DIY Foundry Crucible Furnace

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Tim Fox: Wow, I'd pay for a set of molds.

John Hauserman: can I get a set of prints for that burner it looks like it mixes very well. thanks, john

fm1224: very nice!

Daniel Harris: very nice for your first try, you did better than me

iROBODUDE: best home built on youtube... by far. GREAT VIDEO. I would have loved to see your crucible though and maybe a pour or two.. 

Zach27: love the music choice made my morning

DTLSchiller: Where is a good place to get refractory cement? I can't find any at stores in my area.

kevlauenterprises: Would you be interested in making a few of those side molds and top molds for a fee? I would love to be able to make these blocks but no way to make the molds!

Megan Moore: wow i'll take one. that looks awesome. well done sir.

Sho81: Really good design for the moulds. Have you ever thought of talking to the shop about a small time manufacturing and sales?

raunwynn: Awesome!

Asylumescapee69: You should sell the molds for a fair price...

ZebbMassiv: what is the point of melting aluminum? to sell? how much money is involved?

GrayWolfPictures: can this get hot enough to melt copper at almost 2000*F?

Mrflashlite: Hi, great job. i have been a millwright for over 30 years and love to see people take the time and pride to do things right. I was thinking of building a furnace similar to this one now that I am about ready to retire, did you use plain refractory cement or was there some mix of perlite or something else? Alot of people are comenting on the expensive tools needed but I think most could be able to lay it out with a router and circle cutter now that you put the idea out there. Thanks job well done

Cory Adamson: Do you have a link to the specs/plans? I'd really like to replicate for myself

Brad K: Very very nice job. That gas grill looked a little intimidated by the testing of the burner.

Designsbyg: @agentxoo7 - This design was purely experimental. The nozzle was inspired and based on a typical propane torch design. This is the only attempt made. There was no trial & error involved.

Bleriot529: Brilliant! "Better Living Through Science!"

amaedesign: Beautiful design! You could, of course mount the whole thing on a custom cart and it'd be easy to move by one person, without the setup required.

Cade Scott: Very impressive to say the least..! Thanks for sharing.

Pip Lache: @STRIKER520 Dude high tolerances aren't needed here, not even thousandths of an inch. The Babylonians were making glass & Bronze stuff back in the day & they didn't even have store baked buns... (Jack in the Box anyone?) doing it super cheap just purchase a $5 jigsaw at the local pawn shop & go to town with wooden pallets... (an angle grinder will probably be needed later too) Of course with my wood shop I'll use a few other tools...

joshmnky: I found some plans for an electric foundry on a site called Dan's Workshop. There were a bunch of websites of people who had built one, so I bought in. I'm going to get started this afternoon buying materials. The best advice I think is to use firebrick for the inner liner. Refractory is a great insulator, but chips really easily.

gamo98: why was the music put on for you could not hear what he was saying

oneyaker: Very nice and also probably the most expensive DIY furnace out there with the machined acrylic molds. Perfect accuracy though.

513bam: @Designsbyg Great Job!

ruow2000: @Designsbyg, Thanks for your reply, really appreciated. Wow, that's a lot of refractory :o). Again, wonderful furnace you designed.

MrMinimalSWN: Hey, I'm planning on making a double-wall-structure forge, so I can put wood in between the 2 rims for drying the wood (first step charcoal making), I would also use ventilation with a condensator and filter so I don't breath these fumes when I'm working. Now what I need to know is: 1) If the wall would conduct enough heat for the moisture to evaporate from the wood? 2) what's minimum thickness the wall should be for a save forge? 3) Wich brand is that of the product you're using? Thanks, greets

Designsbyg: Although i've not tried it yet, i'm very confident that it would easily melt any non-ferrous metal. When I run it to melt aluminum, i'm only running at about 10% throttle! It was designed with melting bronze, brass and copper in mind. I do intend to melt these in this furnace at some point. It will also melt silver/gold just as easily.

HarriMerivirta: Next step sancasting. Would be interested in knowing how you built the burner.

honse246: Very cool! Would you be willing to send me the cad drawings ? I'm trying to make a furnace and need something to at least look off of.

dramey03: beautiful craftsmanship great design gotta put this in my favorites i know i wont be able to build my own anytime soon, not like that, but it is great for the future and for current ideas to do in the near future thanks for a great vid

LegendofAkaiyus: This is simply amazing and beautiful craftsmanship. Is it possible to aquire the plans for this?

Designsbyg: @hennyforapenny :I've designed this to melt all non ferrous metals. It easily exceeds my initial expectations and i believe it will do higher temperature melts quite easily. Since this vid was made, i've also wrapped a 1 inch thick pyromat around the furnace body which keeps in much more heat.

dekonfrost7: umm with the cost of all that acrylic and cnc time you have bought a new professional seems to me your an engineer or something...not really a diy'er. i don't mean that in a derogitory way, i was only stating that beacause of your vaste resources...

STRIKER520: @Designsbyg It says DIY but from looking at the parts you need thousands of dollars in tools that most will not have like a cnc machine and metal lathes.for the forms and burner.

ScoobTEQ: What a fantastically well designed and put together furnace. Well done! Now when can I buy one? :)

Myrkanth: After 2 years, how has the foundry held up? I've been watching DIY foundry videos for almost 2 months but this design has really caught my attention.

Homere Lesperance: That's a awesome craftsmanship of a foundry furnace. This is a very nice build & designed foundry furnace that can be easily assemble and disassemble (interlocks), I absolutely love it! You should put this in the market where professional smelters, metal casters, metal forgers, enthusiasts, hobbyists or anyone, anybody with an interest in melting & casting metals could buy or purchased this very nice, good foundry furnace. Oh, very good song chosen, Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody! :)

Designsbyg: @Joepowiful it takes about 15-20 min to warm up.

irrops: Very nice. How many unique brick molds did you create? Did adding the port for the burner nozzle require separate molds or did you bore it out afterwards? How do you monitor the temperature? Cawthra Park, holy crap!

Mr3wheeledbike: great vid good music LIKE

dogdove: finally a video not by an idiot

Designsbyg: @dekonfrost7 - 'DIY' means just that. Being resourceful is part of DIY. I happen to be a CNC programmer/engineer/designer, so access to the computers/machines is rather easy. So, in one respect you are right that this is somewhat beyond the norm. This project can be built without a CNC. It all depends on how ambitious and resourceful you wish to be...(btw, the only thing I paid for, was the cement and the metal...)

yoohoosk8r: @Designsbyg Just curious, i stubbled upon this video, what is the purpuse of all this in the long run, what are you melting aluminium for? are you reselling the aluminium instead of recycling them to get the melt value? that would be my guess. (thirsty for knowledge)

Adam Carmichael: Really nice! About 3 years have past since you built the furnace, if you were to make a new one today, would you change any parts of the design? How critical were your dimensions for the burner?

Bikefarm Taiwan: Saw your design over a year ago. Still the best I have seen. Neat and professional carefully thought out and made. Well done. Experience has shown me that furnaces that can be broken down are useful for melting odd sized scrap as they can be cleaned and used again as intended.It is not kind to the furnace bricks but large lumps can be melted down to run off and then popped into a crucible to be re-poured into an ingot mould. Thanks for posting.

Lildream3: Do you prefer coal or propane? Which would I use to cast gold with? For gold rings, watches etc.

ruow2000: Wow, wonderful craftsmanship. I'm about to build one as well and was wondering how many pounds of the refractory cement powder you used? It's quite expensive stuff and I want to make sure I buy what I will need. Thanks for the great video

ImbueUOdotcom: @ktsswan This is me on my other acct, send me an email and i will send you the plans for refractory and perlite mix, it works awesome and it is much lighter. It can withstand temps of up to 3000 deg. Steel companies use it to top off their pots. Keeps your metal molten longer and can be scraped off easily.

Vet: When I graduated High School, all I wanted to do was kick back and relax without having to do any homework. But I realized I have no money to do anything fun. So I went to a San Francisco Vet School to get trained to make money. But seeing your videos, I am gonna be an internet marketer on the side. Let me know if you have any tips. Thanks.
DIY foundry crucible furnace 4.9 out of 5

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