How To Make A Pea Shooter (Without Blowing)

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Terri Smith: Is it real?

Terri Smith: Is it real?

trueamericanboys: hahahahaha we all have no lives!!! were watching a pea shooter!!!! lolz

hubjubjub: 1:50 sweet! so it hurts?

SuperGamebeater: one of the best pea shooter videoas in the world



mando vitsl: power ranger music

lockdown6234: Lol...Brilliant, :D

holyshit7808: 1.52 OMG MY FLOWER!!!!!!!

PROXBOXGAMER99: i made these there f****** epic

ben1996: yeah

CrazyDave3211: I love it when the muzic stopped and broke the flower at the same time xD its just GOOD TIMING!!

William Priv: That looks like a sex toy.. lol.

NightmareDFF: for better stretchy power, use a condom =D

chik: Took it from that vid i get it... idiotic idea what if ur mother will see u with it?? my mother would think: O my god Mark are u shooting birds with peas and a condom?!?!? I would be like no im shooting kids with peas and condom... jk what would u want to make that crap anyway condom worth like 4$ and a balloon woth like 5Cent i would rather use that condom for myself! :P

RichardNievesSupreme: looks like a giant dildo

allroundlad: Epic music!

drshooful: the poor flower. *please bow your head in sorrow*

HudioIndigo: Pwning WaterBotlles xD

Sauli Laukkanen: I make my peashooter bottle,rubber band & air balloon.. Air balloon latex is very high speed material.. Also strong slingshot can made gym rubber band(latex) Checkout slingshot channel there utube. There's nice special slingshot videos ^_^

pumpkinjuice789: Well this thing is alright. can it shoot through plastic?

DJcaakes: lol thats hilarious :P

callmebart01: @Fingaaaa723 MOTHERfreakER I SAID THAT FIRST DONT TRY TO COPY ME maggot

Whisper24: Poor flower....

daniel lariz: LOL. the final product looks like a deformed condom.

Seth Söderdahl: haha these ones are realy powerfull! i shot my friend!! funny but it hurts!

Ryan G: Horrible design! You need to use the top of a milk carton and rubber bands. Milk carton is way stronger and rubber bands for quick replacement for when the balloon breaks cause it will tear.

Joseph P.: cool i barely msde 1 today!!!!!! i used it as A PAINTBALL GUN becuase i found these berries (well lke tree berries) when i shot them thwey were blue!!! awsome!!! try it if u happen to fid one of da trees

kidlax727: You will shoot your eye out!

frankzorzor: @suget419 No it's called a peashooter, i am english but live in scandinavia and they call it peashooter in both places, it's because it is meant for shooting frozen peas, which are practically the same as airsoft bullets... Great vid man! My friends make peashooters they can become pretty powerful :)

Formans4: dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm f**k

thedangerdude1: why make it shoot about bbs

Thomas Staats: this hurts i shot myself in the foot with a metal bb

Josh Wells: yes. you would have to keep it lubricated though.

ben1996: yes

Sauli Laukkanen: It's nice video ^_^ I also Don't shoot Animals or Peoples, It's nice hobby weapon ^_^ (Warning) It can easily kill animal or people.. So it's very powerful...

glf123456789: if it was extra large yea

KhyleReyesproduction: i can make a biger one and shoot... Water Bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHAH

usermax56: nice vid 5*

eriki3000: that flower was killed:(

joop post: a piece of pvc pipe works better

DJ WEED: i used to bild similar using bottle neck and from pharmacy thimble which looks much like a condom but cheaper mu ha ha ha:DDDD and it shoot better than this balloon aswell as that you didnt needed tape or so and its small. aswell as that those thimbles cost me like 5cents per one pritty good deal huh

MrGurra97: use a condom not ballon

NorgeBest98: 1:53 you right!!

Günther Eduard Otaku: poor flower

Viper9543: LOL u killed the flower

Pedro Acevedo: Men come on that thing doesn't have enough power to make these things move I made one already I know you're using a real bb gun....

Boantsanifficairbee: @chuffz1 shut the freak up! there has been about another 50 comments on how this pea shooter looks like a condom. so, you don't have to state it again. it's just not funny any more.

GoldenSpritEagle: You are... You are.... You are.... You are BAD!!! That's what you are.. Why this flower? Did it annoy you?

How to make a pea shooter (Without blowing) 4.1 out of 5

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How to make a pea shooter (Without blowing)
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