Saiga 12 Shotgun, 30 Round Drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 Gauge)

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Winton Horning: 2018 anyone?

Max Alaska: Can you still buy these as of 2017?!?

Gava: will this work in a ks-12?

jubjub567: 4:22 bad ass

g3attack: That dam drum looks like a Ferris Wheel!!! LOL

네오성준 neosj: The best shotgun ever.

Mark Smith: Who makes ar12 drums and extended mags

stektirade: Why does everyone use low pressure birdshot shells when they do shotgun videos? Be a man step it up to at least 00 buck

intense_pickle: wow, vintage demo ranch lol

Jim Jam: 4:25 ... Enjoy

Caleb Does: Hey look the s12 f from bo2

Marsten Gribble: Who's watching in 2017

Colorox Bleach: Matt s old videos usshhh inhale smells like work at ranch

Randy21310: Сайга рулит, а Вепрь 12 еще лучше!

Jay Reedrix: Haha it's a Russian gun

Rayray Unknown: When he bum fired it looks like he's dancing

Sircade: Who the freak hates watermelons

Shrek Wazowski: That intro tho

Bin nur da um zu kommentieren: Brings back Metro 2033 memories

Ben Robichaux: I've hunted pigs with one of those it's pretty sick

Saiga 12 shotgun, 30 round drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 gauge) 5 out of 5

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Super Fails JR AR 12
Super Fails JR AR 12

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