Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun Review Low Cost Prepping Options

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Outlaw GT: I just bought the same shotgun. I have the same ammo sleeve too. I got my shotgun, sleeve, 3 boxes of shells.. All for $236. I keep 3 buckshot and 2 slugs in my sleeve. The Maverick 88 is my first shotgun. It's the best 200 I ever spent.

Cole Parker: I bought mine for 80 bucks. I also have a Mossberg 500.

Brandon J: Who else heard, with a thick butt the tang is a little hard to get to?

Glock Nut: Just picked one up 190 out the door extremely happy with it

Sirreal69: Is a 24" barrel consider a home defense too?

KronicDecay: Great gun. Picked mine up for about $140 at pickles Sporting goods

Ivan Gomez: What's the length of the buttstock?

watchoutnwo: I get a few light primer strikes on mine from time to time is that bad?

Pookster USMC: H&K Pardner Pump is same quality, compatible with 99.5% all Remington 870 parts/upgrades. Its the better of the two shotguns. They can be found everywhere. I got mine at pickles.

kelly nash: Just got another one today. I think I like them better than my 500s.

Chris alvarado: I used to have one of these. It was my first shotgun. I've owned the Winchester SXP, Remington 870, but out of the three, my favorite was the Maverick 88. Lite weight, short reach, just a really good shotgun that can handle 3.5 inch 12 gauge buckshot shells. I miss that thing. They have increased in price since I last owned one. That was a really dumb decision to sell it.

Deer Hunter: i have had one of these in the field model for 15 yrs now functions flawlessly to this day

michael_anthony: mine was $199 at Academy....but I love it

Enno Stegmann: Sry I didn't notice how much rounds are the magazine? we have strict weapon laws here in Germany, sadly😭

Laker Logic: Off topic but why do preppers always come off as cheapskate's? If I'm buying a weapon while times are good, particularly for when times are bad, I'm buying the best I can afford. If I'm in the middle of Armageddon when acquiring a firearm then I see how cost can be such a major issue.

Steve ASM: I've owned my 12 gauge 88 since 2005 and fired plenty of slugs, buckshot and field loads through it with zero problems. I found the open cylinder bore did not hold satisfactory shot patterns on man sized targets past 10 yards using most buckshot brands. Federal Flite control buckshot held pie plate size groups at 25 yards consistently. I use it in all of my open cylinder shotguns. A great shell for shotguns without a choke.

Jeremy Schleicher: I picked one up this past weekend but it came with a 26 inch barrel. Is there a place I can get a replacement shorter barrel? I can't seem to find one.

Chris Espinal: just bought one pickles sporting goods $189. NY

Ex-Law Enforcement: Is there away you could give me the measurements of the gun when broken down (with the Barrel off the Shotgun)? I'm wanting or hoping I can carry it in my MOLLIE ll BackPack. I want to Thank You in advance if you could let me/us know this.

Jay Bisky: What other differences between the 500 and 88 just the safety??

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