REVIEW: Ben Nye Banana Powder And Topaz Translucent Powder

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KidsPlanet: Love to watch all of your vids

Sherry Fleur: You look like Gabrielle Union

Nie's World: This is theeeeeeee most informative Video I have come across . Thank you !!

HighOffAmor: Can I use topaz to help highlight under my eyes?

41bOSSb: I'm so glad I found this video before I ordered the banana powder! I think the topaz powder will be better for my skin tone! Thanks!

Purple Dee: Most informative Ben Nye Banana and Topaz Powders review on YouTube.

Asha Sharron: nice video i just recently did a video on both these products please check out my channel

Rita Zambou: Thank God i found your channel this review really helped but do u know any online store that i could purchse the topaz powder from ?

KhadineMUA: If your actual shade is close to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel, then the Ben Nye Topaz powder would definitely work for setting your concealer...but it wouldn't be a highlight (it would just match your color).

MissMadamKay: HI, great video! I actually just bought ben nye banana powder and only use it to set under my eyes but it's leaving a white cast in photos. I usually wear nc45 or caramel in nars creamy radiant concealer. I was really hoping it would work but it hasn't, I also use to use bobbi brown sheer finish loose powder in pale yellow but its way too expensive for me now :( . Do you think ben nye topaz would work for setting my concealer? Thank You !!!

KhadineMUA: Thank you! I'm wearing NYX Cinnamon blush and NYX Ultra Pearl Mania loose pigment in "Mink Pearl" as a highlight.

FemmeK: You look so pretty, I love your makeup, what color blush and cheek highlighter are you wearing?

Te': I didn't buy they banana that color way too light for me. I got the beige suedue because it's darker

KhadineMUA: Sorry to hear that, some products are just not great for flash photography. Also, it could be that the powder is too light for you (even as a highlight). Contrary to popular belief, Banana powder is NOT the answer for everybody :) ....Try something with more warmth to the Topaz Powder.

Maria Huggins: hey darling.lovely video but i have a question i am a nw 45 and i dont have the ben nyw bannana powder but i have the ruby kisses bannana powder an i apply it to highlight and everytime when i use my phone flash to take pis it leave a HORRIble white cast and it just look awful but in person it look great also i am sure to spen lots of time blending so i dont know whats the problem.

KhadineMUA: Hey! You do have a point....I'll keep this in mind the next time I record.

Tamaha Chavannes: Hey I looked for a video like this for two day I think u should redo a whole video on jow to use the setting powder beacause no ome talks about that onhere and u said what I need to here but I need to see it pleaaaaaaaaaase tutorial usssssss!!!!! Ur girl instagram #mz_haitiladi

KhadineMUA: If you want to contour, Topaz won't work for 2 reasons: 1) It's not dark enough and (2) It's translucent. I like the Sleek Contour Kit in's the perfect shade to contour for my complexion...use that or something similar. You want to make sure that your contour powder is 2 to 3 shades darker than you.

ykukuia: I'm about your skin tone. To contour and highlight under the eye and t zone areas is Topaz a good product? I want to purchase a new contour color because my current one is too ashy.

KhadineMUA: To highlight? You can totally use the Banana Powder (just do so sparingly).

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REVIEW: Ben Nye Banana Powder and Topaz Translucent Powder 5 out of 5

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