How To Easily Fix A Weedeater That Bogs Down

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BensonsHandyAndy: Thank you for this vidoeo, huge help;)

Clark Ivey: Can this also happen to back pack blowers, mine will bog down if you try to go full throttle but runs fine if your just under full throttle

john doe: had the same problem on my chnsaw and cleaned carb and checked one gasket I thought was leaking and barely moved needle and seat tension and now it is spitting gas.went from not enough to way too much.

Braeden Randell: do you even mix your gas?

Carlos E Constanza: one question ? How do you replace the primer bulb if there is no screws to remove it ? model sst25cE. Thank you in advance

Fabian Kalili: Thanks for this video! It came in just in time to make my adjustment on my weed eater rig. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks again!

Mr. Doda Cha-Cha: Awesome! Worked like a charm. Thanks!

panther2552: thanks so much. I replaced the fuel lines. fixed the gas filter, which had fallen off in the tank and no go. caught this just 5 minutes ago and now my weed eater is working fine. thanks a ton :)

IRONMAN000: Man i wish i saw your vids last year. Had this same problem with the same wacker, it pissed me off so bad i binned it. Gonna check your vids first from now on!! Lol. Thanx a million

43128lucky4: no muffler screen cleaning suggestions?

Ron Bishop: Hey I tried that. Changing the carb mixture on my weedeater using electrical connections didn't work. The screws are to smooth. Grinding a slot using a Dremel did. 1/2 turn out on the low speed mixture screw - fixed! Thank you.

Jordan Berghaus: I never thought of cutting slots in those screws to adjust them with a flat screwdriver, which is odd since I've cut slots in odd screws for other applications.

Jason Reid: i have a leaf blower that has fresh gas new hose from fuel filter to carb still wont start but getting gas into carb might need a carb kit but it runs by a starting fluid what do you think? whats wrong with it thanks 

gustavo ruvalcaba: Yo I need major help mine don't pump up the gas when I push the rubber button like the gas goes up a little bit in the gas line but then goes back down... please help have been trying to work for hours

Pollockdinner: Spent a hour filing down a pair of needle nose pliers to turn those damm adjusters.

Vince Ski: donyboy fixed all my machines with your videos fixed my snowblower for about a $100. repair shop told me thay take it off my hands!! changed carb and drive belts, Lol Now Iam off to fix my weedeater thanks Again Vince from ny (albany)

rayford52: on my own stuff, that little screen is one of the first things to go,, but customers seem to think it has to be there and I guess if you are California it is the law..

donyboy73: yes thanks, discovered it

SuperchargedMustang5: I habe the same problem with my blower. Thank you!

acdcfanforever3: Hey Dony, what does it mean when a homelite trimmer runs when I have the gas on fully on half choke but, once its set on run, it shuts down. its my neighbors and im trying to help them. Any thoughts?

B Ferr: Thx it really helped!

newcoyote: At first I thought you where going to suggest cleaning the spark arrester. I'm having trouble with two FS110 machines. Not the spark arrester and not the carb because I put new carbs on and the same problem. It will have no power but after running awhile (presumably due to heating up) will run fine. Ideas?

donyboy73: no needle seat in kit, make sure gas cap or tank is venting,

myopicvision: Hi, I have the same problem. changed the fuel lines and gas tank with new kit. Replaced bulb, gaskets and diaphragm, cleaned it too. Lightened up the gas to see if it would help. No dice. Did the screw thing. Only has one screw, it's a Weed Eater FL25 . I don't know what the hole is where the fast screw is supposed to be? Got it to idle for 2 mins with screw almost the way closed on 3/4 choked with couple of throttle jerks. Only seems to run with it tilted back. Still floods out. Help ??

TheGMlover1: We're do u buy that tool at and for how much?


Steed Andersen: I do the same but now I use a dremel with a cut off wheel because it's faster.

James Breindel: Why does my weed eater xt 260 leak oil

knightrider1545: Do you run a string trimmer at full throttle when cutting?

Angelo Benites: Donny back your videos you included a link on a website to purchase lawn equipment parts at affordable price can you please give me the website address cause l forgot it, reason is im paying way to much at present for gaskets n parts at the local place ... thanks....Angelo in Houston...

WV Machinist: Anytime a 2-stroke runs just by turning it a certain way usually points to a air leak of some sort ... caused by loose screws, bad gasket, crank seals, etc.

mantis707: You are the man...wish I could buy you a beer

DA CHAN MAN: dony... ur a mind reader!! i have the same weed wacker and it was always this problem. i was going to ask you but i kept forgetting. but until this day you saved my ass LOL!!!! Keep up the good work man!!

donyboy73: people out there are struggling too no matter their profession. Youtube is global so the chances if it hurting your business are very slim and besides people need to buy parts too. Television is full of diy programs

Mark Vaughn: Neighbors shindiwa doesnt want to run with trigger pulled all to max throttle except on its side

Buckswoodshop .: I will give it a try!

donyboy73: lol

donyboy73: check for spark

brandonp700: Omg Jim stop crying really are you serious ?????? Lol wow

smallenginevids: Which editing software do you use?

EnTWAdemalia: thanks for saving me a ton of hours pulling on this stupid weedwacker of mine , your fix fixed my weedwacker thanks a million Dony

donyboy73: check amazon, getting harder to find

Russell Atwell: i have a weedeater featherlite fl20 i rebuilt the carb and it now floods the motor i set the needle valve at the setting you showed on your video, was there supposed to be a needle seat in the carb kit as i did not find one?thanks in advance for your help .great videos you have and very helpful.

donyboy73: thanks!

triplextreme2: just got done doing that on my weed eater bought the tool because i seen it on one of your videos and was afraid when i bout mine it wouldn't idle good. thanks for the video

chad51172: thanks donyboy73 ...

Tom M: was struggling forever with mine, took apart the carb, blew out the screen.....nothing. Did exactly what you said in the video and voila! Runs as good as new. Thank you very much!

ARMY21tango: Donyboy73, You are the man! Over the last couple of years, I have been given, or purchased, non working lawn equipment to repair and resell over the winter when my lawn business is dormant. For the most part, I can get them back up to speed myself, but for those pesky problems that I just can't figure out, your videos have helped immensely! Thank you for all that you do, and please keep up the great work!

cubbeezx: Good job!

Tinker Jim: Sometimes if nothing works, check the spark arrestor screen in the muffler. When they build up with carbon, they will run the same way.

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How To Easily Fix A Weedeater That Bogs Down
How To Easily Fix A Weedeater That Bogs Down
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