Russian Krokodil Drugs

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alek0204: cant wait to get some of it :D

malefica1: If you mix krocodil and bath salts, you will make actual canibalistic, mindless zombies who rots and everything! Its like in the movies!

Sign the petition to offer krokodil and bathsalt mix at a dispeneser near you, and prepare for the zombie horrorfilm you always wanted!

hope deroche: These people are turning into zombies? Is this how the zombie apocalypse is gonna start?

George Adriaan: Het is ook in nederland
Belangrijk dat heroune legaal wordt dan is de controle en kwalitijds garantie
Aangezien heroine ook goedkoop te maken zijn
Door de crissis word er al snel goedkope crap door gemixt .
Met de cocaine is er ook een. Goedkoope mix
Die voor 80% lijkt op cocaine in crack uit gekookte cocaine
dit vreet je lichaam op van binnen
toch zou je de verslaafde
zo stetk mogelijk willen houden
aan de gebruiker verdien je zo als op dit filmpje. kunnen gebruikers weinig meer werken

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singularity: where can i buy it?

PeaceLoveHarmony82: The effects on the body look just like special effects make up for movies!!! I can't believe this is happening to people like you & me! So distressing & just a sad side of humanity. : (

karen armstrong: Dam shame!!

malcolm brown: Dear freaking god that's vile. If somebody could find a way to mix this with PCP we would be freaked.

valkor73: crocodile is heroin

gdh1984: They're coming to get you Barbara, they're coming for you!

Laura Perez: Just say no!!!!

ariz rubio: but hey!... look at the bright side .. it's three times cheaper than heroin ;)

Barak Obama: The Krocodile is 20 TIMES cheaper than the standard dose of cocaine

Pablosway: The only cure is dont do drugs

Cali619: I want some ...

Barak Obama: Super psychedelic effects come after the krocodile . Krocodile is a cheap. Krocodile is easy to make from legal medicines.

David Plaza: It's kind of like a really cheap drug so homeless drug addicts do it, and they eant even more the first time the do it no matter what they say.

Christina Berberovich: Why do these people put this crap in their body.... Ill never understand.

Radical Cub: Could you image looking down at your arm and seeing a bone with rotting flesh surrounding it.

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
Russian Krokodil drugs 5 out of 5

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