PMDG 737 NGX Autoland

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Lucky Gaming: +afgrocks123 you can buy it here

therodri2: Uwhat was the weather engine?

Martin Spodniak: super

MusicLover11325: @Patrick Mollette. It doesn't damage the gears, it's just a waste of the hydraulics on the gears. Stop using your credibility of being in a 737 sim and thinking you've mastered and know everything. Each airline/operator has their own procedure of what to do.

FSXpilot767: thanks!

LufthansaPilot19: @FSXpilot767 Ah okay but that aren't real operations.

GoodMuslim77: Autobrakes are still ON after clearing the runway?! That's wrong.

Flight Ops: nice vid i heard that full flaps are required for CATIII because it helps you to pickup up the airport lights earlier

prashantpreet96: Hey..just a quick question wat program do u use to record the screen???

Mohamed Osama: I Want you just to explain me "Why did you start the APU in your auotoland ?"

Dayz .End: pull the HUD down!!! other than that Great

FlyIndy: Well done

CODLoLzYeAh: hey i had a problem, i was on a good position, and a perfect line on the runway but when it was about to touch down, the autopilot switched off, and it was really close to the ground and it went out of controlled, please help me :(

rockonmario: 6) landing gear down too late. At 2:41, when the glideslope is alive, the time to lower the landing gear is best appropriate. By that time, you should have flaps 5 at least, to make sure that you have flaps 15, when glideslope is intercepted and armed. 7) Engines needed to be spooled up, because you overshot the 3000 altitude, by using the LVL CHG mode. When you have to make modifications of 1000 feet or less, you MUST use the V/S mode, to avoid altitude overshooting.

FSXpilot767: @rockonmario I was just showing off the EGPWS! :P

LufthansaPilot19: Why you switched on the APU in the Approach?

rockonmario: @FSXpilot767 the rest you did was actually good, I just told you the "inside" things, to get you going. I'm 100% sure that you will progress.

Jaymacd mcdermott: when you buy the ngx does it come on a cd or do you download it

FSXpilot767: 200 or maybe 100 metres, I've forgotten it was a long time ago but I remember it was really near to the minimum!

afgrocks123: About how much is this plane? and did you buy it online? plz reply, and nice videos, i subbed :)

FSXpilot767: @derekkwok123 what mistake? I didn't speak in this video but this wasn't a tutorial, just a short film :)

FSXpilot767: @ckyliu I get around 20-26 with a very high detailed add-on scenery such as FlyTampa St. Maarten with the NGX and with a ton of clouds. If you had a less detailed scenery that covered for example all of Europe frame rates would be better. With no add-on scenery I get 40-60! Your new computer should be able to handle the NGX, and if it can handle that, it can handle anything!

rockonmario: 12) you also need to set the standby instruments on approach mode, for fail op reasons 13) by 1000, you haven't switched the landing lights on, MAJOR mistake. At 1000 RA, the landing checklist MUST be completed. 14) BY 60 knots, the reverse thrusts levers must BE stowed, not Idle thrust at 60.15) with the current RVR, you could have deactivated the autopilot at 50 knots, with no problems at all.

Kelly Dang: @FSXpilot767 thanks so much, cause I disengaged it manually 200 ft above and then the whole autoland disengaged and then I crashed =(

GoodMuslim77: @rockonmario Yes, good information, i didn't know that. Thank You.

rockonmario: 16) when manually braking, try to keep the foot pressure constant. By pumping the brake pedal, you will tear out the brakes. It's even safer if you press the pedals to the ground when braking and keeping it constant than "pumping" them. 17) 3 horns from the autopilot disconnect button are more than enough. The rest of them are just distraction from the duties.18) try to keep the taxiway centerlines between your legs. This will help tracking it down correctly, elliminating the offset.

Zachary Zalass: @FSXpilot767 I have been having this problem for the last 2 weeks. It never happened before then. Sometimes, but more frequently then not, the autopilot will disengage at flare. I have always done autolands correctly, with CAT 3b landings. This is getting annoying and has caused quite a conversation on the AVSIM forums. That is all I can give you right now.

danny3902: i do i get the F/O to callout V1 VR and V2

BADKALOS: Can you land a real boeing with all your knowledge for flight simulation and airplanes?

FSXpilot767: @TeamLeftMatch hehe, exactly :P

Krelle1912: Well, I know it is a TCAS-error, but I cant remove it. I have even uninstalled the PMDG 737 and installed it again - and it's there again first time I open. It's very stragne. x( Some guy told me it would go away from the TCAS-selftest on the transponder, but I does not work.. Kinda strange...

FSXpilot767: @ikellay automatically goes to idle power at 15ft above the runway then turns off on touchdown :)

TeamLeftMatch: And who cares if it's an autoland even at 20 mile visibility. most passengers don't even know you can autoland! :D

FSXpilot767: @klaprat thanks a lot :)

FSXpilot767: @TeamLeftMatch thankyou so much!! :D

rockonmario: @rockonmario autobraking was deactivated, sorry. I mispoke!

Robert Shawn: Perfect Landing Captain!

derekkwok123: haha your first generation of tutorial... You got a mistake haha....

rockonmario: I have a few observations and comments to make, and why not?, some hints, regarding the real world procedures: 1) taxi lights are automatically turned off when the landing gear is up, so switching it to on with the landing gear up or off has no effect. In fact, in the real world, we(I'm a pilot, and I have a 737 type rating to prove it so youtube pilots can shut up) only turn on the taxi lights after the landing roll, prior to leaving the runway.

BADKALOS: CAT IIIA DH(Decission Heght) 50f,/RVR(Runway Visual Range)200m minimum,CAT IIIB no decision height Runway Visual Range 75m,CAT IIIC no desicion height,no runway visual range CAT ARE ILS APPROACHES

Krelle1912: I love that you take credit for the landing, when it was autoland :P

Patrick Mollette: Also the gear handle goes in the off position not up after it is up and the gear lights are out. Can mess up gear if its left in up.

FSXpilot767: @rockonmario also, would you consider your criticisms as 'nit-picking'??

rockonmario: 2) also, the retractable lights's speed limit is < 250kts IAS. I assume you left them off but retracted, which is not recommended (should be on prior to 1000 feet RA), due to excessive air loads on the hinges. 3) starting the APU before landing isn't necessary and recommended, unless you have major problems with electricity and bleed air. You usually turn it on after landing.4) when autolanding, it's better to leave the Igniters to both, instead of the left or right only, for redundancy

sanderthalen: I bet this is when the pilots get a round of applause at the nice landing, while the passengers haven't got a clue what is actually landing the plane.

FSXpilot767: @jujumediazone No, unfortunately it can't be done in the NGX :/ I'm not quite sure why they left it out as it is present on all B737NGs and is classed as a vital part of the avionics suite... maybe they will include this in a future update, who knows.

ALLDAYLEDGE: legendary

derekkwok123: @FSXpilot767 Landing Gear didn't set it to OFF The hydraulics may overheat/getting to much pressure

FSXpilot767: @afgrocks123 google ''PMDG NGX'' and click on the top link, thanks for subbing!! :D

ckyliu: @FSXpilot767 Well I am considering a new computer (using man maths to afford it!) and the spec I have drawn up is very similar to what you list on your channel page. Do you mind if I ask what sort of framerates are you getting in FSX with addon sceneries, the PMDG and a ton of cloud? (can't stretch to your plush graphic card though, I will have to slum it on a 6870 me thinks)

PMDG 737 NGX Autoland 4.8 out of 5

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