Bizarro Incense Review

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Andrew Roberts: I got the same bag but it ain't getting me high at all anyone know why 

Furion Maga Xiaoli Vorgan: Before they banned it around here, you used to could get a 10g for about 39.00. It was pretty good. Sometimes they would try to give you a knockoff though. The fake bags were easy to spot. You could feel the difference in the thickness of the bag, ALSO, sometimes it would say Zenbio instead of Zencense. My best indicator if they were trying to give a fakey was by squeezing the bag. If it was slightly crunchy I was good to go. I once got a fakey bag and when I got it home, it was like cotton in the bag. Puffy cotton that hardly stayed lit. The reals was some pretty wicked stuff at times lol, particularly the first time. I won't even go into how it went down but afterwards besides the fact I bugged out and turned all my security systems on and starred at the security monitors for like 10 minutes lol. I started building up a immunity at which point the effects would only last about 30 minutes. Been several months now, it was fun while it lasted. Blueberry and Lime were my favs. ^^

Eric Haehnel: This crap don't get you lit hah 

Bryson Blair: Sounds like Mac Miller

jesse northup: Idk why everyone's complaining about. I've had stuff allot more potent. You guys got to realize you can control it. You gotta crawl before you walk. Take baby hits, see how you feel. From there you will know your limits. If you smoke a whole bowl before you have gained a tolerance, then of course your going to get the psychoactive effects. I've gotten those from weed too though. You guys just got to be smart with it. Baby steps guys, baby steps.

Alex aka mkloving: you paid way to much my dude lol.....

Rage McNugg: Lmao.. Classic quotes of a chiefs-a-lot: "I'm gonna take one more hit.. Just to be sure.. Wait, that hit wasn't good more"

Meg Smith: If this blend comes in a clear plastic baggy with Aroma written above the name, is it a knockoff blend? 

matthew medus: I get 10 grams $50 of the same crap

Ryan Lambert: 40s alot for bizarro 3.5 man I only pay like 20 at most

quadridr70: evolution. baytown tx. $45 10g

a dog wearing a hat: I experienced this as well, I dont feel addicted to it though and im probably not going to be specifically because of willpower, the high is too freaked up to want to keep doing it, I'll finish this bag and thats it, I could be smoking now but im not.

rick creel: lmao at the end of the vid

Will C: Biological addiction > willpower. It don't give no freaks about willpower.

JamminJim19: 3.5g for 20.00 glen burnie

Bob Bobo: you need to empty out all your breath inhale it til your going to cough or out of breath and hold it in as long as possible and if you really cough on it , it will increase your high, also different ways you smoke it and depending on how you feel and if you got a good pack cause soemtimes its not as good when you buy the same stuff and your tolerance is how the high you will be and with that stuff, you can keep smoknig it til your how high you want to be, well most stuff if you had engouh of it

LilleViMsE ViMs: where u bought that? link plz? :)

DarkWeb Industries: I totally agree. Thanks it was super hard to get off of, glad I did but still miss it sometimes.

LilleViMsE ViMs: not that good. U can smoke the whole package in 1 day without prob.

Jason Gingles: Longview Texas the glass dragon on freedomia 24 hour

13MARIWANO: I pay 35 dls 10g houston tx

Emely Lora: I used to pay $10 until the dude found out he was charging me wrong but now he charges $17 . (Baltimore)

Jay Man: That does not mean this product is to be taken lightly. You still only need about a 1/4 bowl (1-2) hits for an enjoyable affect. You go over that then you start running into the more psycoactive affects and more of the scary side affects....You CAN OD on this stuff it is NOT WEED. So dont smoke it like weed and dont treat it like weed and you should be ok.

Da Trap pro: WORD!

2536b: Yo, freak that crap. I took 4 hits and I had to sit the freak down. I looked at the sky and thought it was nighttime when it was like noon and then my friend started yelling. I looked back up and it was daytime again. I thought I had fallen asleep and spent the night on a bench. It is some crazy crap.

Birkus C.: I took one big hit and instantly started seeing shapes and colors that didnt exist, and my skin started burning. DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF

DarkWeb Industries: Never done LSD but for the 2 crazy years I was hooked on this, it made me feel at times like a little weed, LSD, and crack. True psychosis, total terror but also some of the best highs you can ever have, finding the tolerance threshold is key, it is difficult to do with synthetics because it is so potent.

Karina Gonzalez: hahahah for real .............................

William B: im in indiana and i smoke this crap daily.. where do i get that $42 player price? this is good crap but darkness is still way better and cheaper.

Jason Gingles: 45 dollars per 10g sack kjs convienence nacodoches Texas

stevenj991: I could not have said it better myself.

Quinn Nichols: You take bitch hits I know it sent but damn I smoke wtf and it's way stronger 1 hit and your tripin

Chris Reed: This crap induces psychosis and addictive chemicals are intentionally put in there by Zencense. I've seen Bizarro made first hand in a warehouse in Florida. You people are all naive when it comes to the stuff they're putting in Bizarro, Orgazmo and Neutronium. If you actually sat there and watched them make it like I did, you'll never, EVER have any desire to smoke this stuff. I can still smell the chemicals. If you don't give two craps about your mental health, then keep on smoking.

minus148: Loser, freaking waste of oxygen..

chris cox: uniquemonique513, you do the same thing i do to clean pipes and aqua pipes. why waste money on pro-cleaners? i knew i wasn't the only one!

ImaFknLoonatik: Damn!! I only pay $18 for 3.5g

Mike Tousignant: this crap is terrible. why would anyone want to feel that. feels like a salvia trip into crack hell. DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF.

UniqueMonique513: Dude ur bowls r dirty as hell. Best way to get a good affect off the product is having clean bowls. salt and alcohol clean them the best

jakeb321321: To anyone who is trippin on this stuff, it works in very mysterious ways. Not just a couple puffs, but full blown entire bowls or even half bowls. Tripwise, you can have hundreds or different trips to experience and guess what? They can all be controlled. You can choose to have the same high multiple times if you like it... and once you get bored you can keep switching it up and you can do it on command if done correctly. All in all the feel of this stuff is absolutely radical. Ive experienced

gurlpinkso: Don't smoke it can make you have a horrible trip....

fr3shkid007: This was the worse crap ive ever done felt like i was dyin

ford bayou: i can get that for 25

austin hargraves: don't be a kitty about it.

Alexander Nunez: I remember smoking some with my buddy and he lived across the street from my so we smoked a whole 4 bowls full to the rim...and when all was said and done i had my buddy literally crawling back home he was tripping balls... and he thought he was paralized

cris stuf morgan: im 13 took 6 hits and held it in well lets just say freak that crap my stoner buds wont even smoke it

Michael Cruz: $40! i get it for $21

Alexander Nunez: From me

Da Trap pro: Man, I smoke this crap like a blunt every hour or so. Smoke the lime it taste like weed, it is so good. Real smokers that get high and smoke very day can smoke this crap, those of you that smoke every once in a while won't make it. This crap is awesome!!!

Masons Pittman: where you get yours?

thecloser913: Is bizaro like cannabis or LSD?

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