Weedeater Boat Motor

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Frank s: red green show

Charles Smith: Looks cool i have a old weed wakcer like that i give it a try i always wanted to make one but if i was you why don't you turn the engein around on the top shaft where the pull starter is facing you be much easy to pull it LOL

Frank Stein: I just make my wife hold onto the back of the boat and kick...works great!

The Real Life: I'd love a part number on prop

fujiobass: I love your dog, nice video !

Kolby Miller: Very clever, my only issue is that it seems to only be as quick as an electric trolling motor.

dennis russell: This is so awesome! I am looking to build a steam engine for a small boat that I power off fat wood. This weed eat concept is quite incredible too because it seems to me that you could fashion it as a straight shaft, to go thru the hull astern, and build a separate rudder. Some what of an old crab scraper style ... I would also build a box that breathes, but also would cut the sound, maybe weld an exhaust pipe to help. Anyone who is interested in alterernative propulsion ,just for fun and a need project, email me at Russell.brightwork@gmail.com. Thanks for the video!!

Chris Ritchie: I just got finished making one of these my self. How do you keep it from cutting off when it hits the water?

Max Stevens: Thank you, Much better video then most where they just show the engine on the boat not showing the speed at all. You know how to make a video , down side and this might just apply to me being forgetful  but I would have that prop broken in a short amount of time , There is a lot of home mades that don't have the protection for the prop . Seem like if you were in shallow water it would be touch and go using this engine, but thanks for the video , I enjoyed it.

DeltaLou: Will it work without the dog?

LINEHACKER: cute pup

Nick and Ryders place.: "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

GreenPuma99: I think that the electric motor( that you took the mounting system off) goes faster.

Simon De Asian: My brother bought a new 49 cc 4 stroke engine and he wants to do this

loadthebowl: That thing is fast as heck wow

Jim Marcum: pretty yellow lab puppy. 

Wade Smith: That prop needs a different pitch

Amiga3000: (3:47) I don't think you Dog wanted to be seen riding in that boat..

hangemhighification: Damn nice job sir!! Love the dog going with you! Nothing like a K9 Companion to enjoy the outdoors. Love it!!! Good job on engineering.

RIPSAW: That is just too cool.  And if I tell the VA Marine Officer I'm  cutting weeds, I won't have to have a VA boat number.

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Weedeater Boat Motor 5 out of 5

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