How To Live Stream With The Elgato And Xsplit *updated* (Fix Video Audio Delay)

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jon204: you can not use xsplit with mac ppl calm down and boot camp windows 7

ViceGaming: Whenever I record a video with somebody in it echos big time.How can I fix it?

bleedREDandWHITE: What if the video is before the audio? I can't tell the video to delay, only the audio.

MobFighterAT8: does this work when you are just normally recording for youtube and not livestreaming?

GTMan006: If i'm just recording a regular video, will this fix the audio delay in it too?? or does it just work on livestream?

Siblings Vs: pause you live stream as well so your not using more bandwith

sk8ernash: Uhhhh

NicksterMLG: I'm so confused...

Aliana Barron: hey can u help me i have a elgato and its very slow i just got it and i have headphones with a built in mic will that work for audio and if so how do i make it work please help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Mvpspike14: When I do it, It tells me that The device (Elgato Game Capture HD) is in use by another application. Help please?

MrRohrulez: i need someones help. i just go one of these to record videos and when im recording videos it lags big time. im obviously doing something wrong. any help!! lol

Joshua Black: Hey man is there use your turtle beach headset to chat with the people and use on Xbox live ? If so send me a message

Dedric Cottrell: great video

MrDrProduction: Did you buy the xsplit in the video because I don't have the add game, I need to buy xsplit..

thgamer5456: so say your streaming soccer you kick the ball on the tv and you say goal but a few seconds later you see on your stream you kicked the ball and said goal a few secoond after what you realli did and said in reality can you help me with syncing video and audio so its live with no delay whats so ever or very very little delay

IceGawd3: but theres lag from my tv to laptop?

Miridialoves: Nope!

likeglockwork: Help me please xbl name is yofunk me ... im set at 2000 but my 2013 astros still have audio lag help please

MisterGizm0: not possible, streams are always delayed

Jonas 'Lodellica': Can I capture game audio from my Xbox using a Elgato Game Capture HD using this method? I cannot get it to work, I only get the video but not the audio from the game itself

Jesse J: my xsplit never lagged untill i reinstalled the program and whenever i screen region my entire screen xsplit lags like hell and the game im playing at that time will be really lagy too eventhough when i look at the game's fps its still high help please

Themidnightgamers100: So when u livestream with xsplit it goes straight to twich then to youtube

Kg Panik: my el gato has a 20 second lag and when i try to capture my theater gameplay it just has a huge lag and its getting frustrated...please help me

mynameisadvantis: HEY MAN! dude what if i dont wanna livestream like i just wanna record my game with me and my freinds and me talking how do i record

Viinerpedro: Webcam syncing

Lythero: Thank you very much. I'll definitely be coming back here to make sure that I'm "doin it rite"!

indestructablereflex: Sorry im new to this but how does twitch automatically connect to your elgato? After setting up x split you just log in to twitch and it's already on the screen for viewers???

SUPER OWNZ: in addition to this like he said any word on when it will be out and is the Elgato Game Capture HD 1.1 update this update you guys are talking about?? Cuz if so than it is already available.

DonMPA: My video delay i 3-4 seconds which is really bad I'm also using it on my netbook which I hope is not the reason why. So this Xsplit will do something right?

PrAnNieGReEn: also setting in avermedia live gamer portable?

1xxicecatxx1: so wait wen i have x split on and selected the screen and i have on it will be live nothing to add ?

baefed: more then likely your computer processor is not good enough

ZombieSlayinFTW2: I cant wait untill i get my elgato :D

ACorneredCat: Ah, that's unfortunate then. Best of luck with new recording and such!

skipper117h: Hi bro I've got the elgato and my problem is that when I record normal videos the delay between sound and video gets mixed up so that I shoot in the game before the sound comes. can you find a solution. my english is bad but I hope u understand. thx!

thgamer5456: how do you not have any video delay like when you stream your ps3 for example on your tv its perfect but the video and the audio is delayed so youll do something in the game and talk about it but youll hear/ see it happen a few seconds later on your stream aka when your viweing the stream

MrTeddehBearz: For some reason xslit doesnt work for me, it says it's misssing a file. HELP

Daisakuueno: how did you set it so the elgato interface wouldn't minimize and throw off the region?

YoursTruely: oh okay i get it now... anyways one last thing i heard there will be a new elgato update where you can record your voice at the same time you playing... is it true? if yes can you please tell me when is the update releasing?

Bear Union: im playing with my elgato i cant hear sound from my xbox

BDX777: My problem is trying to sync the audio and video with sony vegas =[

bheesham bachoo: hey dude getting a little problem with video delay ! when you set the audio delay to "2000" that would fix the delay?

baefed: CPU isn't affected when you hit capture.. you would go live in xsplit like normal and when you want to record gameplay, you just hit the red record button in the elgato software. You can also rewind like normal to capture something if you forgot to hit record, just keep in mind people will see you rewind int he stream. Not a big deal but just so you knew :)

ToldEcho: Do you need a partnership to livestream on twitch?

Acidiotic: i have a delay problem just by making normal videos can someone help me please it is a 15 second delay and once i do bout 4 things it loses signal

MrNegativeGamer: do you have to download xsplit seperate or it comes with elgato?

ACorneredCat: Make sure your preferences are set to come out of both Headset AND Speakers!

MrSunezata: nope Windows 7 is the minimum

UNSCForums: Is there any Video recording lag?

TechyTuba: I have an mac, do you know a livestream software for that ? Please help :)

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How to Live Stream with the Elgato and Xsplit *updated* (Fix Video Audio Delay) 4.9 out of 5

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