Russian Krokodil Drugs

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Djape Madafaka: Share and Like if u are against drugs ! Ask in inbox what are u want in next video.

mauricemojo234: crape the bed

alek0204: cant wait to get some of it :D

malefica1: If you mix krocodil and bath salts, you will make actual canibalistic, mindless zombies who rots and everything! Its like in the movies! Sign the petition to offer krokodil and bathsalt mix at a dispeneser near you, and prepare for the zombie horrorfilm you always wanted!

hope deroche: These people are turning into zombies? Is this how the zombie apocalypse is gonna start?

George Adriaan: Het is ook in nederland Belangrijk dat heroune legaal wordt dan is de controle en kwalitijds garantie Aangezien heroine ook goedkoop te maken zijn Door de crissis word er al snel goedkope crap door gemixt . Met de cocaine is er ook een. Goedkoope mix Die voor 80% lijkt op cocaine in crack uit gekookte cocaine dit vreet je lichaam op van binnen toch zou je de verslaafde zo stetk mogelijk willen houden aan de gebruiker verdien je zo als op dit filmpje. kunnen gebruikers weinig meer werken

subg88: Apparently this stuff is so easy to make, in addition to being highly addictive, the user is basically a hopeless case. Never having to endure the normal stresses of acquiring the fix, the user falls into a cycle of making then using the drug, never sober enough to realize his condition and doesn't seek help until his flesh is literally falling off and bones turning to mush.

emily bryyson: We have to show these video's to our kid's in the they don't try this,become addicted & become zombie's! This is SCARY! It's insane & was made by satan himself! Suffer the withdrawels & get off of this crap!! This is unbeleivable!! Lord in Heaven,we NEED your strenghth now!! Please Jesus,our Almighty Powerful Lord & Savior,HELP your children,Please! I'm a little over-weight.Can someone use the extra flesh on my belly to help them cover a bone? A kidney?Is there something I can do?Oh Lord!

SuperDeluxe80: dumb ass people. how many times has everyone heard drugs are bad?? but they still do it.

Danni Evans: These people are dieing slowly and painfully do you really think its somthing to joke about ?

Uproar187: @Canadianboii1918 Ure such a fag. Weeds for african americans and freak canada

netzwerk fritz: OMG das nehme ich nie mals

Billy Joe: That's some freaked up crap

karen armstrong: Dam shame!!

Snoozle Gaming | League of legends: Those sound fx

Laura Perez: Just say no!!!!

Ney mar: This is the worst drug I've ever seen name suits the drug .Chase this Krokodil dragon it'll eat you up!.

paco zepeda: LMAO...... Good one Chap

Kat yeah: people are so stupid

valkor73: crocodile is heroin

TheOscartiger: freak this crap.!!

Jambo: thats poop mixed with sand. no wonder you get results like that

subg88: Methinks legit.

NapkinWithWings: zombie apocalypse is coming

David Plaza: It's kind of like a really cheap drug so homeless drug addicts do it, and they eant even more the first time the do it no matter what they say.

Katy Trent: I knew zombies came from Russia!

Albert Brooks: omg i am speachless. love light and healing to any whos soles are in enough tourment to subject themselves to this.

Jake H: Could you image looking down at your arm and seeing a bone with rotting flesh surrounding it.

Ganeshasdream: nightmare...

MAXUT2012: idi na hui

Disneyforthelife: It'll cost you your life :(

anagomca: I don't get why would someone want to get this...

Barak Obama: The Krocodile is 20 TIMES cheaper than the standard dose of cocaine

TomoHawKzZ: Not sure if troll or just legit crazy Jesus lady.

Sebastian Tarba: shocked...

rhcpfan1992: He says 3 times cheaper, it's more cheaper. For like the same dose of desomorphine (Krokodile) of 2 dollar you pay like 40 and 60 dollar of heroin. So you can get like 20 till 30 Krokodile shots for 1 heroin shot.

יותם פיינברג: I always knew the zombie apocalypse will start in Russia

TomoHawKzZ: Actually the ingredients are Caffetin, Formic Acid, Tropikamid and petrol. Just in-case anyone wants to lose some limbs.

iPutMyHeartInIt: Why can't we all just smoke weed ... :/ what more can you ask for then the high of marry marry ..

PeaceLoveHarmony82: The effects on the body look just like special effects make up for movies!!! I can't believe this is happening to people like you & me! So distressing & just a sad side of humanity. : (

12motoryder: This is wat u call a zombie drug. Wow

sleepy istderking: this crap looks like hash :D

buphuluphugus: If it does sweep the US, people that do it knowing the consequences deserve them.

Charles Bronson: Nobody should do this crap!!! Only people who want to die

ariz rubio: but hey!... look at the bright side .. it's three times cheaper than heroin ;)

Spai der: why dont take it? natural selection. this drug kills fast others are more slowly. damn in this drug is not surprised about the effects. the should not sell the ingredients anymore!! or give methadon programs.

Tiburon SP: Antes no mundo as guerras mundiais nos levava as novas tecnologia, foi o caso da internet por ser um meio de comunicação rápida e instantânea criada para ser usada na guerra, tão logo depois de toda história e revolução acontecida no mundo e dos milhares de mortos os países firmaram um tratado de paz a fim de evitar novas guerras. Ao longo do tempo cessaram as guerras mas os famosos "vírus de laboratório" são criados para acabar com a lotação do mundo, dentre elas a H1N1, DENGUE,KROKO e outras.

singularity: where can i buy it?

Randy Garcia: this crap is dumb

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Russian Krokodil drugs 4.5 out of 5

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Russian Krokodil drugs
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