Into The Dead Video Review (Android/iOS)

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SirEvilestDeath: I am now watching videos of yours I have found of intrest from the first to the ones from early this year when I discovered your channel. I have never heard of this game before. Thanks for the review or I never would have heard of it.

Nicolas Luka: Have you tried Beach Buggy Blitz? For a phone free racing game, I was surprised how well done it was.

adam olexo: Thanks my quad-core A7 chip with 64-bit architecture on my iPhone 5s, the game runs like an absolute dream. Very fun.

Solis: Mine actually runs better than this on my HTC sense, and this is a single core phone. But keep in mind that uses the snapdragon processor.

Chris Trick: Ipad FTW!

alord3757: well i mean his name DOES say it all

luke kin: Great game indeed

Santos Colon: looks beast

nirolf luap utihc: your thoughts... not mine!

nirolf luap utihc: well there are crapload differences between the undead from dark souls or demons souls and the stereotypical zombies in the rest of the game...

Alex Reyes: This game is radical

paul Z: Definitely one of the best freemium games ever.. so far I've only got about 6 hours invested over 3 days time and I've unlocked all weapons without spending a dime. TIP: you're definitely going to wanna have all other apps closed while playing (you'll need all the CPU power you can get)

paul Z: Definitely one of the

nirolf luap utihc: you say you die a lot? :) sounds like demons souls...with zombies, obviously !

Sbeatly: He offered a paypal chech to himself? I see...

SoulSc0rcher: That's not what I said/meant. It can be the greatest game there is, but if it's based on f2p, I'm boycotting it. Sure, you and I might not waste money on stupid additions but plenty of people that would suck at the game or want unfair advantages, would, and thus increase motivation for developers to use f2p. Besides, what paste eating retard can't stop running to make a course correction to not run into a sluggish zombie. To me, the game's shovelware. But that's beside my primary point.

Matanader: If the game it good, the game is good. He gave his opinion of what he thought of THE GAME, not what he thought of the concept of free 2 play, what your saying is just because the game is free 2 play means it should be automatically bad

WhOisTaEdA: I have this game... I play on the Galaxy Player.

SoulSc0rcher: But if the concept of f2p sucks, doesn't promoting and embellishing games that employ it allow the concept to progress as a standard?

SoulSc0rcher: looks nice and seems fun, but I think it grows old & boring angry birds and any other single-aspect game. Nice review, but I'm not getting it.

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Into the Dead Video Review (Android/iOS) 5 out of 5

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Into the Dead Video Review (Android/iOS)
Into the Dead Video Review (Android/iOS)
Into the Dead Video Review (Android/iOS)
Into the Dead Video Review (Android/iOS)
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