98' Ski-Doo Mach 1 700 Triple Idling

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beaverdammer: friggin sweet sled! bad ass!

rougespartan33: my has gotten real bad you start it up and it would registur on the tacomiter and found out it was the gas

brp360: @badboysracing 1500-1750rpm, i prefer a higher idle, like 1850rpm seems to help with fouled spark plugs, also on those warm days when mine tends to idle low it isnt as bad

brp360: and if you dont hear the idle come up right away, turn them back to where they were... happy sledding!

ryanwelsh2132: i had a 97 and the only problem was that it was o top heavy that it would not go round corners very well but they are still the best sleds

spuds355: it iw suppost to have 290 mains in the 99 right?

snowbounder1: is this also why it sounds like it has no power when i throttle it from idle at 1200...you know just thumb it off and on...thanks

snowbounder1: your idle sounds perfect...how do i get mine up...its at 1200 and the gauges,head lamp are dim...thanks... nice sled

skidooracin: not the best motor hence the recall on the plastic caged crank bearings. when you shut it down and you hear the ball rolling around that means junk!!!

Ravioli427: Sounds nice, same pipe I want to get mine.Wouldn't happen to know what the cylinder head torque is on that motor do you? I have a 98 and I need to put the head back on but I don't have a book and can't locate them anywhere.

kodiak1966: Nice machine! The 700 triple(triple pipe)is the best machine bombardier has made in the last 15yrs. I had a 1997 Mach 1...nobody could touch me. Only bug it had was the primary clutch would overheat so I made holes in my belt guard...problem solved.

kevin stoya: 1 got the same one but 97 i think

SuperRedneck454: i have a 98 mach 1 700 triple and i want to put a bigger treaded track on it it a 1.25 good or is that to big for the sled with out having to adjust soemthings?

spuds355: i got a 99 ski doo mach 1 same as you but i keep fouling plugs what should i check my oil pump is set right i checked that today

brp360: @spuds355 1.25" is as big as you can go stock, thats what mine is, I asked the dealship

brp360: @spuds355 might be getting to much fuel... plugs gapped wrong? are you putting along slow or keeping it cleaned out by winding it up here and there?

brp360: mine runs around 1600-1800 at idle, until its been ridden and is hot, where it usually idles around 1300-1400... which seems to be the case with every sled I've ever had. I know it gets annoying when the headlight is almost gone out at idle lol. There are small screws on the sides of the carbs, I think they're on the clutch side, not the exhaust side. Try turning them a quarter turn out (lefty-loosy) which you should hear the idle come up... just make sure you turn them all the same amount!

spuds355: yea i rev it up and and get on it open fields its running better now the choke was sticking

93timberwolf: nice video i got a 98 formula z with a mach 1 700 triple motor but my sled is not purple like the other ones

badboysracing: ive got the same sled, 1998 but mine has a 1999 engine. do you know what the idle should be at?

brp360: more action videos will follow as soon as the snow flies!

brp360: By studlike I mean the track has "finger-like" paddles. Instead of flat paddles the lugs are like cones. It rides like it has picks, plus in deep snow it still grips awesome. Tracks spins like hell??? doesnt sound like a problem to me... haha sounds like a good thing! If ya need more bite either the taller lug track will help for sure, or adjust your limiter strap at the front of the track. I loosened mine way off, which allows the weight to shift and the front end comes way up.

brp360: it fit no problems, and its never hit the tunnel once. the guy at royal distributing looked in his little book and said thats the tallest lug you can go tho. my track is the predator "stud-like" not the paddle. it hooks up like it has studs and pulls like a bastard. I'd buy this track again in a second

brp360: All that weight of the front end shifts to the track and guess what... she goes like snot!

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98' Ski-Doo Mach 1 700 triple idling 5 out of 5

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