How To Hotwire Start A Scooter Moped Without Keys Stolen NRG

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Coryhughes00: Please check the video out on my page. I have a scooter with bad wiring. If anybody can please look at the video and leave a few comments to help out I would appreciate it very much. Thank you

richard smithy: Or you can dis connect the battry and kick it that works

dannyrawwrkins: you donut

Michael Myers: Does it with a vino

tpvalley: You are a naughty man! obviously u havent twocked it...I hope. It works as the cut off switch simply earths out a wire, so when running its not earthed/ open switch/ circuit, my recovered benelli was the same; its stupidly simple really; best to treat them like a pedal bike and always lock em up; and keep a baby monitor in the garage!

potnoodle12: this is a pull and kick. the easyest way to do this is by putting your hand up the mudgard have a look through the vents and pull the mires off. oh and it works with a madness 50cc scotter

Herr Ruff: try :)

drewflack81: It really works ... No crap.

madskillzukk: Its my own bike u freaking donkey... Soppy bollox... aha cuuunt... x

gansta cov: freak that cut the wires connect the greens the red and the black together and kick it or even betta use the electric start and if ur left wiv a black and white wire wen u put that on the ones uve connected it cuts it out

potnoodle12: will this work on a DT125? if not what will?

1990Deluxe: solche huhrensöhne die das machen

thugwithissues: hahahahahahaha and theres me thinking my road pit was the only bike with this problem hahahahahahaha thanks feel much better now

madskillzukk: No it will not work with any peugeot models. On peugeots u have to remove a black box that runs into the igniton in order to start it up. Its a small cap on the end of the ignition, its pretty tricky and i would advise doing it if ur in a rush ;)

justindo6: you call that thing a freaking bike????? dude what are you in the maggot brigade or some crap???

thewck: me entran ganas d eir pa donde vivas para robartela, subnormall, freaking idiot

Arton Ismani: Okay. This is totally old. There are new scooters that can NOT be hotwired like you did. You need too take the red cable out from that thing, and the black too from there, and use something to cut the cable so you can see the strings, and put it inside, and you can ELECTRIC START. And too turn it off, just place your foot at the exhaust and hold it till it turns off, IF the exhaust is down and you cant put your foot in just lean the scooter on the ground and wait too it turns off. GOOD LUCK

Liverpool Biker: Did you record that with a calculator ? Lol

VanDiemen16: Congratulations for your gay bike you stupid maggot. All the girls in my town own such bikes. And you ride one too.. keep riding your girlie sissy gay bicycle and keep instructing people how to steal it. I hope the;ll practise their knowledge on your sissy stupid maggot scooter!

potnoodle12: did yours get nicked??

MrNottz09: lol cart you just take out the key hold thing and unplug it easyer and then the ped not look crap and do another video how to snap the staring lock easy Good Video Mate :)

madskillzukk: no its a piaggio nrg, and no its not stolen its registered legally to me, just though id have a laugh like and video it on utube.

madskillzukk: if u rip/cut the wires on the ignition then that will also work. To turn it off, just pull of the spark plug cap off, just watch out u dont get a little electric shock lol, doesnt kill or injure haha just gives u a little sting Or put ur foot over the exhaust and it will cut out or rip off the air filter and put your hand over the air intake of the carb.This was my own ped anyway, just filmed it for a bit of fun =] so im not going to ruin my steering lock just for youtube...

GRINDINDUSTS: i just broke my dam key in the ignition and im trying to get under the plastic without damaging the moped to much but it seems like i might have to just to get the plastic off. did u figure out how to get it off yet

J4M13N: @fredzaz65 you can kick through it

Kyle Mcqueen: so why does it say stolen nrg. twat. if ur sure its ur bike. give me the reg n ill call the police

J4M13N: Ok so, I break the steering lock, then I take the scooters. Then I remove the front fareing. then I just unplug the cable and kick start it? No alarms?

2freaky88: lol at least you honest

potnoodle12: im confused lol

doccody4: hey is there a way to get the lights and everything working without the key?

kingpin: whats the point why dont u just full the end ov the key barrow off an just start the bike with any old key an pluss u still have all your electrics ?![: an t works on any bike aslonge asit hasnt gta emobliser

thewsey01: hi i have a 2002 gilera runner 125 no kick start n i have no idea were the key is just wondering is ther eany way i can get this thing started

hunter everett: I could have recorded this with a strip of bacon 10x better than that

Caiden Wellington: i pretty shure mine does this too found it in the forest a few days ago taotao50 -49.5cc

ipuremusici: i justed ripped all the wires of the ignition can i still kick start fam

chaolan77: i wonder.. will this work on a injection model? mine's a suzuki address125 and sometimes i lose my keys

mechaniczman64: if someone stole my moped i would ducktape theire eyeballs to the freaking ground and shoot theire freaking stumack out so steal my moped bitch!

CopywrightMyAss: I Managed to get this to work with a peugeot 50cc bike... not sure which one it was tho defo not speedfight or any of those ones

Masih Kabiri: set the kabel on again

iampayney: i dont belive it......i just tryed this on my italjet 125cc and it makes you think how insecure my pride and joy is.....

mikkey180: doesnt work on suzuki ap50 :p

duffmanftw: if this is supposed to show u how to steal one b hotwiring its abit pointless lol ur not gunna take a tool kit with you and take the plastics off and do all that crap to someoens ped thats parked haha dunno why u wud want to hotwire a ped anyway they come with spare keys lmfao

A7Xskater100: killswitch duh

MrDapesada: Kool can u do one about cars rudebwoy??

madskillzukk: Listen mate, its my bike, I have it legally in my name and I can do whatever the freak I want with it, correct? so therefore u little wanking prick I can take video of it aswell, I would like to see you try and give me, a 16 stone ex-pro kickboxer a hit you dole munching pikey. For starters u probably cant afford one so there's no point whining about u fanny. much love x

lol: i hope u die u lady

bollewapp: Rollerfahrer haben kleine schwänze!

II19IIcammyII95II: Ok so all you pickles that steal peds i have given your youtube names to the police and they will be coming round picky ladys. Try earning money

SuckMyFist: i've done this, it works its really easy. makes stealing scooters so easy -.-

andy sinclair: nice 1 mate

How To Hotwire Start a Scooter Moped Without Keys Stolen NRG 3 out of 5

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