Easy Arbor Press Modification

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De Carlo: great idea for some one who has all the time of the world to play a little bit with the handle - specially if some one hasnt bad wrists
that put me to think if instead doing all that, what about welding a socket on that mechanism with a big ratchet and voila?
just guessig

Hill Top Machine Works: Nice mod. Going to do that to mine.

publikz com: Nice mod. Today was cleaning up my press, it have horizontal tooths (springed toogether). to change the position of handle. So it can be changed every time, not moving gear in top position.

Rick Sparber: I did the mod and it worked great. Here are a few pictures: http://rick.sparber.org/TJAP.pdf Thanks TinkerJohn! Rick (KG7MQL)

Dan Knight: Nice! I may do this, I end up with this problem all the time. Great idea!

John Ricci: Nice work sir! I too have done the dental work to give the rack in my 1ton the hillbilly smile and replaced the original 11" (effective length) handle with a sawed off at the end 25" breaker bar which at mid point matches the original full leverage and at full extent doubles it! I had been making some washers for electrical work and my cheapest compatible blanks were pennies with a 3/8" hole punched in the middle. I can almost not feel the punch penetrating with the new handle.

Jericho Arroyo: Awesome! Modified mine as well.

321berber: that ratchet idea is pretty cool. i think its quite annoying to get the right handle position with the arbor press. i will probably copy your mod!

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: Thanks for following along and for your comment. John

MsQuickshift: Good Idea John

Duckyistrippin: Horizontical is a legit word....dont let anyone tell you any different ;)

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: Thanks for your comment and for following along with my videos. John

Rudderman: Just purchased my first AP and found this video. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing this with us John.

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: Russell, thanks for watching and for your comment. The teeth should be completely ground down as much as possible to avoid interference with the arbor. Hope this helps. John

Russell Verdin: John I have a question for you, when grinding down the teeth should I grind them down flush or should I leave them raised just a little? The reason I'm asking is in your video it looks like the teeth are slightly raised and not ground down flush. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated thanks, Russell

ugotit33x: Great Idea

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: @shellman1973 Thanks for your comments and for following along. John

Roy Murphy: Great idea. Thanks for sharing it.

SAR-1076: very cool modification - I just picked up an arbor press & this will help a lot. THanks

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: @SteamEnginePsycho Casting can be ordered from PM Research. Google PM Research Steam Engines and you should get their website. --John--

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Easy Arbor Press Modification 5 out of 5

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Easy Arbor Press Modification
Easy Arbor Press Modification
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Easy Arbor press modification
Easy Arbor press modification

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