MagLite Fire Piston -

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Timothy Ryan Fisher: I have two fire pistons but always thought a mag light could be converted. Nice! My next project is to make a fire piston.

OTS Preparedness: Good Job! The fact that you made this is awesome!

Caleb Bryant: Ive just completed making this project but im not getting enough compression with the 5/8 OD orings im using. Can you tell me where in Ace harware to find that rubber cap? Also what is the OD of the dowel your using? Thanks

Joey Heppell: the presser will ignite that the char cloth

jeanie beth Cooper: Great video! Can you explain what part number at Ace Hardware the plumbing part is and how did you affix it to the piston? I can't find your Wiki--are you going to put it back up? Thanks for a great video! The plumbing part # is the only thing holding me up to build one of these.

jim vanderlinde: I made mine with 100 % cotton char cloth . It still wont work . I noticed that the seal on mine is very tight .I cant get the piston to bottom out . Could it be to tight ?

nikolas macalma: he said that cuz les stroud used one of these and had kindof a hard time to do it

ElecDIY: can a fire piston ignite cotton?

SOAHCSOAHCSOAHC: Thank you for saying Les Stroud instead of Bear Grylls. Great video. I think I'll be making one of these!

Allex McDaniel: PV=nRT Science at work. pretty dope

Jason cavner: did you take your wiki page down

shexdensmore: Hey, Im watching that episode. Thats why i am on here right now.

gatorrr83: I tried this and failed miserably lol. I just bought a rose mountain fire piston. They're alot better haha

DBCS: Excellent idea! I have dozens of mini mag bodies laying around, now I can finally repurpose them into something useful. Thanks!

Jimm Griffin: peace

flavioscorpions: works : watch?v=-0f-KcGxMgY thanks

Dem0D1ck: @sledgehammer60-Copper sounds like a great idea, but use pipe, not tubing. Try soldering a copper cap on the end, that should seal it up good. Oh, and make sure you clean the inside thoroughly to remove all the solder flux. As for your piston, have you tried using an O-ring to complete the seal?

Sean Mulhall: Great idea to make a piston out of. Im going to take some of your ideas for the next one I try to make. Thanks for posting and linking your video.

Thewall Ofcorn: bravo dude

frank1847: ffs get a lighter.

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MagLite Fire Piston - 5 out of 5

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MagLite Fire Piston -
MagLite Fire Piston -
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Mag-lite Fire piston!
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