PMDG 737 NGX Autoland

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Bradford Frotten: Nice landing Capt. hope I can do as well in the future, still learning, I like the challenge, helps keep my old brain working good, thank you, Brad

Melkhias Simangunsong: How make the VSD in ND ? My pmdg can't show the VSD Terrain

Plane spotting & more: Why you start apu when you was at 5000 ft pilots start apu when they taxi after land

Captain.K: +afgrocks123 you can buy it here

Coinín: super

therodri2: Uwhat was the weather engine?

MusicLover11325: @Patrick Mollette. It doesn't damage the gears, it's just a waste of the hydraulics on the gears. Stop using your credibility of being in a 737 sim and thinking you've mastered and know everything. Each airline/operator has their own procedure of what to do.

Patrick Mollette: But the usual flap settings used are 1.5,15,25,30 in the 737.

Patrick Mollette: That comment wasn't towards theater of the video.

Patrick Mollette: Also the gear handle goes in the off position not up after it is up and the gear lights are out. Can mess up gear if its left in up.

Patrick Mollette: First off don't start the APu in the air. I have been in a 737 training sim and can tell you that's wrong. When you set a flap setting scroll the speed to the number on the PFd like Flap 1 will bring a number 1 on the PFD ad that's the speed you fly that was calculated. Same with flaps 5 scroll speed to 5 and keep doing that until your at Vref +5. The flap approach speed for flaps 5 is in the 160s so just FYI that is normal.

Flight Ops: nice vid i heard that full flaps are required for CATIII because it helps you to pickup up the airport lights earlier

M. Pawlus: Why did you start APU in the air?

BADKALOS: CAT IIIA DH(Decission Heght) 50f,/RVR(Runway Visual Range)200m minimum,CAT IIIB no decision height Runway Visual Range 75m,CAT IIIC no desicion height,no runway visual range CAT ARE ILS APPROACHES

BADKALOS: Can you land a real boeing with all your knowledge for flight simulation and airplanes?

Alex Lawrence: My head hurts just from reading that! HAHA

Jeremy C: The APU functions as a back-up power source in case of a loss of other power, it keeps the plane going!

Mohamed Osama: I Want you just to explain me "Why did you start the APU in your auotoland ?"

NordicRoach: SMOOTH <3

drummerfella 55: Fabulous! i'm perfecting this Sequence now also. love your Vids. thanks from America!

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PMDG 737 NGX Autoland 5 out of 5

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