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Gabriel Badea: Acum ca au trecut 5 ani de cand ai facut acest review, ai vreo concluzie finala asupra armei? Se merita cumparata? Nu stiu ce sa aleg intre Cometa Lynx V10 si Hatsan Nova QE. Orice sfat ar fi de apreciat. Multumesc!

Carsten: Cometa=Gamo ???

Piukeyen Franco Tappa: This is a terrible review! I own a cometa orion SPR and it delivers +40 shots with 18.13 JSB @ 930fps, the lynx has almost double the air capacity and a regulator so the shot count must me higher. The power is adjustable, depending on the country it may come with two hammer springs which can be easily changed to adjust the power, and you also have an alem screw with which you can fine tune the speed to over 1050fps (it also depends on pellet weight)

Bull Lea: speed , range , accuracy ... What the freak ? review my ass !


Feel Like Music: what leapers scope is dude? 6-24x50?

naf38s: good review, have wondered about this air rifle, pros and cons.  Thank you. And as a side note, your English is very well done.  I appreciate your efforts to make the review!

mohamed ismail: What is Top 10 air rifles 2014

Palle H: What is improved in mkII?

greenhouse gardenroom: De ce traduci ?

berger ets: what would be for you, a better rifle as powerful than this one, with optical and silencer. thank you

sanek ger: tell me please is it possible to order the rifle in caliber 5.5 of Spain in Russia

Marijn GoPro Vids: Where to get thAt tripod

Math J: How much FPS?

Cip DV: This is Cometa Lynx MK I. Just found out that the MkII exist. Seems that MkII solves some problems and tunes the action but in essence it looks the same. On the Cometa website is no mention about MkII. Strange.

Diogo Costa: Clip DV, it's the Lynx V10 MK II ?

Cip DV: I made it bigger to seal better and to minimize the wear on the O-ring. About the misalignment, I used a circular file for metal and adjusted the channel on which the probe exits.

airgunnergr: So basically you didn't change the "hitting of the edge" issue of the probe/bolt but you made it a bit bigger for better handling of the pellets. The bolt still hits the edge a little, right?

Cip DV: Sorry, the probe was made on a lathe in a company that produces metal parts. I was there supervising the process but no images were taken. It was more than six months ago. The original probe was the starting point and the worker made with my specs: 1mm in diameter wider, the groove for the O-ring made a little narrower and the tip of the probe, 1mm longer and 1/2 mm wider.


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Cometa Orion BP airgun on test
Cometa Orion BP airgun on test
Cometa Orion BP
Cometa Orion BP

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