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naf38s: good review, have wondered about this air rifle, pros and cons. Thank you. And as a side note, your English is very well done. I appreciate your efforts to make the review!

mohamed ismail: What is Top 10 air rifles 2014

Palle H: What is improved in mkII?

sanek ger: tell me please is it possible to order the rifle in caliber 5.5 of Spain in Russia

greenhouse gardenroom: De ce traduci ?

berger ets: what would be for you, a better rifle as powerful than this one, with optical and silencer. thank you

Cip DV: J'ai dessiner un plan et il a fait en français vous trouverez l'weblink sous la vidéo

Cip DV: I said is a nice gun and cheap. if you like to tweak things is an excellent gun. If possible, go and see it in a gun-shop before spending money, you will know what to look for. After solving that problem with the loading port I'm more than happy with it. Spending more than twice on any FX with similar specs is OK if you have more money than passion.

Cip DV: 1) To obtain the impact power in Joules you need a chronograph. After you find the velocity of the gun with the chronograph, you use that speed and the pellet weight to obtain the impact force using an online calculator.

Cip DV: This is Cometa Lynx MK I. Just found out that the MkII exist. Seems that MkII solves some problems and tunes the action but in essence it looks the same. On the Cometa website is no mention about MkII. Strange.

Mangatuning: @ 4:27 CHEAP!?! In my country it costs 945 euro's!

Cip DV: At full power, in 6,35mm the impact force at 30m is 60J speed is (at 30m not at the barrel end) ~850 fps all with JSB EXACT King .25

Lyecdevf: This airgun looks really good but if you say that the loading port is not really centric wtih breach and the O-ring is too small and allows some of the air to blow back than I have to question the quality of this airgun. I rather pay a bit extra and have a good quality air gun from lets say FX!

Cip DV: Sorry, the probe was made on a lathe in a company that produces metal parts. I was there supervising the process but no images were taken. It was more than six months ago. The original probe was the starting point and the worker made with my specs: 1mm in diameter wider, the groove for the O-ring made a little narrower and the tip of the probe, 1mm longer and 1/2 mm wider.

DreamRiderSk8: What is the power of the Lynx? Good review!!

Didier Delhaye: comment faire pour regler la puissance de la cometa lynx v10

airgunnergr: Would it be possible to make a video about the manufacturing and the installation of your new custom-made loading probe ? I am also concerned about the probe issue and afraid that it will always damage the o-ring....

Didier Delhaye: bonjour,merci pour les renseignements;de grandes utilites.Avec la cometa,j ai recu avec celle ci,un ressort plus long:que celui monte sur l arme.Pouvez vous me dire quel ressort est a remplace sur l arme pour en augmenter sa puissance.Merci de donner le mode d emploi:merci.

Didier Delhaye: bonjour,merci pour les renseignements;ne faut t il pas couper la petite tige qui pousse le culot dans le canon pour obtenir plus de puissance,en vissant plus loin la vis de reglage.

curso88: @cipdv That model of Leapers viewfinder appears in this video?

Cip DV: 3) The loading probe is the small rod that pushes the pellet into the barrel and It has an O-ring on it. To change the O-ring after it has broken, insert it from the tip and press gently with another o-ring or any metallic nut.

Mangatuning: Thanks a lot! :)

airgunnergr: So basically you didn't change the "hitting of the edge" issue of the probe/bolt but you made it a bit bigger for better handling of the pellets. The bolt still hits the edge a little, right?

ghostgunful: Felicitari pentru un reiew sincer si foarte obiectiv, acum astept uramatorul review cu ce poate aceasta arma Lynx v10.

Didier Delhaye: bonjour,j ai monte le nouveau ressort sur ma cometa calbre 5;5MM.Jai regle la puissance au maximum a l aide des 2 clefs allen:quelle est desormais en joules sa puissance?Jusqu a quelle distance la cometa est precise;qu appelles tu sonde de chargement,ou se trouve cette piece sur l arme,peux tu m expliquer comment la modifier,quel o.ring faut il monte.Enfin que penses tu de la cometa lynx v10;ton avi sur cette arme,merci.

Lyecdevf: Well the FX monsoon that is my favorite FX airgun (design wise and since it is semi automatic) costs 2X this airgun where I live and I can purchase it any time. This airgun on the other hand is not available in any shop that near by and I would probablly have to make a trip to Spain to buy it directly from the factory or some how order it from them directly. For me that would be more of an issue I think than fixing and tunning it. I already have an airgun so time would not be an issue!

Cip DV: That long spring is the one that give the high power to the rifle. Is the spring that replaces the factory one ( weak - legal speed ). The spring is the hammer spring i.e. the one you adjust for power. My gun came also with a weak one onboard and the other one was in the box. To replace the factory one with the one in the box you need to dismantle the rifle completely. Not easy.

Cip DV: Sorry if I seemed upset. Glad you share the passion and about what I was saying about the price compared with the FX, Is in my own perspective ( ~4 x the price of the Lynx ) too expensive especially to import here. I just dream about one.

Mangatuning: Could you give me a link? Thanks in advance!

Cip DV: I bought it for 600 eur. online

Didier Delhaye: pouvez vous me donner le mode d emploi pour changer ce ressort.L operation serait donc si compliquee??Jesuis assez bricoleur,avec de bonnes explications je devrais m en sortir;merci.

Didier Delhaye: merci ;cette sonde,est ce possible de la modifiee? COMMENT proceder ?Pour le joint,j ai bien compris.FINALEMENT.TON AVI PERSONEL SUR CETTE ARME? MERCI.

Cip DV: 2)The distance on witch the weapon is most accurate depends on the adjusted speed and the type of pellet used. Is a trial / error game and you will find it in time.

Marijn -NL-: Where to get thAt tripod

Cip DV: I made it bigger to seal better and to minimize the wear on the O-ring. About the misalignment, I used a circular file for metal and adjusted the channel on which the probe exits.

Math J: How much FPS?

Cip DV: In the meantime I have changed the loading probe with one made on lathe from stainless steel. Was made a little wider and with a better o-ring groove. Works like a charm. If you have time and you love to adjust / tune parts, is a great investment.

Cip DV: You actually adjust the hammer spring power. If the hammer hits hard, the valve will stay open a little longer and the air volume released is bigger. To adjust the hammer spring tension you have to first unscrew 1/4 the retaining bolt on the top back end of the rifle rail and then to screw in for more power or screw out for less power the adjusting screw located in the back of the rifle just above the stock (there is a specially designed channel in the stock). 2 allen keys are required.

Cip DV: you have a message

DIOGOCOSTA SILVA: Clip DV, it's the Lynx V10 MK II ?

Didier Delhaye: un petit plan ou une video peut etre merci

Lyecdevf: No need to get upset with me. I think you have done a really good job with your review. I have a lot of passion for airgunning so that is what I meant by being ready to spend more money. Of course I am not going to buy some thing that I may have isssues with right from the start and you did mention a couple of things that you had to fix including the trigger, loading port,...but I like the design on this airgun and that is some thing that I value a lot with airguns. I may be interested!

Cip DV: Sorry, too complicated to explain because I don't speak french. I understand a little french but for that kind of explanation, we should speak the same language.

COMETA LYNX V10 REVIEW 4.6 out of 5

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