KPOS Full Auto Selector Switch

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Conscious Cool: All you need is intent, like having a weapon in your possession that could be converted. While mag dumps are cool, not useful to blow all your ammo in a few seconds. Antagonizing the fed which has unlimited resources, and people trying to make a career by having high conviction rate, sounds like playing with fire.

Bits Network: Just because you buy one does not mean your going to use it. i would love to have one! just for End Time Prepping. you cannot be to safe you know. just because you buy one or 10 does not mean your installing them but you have them! its like pot seeds. you cannot plant them but you can have them as a novelty item.

deb acle: Who sells that stock to make it a rife?

Demetrius Jones: What tools did you need to complete this?

Leanne Sacapano: Bawal yan oo pero d nman masyadong pinapansin, dami nang ngconvert wala mma khit isang nanagot so ibig sabhin ok lng yn ...

mitsubishidiamante: bossing mag kano po ba yan. pwedeng  bumile?

mrvaperz23: You can probably own the part. The stipulations are probably like a SBR upper here. You can get a SBR upper, but it can not be mounted or in same case with a lower unless you have the stamp.

roobbbbbb: must have one

lar jackal: here in our country its legal

Verdugo Gurlokovich: Rock n roll fans... hehehehehehe

efrain cordero: If you can't sell it in a corner NSA will know who purchased so stay out of jail.

Fitz Puyat: amusing comments coming from some obviously american people.  america is not the world, some countries allow this type of stuff.  

Tyler Durden: Once again, why put all that crap on the gun, I know for accuracy and stability, but if I shoot my full auto glock it is coming straight out of my holster and is to overwhelm my enemy.

LibertyResolute: 60 seconds of work to get 10 years in jail. 

leventis1991: Hi does the little gizmo that makes the glock full auto comes with the standard kpos unit?

Russ Powell: Nope, it climbed out of My throat all by itself. Hee hee hee!

Phill0046: Couldn't keep any of that inside eh?

Russ Powell: Two things the ATF will never Do, they dont forget, and they As don't forgive.

Russ Powell: They had proof that he was Still making those sears 25 years after he wasn't supposed to. Yep he is in federal Penn Now and the feds feel they Paid him back for beating Them in court once upon a time. That is my whole point To posting All of this. You don't want to get on that crap list Of theirs and buying any of Those non finished sear kits Is enough to get on it. Since They can't bust you now, they'll just wait until they catch you Slipping and that's when they Strike. They won't just forget

Russ Powell: The feds couldn't legally touch That guy back then since he Filed and won his court decision back in 1982, that Gave him permission to sell Off any and all sears made Before they became official NFA items. The ATF doesn't Like to be taken to court on Anything they decide and they Hate loosing even more. Yep they put him on their crap List after that. It took them all The way until 2011 before they Busted him and got their pay Back but the feds do have patience and they waited until They had

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