Jesus dude that's like case hording porn haha. Do you pick them up and your range?

McTag: So it de-primes in the resizing que also?

Michael Moran: ok u said start to finish what about primer crimps triming and chamfering the cases and clean the primer pockets

Lancelot MacKenzie: Great Vid. But can you tell me were i can get such Zombie Bullets??

Lo Kruth: just had a crap watching this video,,,,kind of relaxing.

John Lin: Just bought a 650 xl is it worth getting the powder check and the case loader

Always Adventurous: What would you do differently for 5.56?

Radioman909: How many rounds can you get out of 1 pound of Powder?

john m: Thank you for the video !! I am new to reloading and I bought a guys complete setup with the Dillon XL650 like yours and am reading the books and watching videos like yours and "OXBSOLWIND" and have learned lots about the machine .... For now I am prepping lots of brass !! P.S. I own a recycling center and I get buckets of nice brass so check your local recycling centers for brass and lead !!!! Thx John..

Terry Walker: I understand that maybe just putting your finger on the shell plate when it indexes to the next station will help prevent powder from flipping out of the case.

Temoc Gauna: we're did you get the zombie bullets?

Vaughn Johnson: Do you just put a towel on your bullet tray for comfort? and also, were you using walnut media to polish your .223?

kEnt Mabalay: I have a Dillon 650XL and a complete newbie to reloading. Did you resize, trim, chamfer and debur your brass prior to putting them in the press?

ouruiz: What method do you use to clean the lube off the cases?

adamma65: Excellent video on the 650. Been looking at a few and this is a great overview, and you commentary on key points based on your experience helps really hit the key points. Thanks for the video.

Reloading .223 Rem on the Dillon XL 650 5 out of 5

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