Updating Galaxy Mini S5570 To ICS 4.0.4 Using Cwm (clockworkmod Recovery) Cyanogen Mod 9 Beta 7

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Lorenzo Baetens RKO: what do i need to download where do i need to do download plzz if u make a video start from the beginning plz what do i need to do??

Vladimir Ilic: Please,can you help me.My camera doesn't work after updating..

Vikas Salvi: where are the files

assault vlogs: Hi, I dont know but if you make a nandroid backup (choose backup in recovery) you can always go back to the previous installation if it does not work. I think it should work though. Good Luck!

abstra tico: yes my screen is white to

swelremarkable: Yow.. white screen hmm.. pull the battery or try to switch off using the power button. After that go to recovery again and reflash and rewipe everything. cache,dalvik, system. This sometimes happens. To be safest download the frimware again and delete the old download. I don't think you phone will be bricked now so first breathe.. hope it works out!

Ravi Rokes: does video and camera work

Altari: can i update my samsung galaxy 2 mini 4.0 android version ^^

MrKillius24: all that thanks to the best penguin ever ! Tux

Vinay Yadav: is dis safe to do it?

M.A Aditya: wat bout for galaxy y

MAST URBINIO: freak you

swelremarkable: ohwzo dot nl. search for galaxy mini

GamingForLife BE: Je bent nerderlands he maar kan je dit doen via android 2.3.6 ?

gia hao huynh: Galaxy mini memory 5k wtf

veyom3: Good work bro

Adzim Hadi: when my phone is in the downloading screen,i've waitel long.is it long to download

Kreshnik Misini: Hey i have samsung galaxy mini s5570 android version 2.3.6 . why in my phone dont show this recovery mode. ?? HELP ME. SORRY MY BAD ENGLISH. :\

James Panton: I have the same phone how did you udate yours (:

Amir Sfaihi: don'r install the freaking rom maanager my galaxy mini was bricked when i install this freakin soft

NithinRDas: I am using galaxy pop gt s5570. I would like to do the same on my device. But Rom Manager doesn't show my device name. Then ask me do download system software compatable for my device. But doesn't show my device or any samsung in their list.

Yarrfc420: Where r u download this zip

accrecia yu: please... can you give me the other link of that ics 4.0.4 cwm file... and if i need to add you on email or fb... can i have your email? or acc? so that i can ask for more info?..

mkajkut.hehe: Or you could just boot it with volume up + home button + power button. Just turn your phone off first.

Andrius Maulius: thank you man!!

Firoz Siddiqui: can it work on galaxy y

Datastorm34: is the weed in holland still good? :D greetings from germany

Ahmed Malik: samsung is better and making only stable updates not incomplete like showing in video now its look nice but many disadvantages ,lots of bugs no camera work and not radio etc , why samsung release like this update ,,, its not possible to make android 4.0.4 stable version in 256 mb ram and 600Mhz processor device , thats why samsung better know what is good for us , Sorry for my Bad english ,

jakkrat grahan: The camera does not work

joseph petersen: hey when i have rom manager on my phone and install the clockmod recovery it says to pick a phone type or something what wun do you choose if you have galaxy mini

Sam Samy: hi friend i install ics its work cool but touch wiz bottons not show and youtube not running video help me pl plz reply fast

Shivam Kumar: When will it be available for galaxy y

Claeys67: 12:50 Lol mom's calling?

Laur Zis Frew: can you make a tutorial for samsung galaxy y ?

swelremarkable: If you have root, open rom manager and pick 'Flash ClockworkMod Recovery' but only if it lets you choose your phone from the list. and then 'Reboot into Recovery'.

aqw Bilmaster: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! my phone has a white screen and it will just stay ther wat do i do plz help me

Almir Brkić: is the process of installation the same for jelly bean as it is for ics? im doing this for the first time, so. a bit nervous.

swelremarkable: jellaxy dot com ;-) btw get cm10. its jelly bean

folop86: my camera dont work any one els having this problem?

Anirudh Srinivasan: the kernal of galaxy y is horrible,no devs are porting cm9

MAST URBINIO: thx now work :D

Rantim Chatterjee: Wow Ever ROM... O.o Will it work for galaxy Y ??

Almir Brkić: i went on ur site and download link for ics is not working. (file not found) :/ can u send me working link ?

MAST URBINIO: i have cyanogenmod 10 :p i installed :D

MegaGame100: Hi man i have a problem when i install this and reboot it shows me white screen any sugestions?


swelremarkable: LOL. I don't even know. They made it so tourists cant buy it and even dutch people have to get a pass to prove they live in Holland. So I'm not even allowed in a coffeeshop anymore. Those politicians and their hunger for power ey.

Sangeeth Kumar: my camera doesnt work ineed help...

Filip Popovic: I'll try this when I format my mini ^_^

TheDarkInGame: Camera works ?

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Updating Galaxy Mini S5570 to ICS 4.0.4 using cwm (clockworkmod recovery) cyanogen mod 9 beta 7 4.7 out of 5

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Samsung GT-S5570 Android 4.0.4 CM9 beta7
Samsung GT-S5570 Android 4.0.4 CM9 beta7

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