Saiga 12 Shotgun, 30 Round Drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 Gauge)

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ChrisPewKreme: “See if I can get it in there”

Matt’s been telling us dirty jokes since 2012

STEELWORK THE VOICE OF THE LAMB SAUCE: Hello it's 2018! And wow Mat changed so much. His old videos make me think of FPS Russia I don't know why maybe his intro 😂

ChaosIncUSA: Key-Mod and M-Lok Rails for Cheetah 12, DDI12, Saiga12, KS-12 @

Milliam Woody: Hating watermelons, and shooting at them like that, definitely implies some things. Of course it's a couple of hicks, with their big ass guns, too, who else would it be? Obviously a racist scene, very bigoted. Should be removed from YouTube for hate, violence, etc.

Кизяру 228: Saiga 12 is a popular gun in ma country (Russia). Also, it may have some ammo feeding problems. To avoid them u need to pull the shell in the mag a little bit and then get the mag in place

DOLG_Stepnar: love the saiga and she will love you. Greetings from Russia

Scathing Lemon: This is something I don’t think should be sold..I mean. Why on Earth would you need a semi-automatic shotgun with a 30 round drum?

Rey Rey: Aw Matt's still a baby

HolmeQweest: Just how heavy is that drum mag?

night train: I think you're a little kitty you're shooting low brass where the freak is your high brass where's the oo Buck or slugs or oo Buck magnums

ultrarare pepe: these still legal in good ol murica?

Ting Ip: UTAS XTR -12 review? :)

Nathan Allen Pinard: I'm a little surprised that board survived that.

Jerry Pittman: tell mark to get lower

Armoni Q Fields: Oh My God!...I buying 2 of these!

William_BroBrine: Reminds me of Rainbow six siege. The operators that cary this is Finka Kapkan and Tachanka.

Cool video

Ленский: Здрасте, у вас ствол гнутый.

Eric Myers: Back before he got rich and fancy. The good ole days

MBM: Knock knock it’s swat kicks down door with the drum mag loaded

Gage Westerhouse: This is terrible publicity for Saiga.

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Saiga 12 shotgun, 30 round drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 gauge) 5 out of 5

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xbox .. ring o deaf ... 90 round drum mag
xbox .. ring o deaf ... 90 round drum mag

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