Quick Fill Manifold For Air Tank

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techman25427: what size fitting did you use? i have a tank and im trying to make the same thing that you made

lauratwo16: You created a BOMB. You MUST add a correctly rated safety valve ahead of that ball valve. Safety valve at compressor does NOT protect that tank thanks to the check valve and ball valve you installed. You could injure or kill yourself or a Firefighter in the event of a fire causing gaseous thermal expansion pressure and / or tank weakening. Safety valves are NOT just for protection against pumping pressures. Advise you fix or dismantle immediately. JP-USA

Roman Dybala: I was wrong.

Charles Walter: Follow your own advice, and you will see that you have it backwards.

Jonathan Proce: Yeah, the compressor is regulated and has a relief valve, it will never fill above the service pressure of the pig. I have a gauge on the tank because the tank is used for things like filling car tires on the driveway. If I'm out there I want to know how much pressure is in the tank and whether or not it's enough to fill the tire.

Dexiotechnia: crap, i didnt even realize you had said this cuz i just started looking at the thread. thats what i did. i dedicated a small hose to join both tanks. seemed like a much better idea, and works crazy good. love my system

Dexiotechnia: its on the compressor i assume. but then why not just use the gauge on the compressor as well. this manifold is wasting a port on a second valve. the tank is to small to justify its own gauge because once u fill it, you know there is 125 psi. instead of getting that high priced check valve, you could have just used a coupler and dedicated a small hose with 2 nipples on each end like i did to join both tanks.

Dexiotechnia: doing this means there should be zero line pressure and you can safely disconnect and move the extra tank around if you need to go outside and fill a tire or something. i dunno. hope this helped!

Dexiotechnia: the problem that im sure you have already noticed is that you can not disconnect the line between the compressor and extra tank because air will escape at max psi due to a constantly open valve. this is why instead of having your typical nipple/coupler on the hose, i put 2 nipples on either end. what i do is fill the tanks, shut the expansion tank pressure first via the handle valve, then cut the line pressure from the compressor.

Dexiotechnia: this is really cool. i went out and got almost the same stuff as you did but made a slightly different manifold. i did not put a pressure gauge on the spare tank because my compressor came with a safety valve and 2 gauges. having it all connected eliminates the need for an extra "t" manifold because its all on one continuous cirquit so the gauges tell you total line pressure between both tanks. the other thing i did different was that i put 2 couplers instead of 1 niupple 1 coupler on the tank.

Jacob A: uh.....no

iowawrench: I have one similar and agree 100% with you. Not a fan of how the original fittings are. I think kjbaert has a decent idea of using the coupler in both directions to omit the check valve. Although that would require having a male-male fitting to hook up to an air hose handy. Your way works fine it appears.

w yang: looks like the check valve put backward or the air will go in but won't come out.

Roman Dybala: It's not a "Schrader" valve it's SCHRADE valve. Go and look at it or google it.

ZZZRSC: So where's your relief valve, so you don't blow yourself into orbit if you connect it to a system with more pressure than that Chinese tank is rated for?

EZRIDER327: LOL that was waste of money and time

mrmotofy: Easier, simpler and cheaper to just use a double male quick connect coupler adapter. Plug shop hose into coupler adapter, then other end of adapter into coupler on portable tank. No expensive valves or ten extra fittings to leak.

3zib: @JonProce Its not all 1/2 but rather 1/2 and 1/4 correct?

3zib: NIce vid! You def should have recorded the assembly of the valves as that wold have been the best part of the vid.

Roland W: I've had a similar tank for 20 years. First thing I did was to install a quick coupler. To fill I remove the tire-chuck hose and connect a hose from my shop air, then open the existing valve on the manifold - it fills in seconds. Just have to remember to close the valve before popping the shop air hose off so air won't rush out. With your new setup you have no pressure relief valve, correct? I do like your ball valve; wish I could find a manifold that incorporates one. My valve now leaks.

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