Skyrim Giving The Vampire Gift To Your Wife

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Shaun McCarthy: How about turning off the freaking music

Lily Middleton: Good song

MakeupbyMia: Everybody hating on this person...I mean I like Linkin park and Skyrim too...doesn't mean I'm trying to be edgy or whatever. But I would say speak a little louder please and maybe try to make a higher quality video if u plan on making more gaming videos. It really makes a difference to the ppl watching

local gameing: That was crazy

EPSILON: Surprised you didn't get a copyright strike for playing Linkin Park

Aliyah Sandoka: is this apart of the dlc

reptiles and knives: copy right


The Great Gamer (tablet 2): It did not work. All it said was your vampiric powers receed as you feed -_- wtf

Ryugenryu Akemi: ACROSS THIS NEW DIVIDE........!!!!!!!!!!! (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC)

Elite Gamer God Squad: do you have to finish the DLC in order to do this?

SX Ash Howl: my brain hurts

Zombie Pro: You should really not play linkin park in the background. You could be sued for copyright

Andrew de la Mennah ☣: Unexpected Linkin Park song

Dark Yagami: Should I be a Vampire Lord? I just don't know! I need advice!

eagleeyes131: Linkin park, good choice of music

Gameking 49: I wouldn't call vampirism a gift....

Mox280 The Dwarven Samurai: how did you do this!?!?!

BloodXBones Z: this is so corny

BloodXBones Z: really dude linken park

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Skyrim giving the vampire gift to your wife 5 out of 5

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