Reverse Energy Bow

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villagelightsmith: No shoulder stock; it's a bow.

Minsung Kwon: I want to buy it. Do you have that in the stock? Or do you have the CAD file?

Mike T: Yet another stupid idea

Lars Walker: Please contact me. I would like to buy some stock! If you are working states on Hunting legalization, I would really like to get involved.



elkmagic: Where can this bow be purchased?

Steven Clark: As far as I know the Reverse Energy Bow is out of production.

bulatengbutatoy: what is the name of the bow and who made it?or what company made it?i would like to have one of those..

XArmy55: I don't understand why people want to "bow hunt" but don't want to use a bow. Any "bow" device that holds the draw for you is not a bow in my book. These and crossbows should only be allowed in rifle season. This thing is a novelty item at best.

don b: Where can you purchase this reverse energy bow?

Alf Bittner: Steve I got your email and I sent a reply but the message faild could you get back with an email so I can reply. I'm realy interested in even a second hand unit. Cheers Alf.

Alf Bittner: Steve if that bow can shoot 350fps and can fit into a small back pack, where do I sign where can I buy I'm in please reply this is truly a great inovation, it seems to be the next step in compound bows. All that negative feed back is realy positive it means your making proggress.

JEDAR84: Nice hybrid where can i buy this :D

Todd Mowry: Why is this awesome bow not in production

Aparition42: Modern compounds are impressive, but they aren't going to reach supersonic speeds. You're still going to have to put more energy in than you get out.

curtis0432: is there any way to still order this bow i would like to buy one

Alex K: It's funny how technology like this may ruin archery laws for all archery hunters in the States. The laws are bound to evolve with the evolution of the technology. I'm just hoping that when that does happen (and it inevitably will as bow speeds become comparable to firearms in the next century) they at least exclude trad archery the same that they'd done with flintlocks. Nonetheless, any sort of "cam tech" will be considered will be considered modern - start kissing compounds goodbye!

chris boddy: so were can i find this do you have a link

chris boddy: Hi im in the UK england and would love to own one of these ive seen the flipper and think thats great to but were on earth could i get one oh and great vid shame theres only one

Danny Gravitt: where do i get one

vampire847: where did you get it?

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Reverse Energy Bow 5 out of 5

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