1911 Kimber Pro 4' Field Strip Takedown Tool Kit For Crimson Ultra Super Carry II Eclipse CDP Covert

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81skiskiski: Cool gun and I've thought about buying a 1911 many times. I just can't purchase a gun that requires a tool to field strip. Plus for $1500 the mags are garbage

Austin Henry: My 4" Kimber Pro Carry II does not have the notch to install the "e-clip" included in your kit, how would this kit work for me?

Andrew Delashaw: It's a pro "covert" II, not pro "carry", I believe.

CKITCA: Are you working on a tool for the 5" Kimbers?

Lou Cipriano: Completely genius! way better then the "L" tool. Luckily I work just down the street from these guys and will get mine on Monday.

NDZPerformance: Yes, this kit will work on all 4" Pro Kimbers.

WayBeyondGone: I got this kit recently, but I was wondering how long the warranty lasts.

NDZPerformance: @HarryJSmith04 Hi, We will shoot this video shortly showing this. Our tool certainly makes this part easier as its simpler to put the clip in the groove vs the "L" tool into the miniature hole under tension. It will be listed within a week. Thank you for the request.

NDZPerformance: @HarryJSmith04 A new video is coming. The tool is in fact hardcoat anodized aluminum. We felt this change was the way to go, and it was something we felt very comfortable with. Even with this tool there will be NO wear or damage to your firearm. Not certain how the "L" tool can be easier though. After a breakdown or 2 the damage to the front side of the bushing is clearly evident. Sorry, we reviewed the video and could not find anything that would throw a person off leaving them stuck.

Harold Smith: I got the tool. I find it easier to use the L-shaped piece of wire. Bear in mind that the tool you actually get is not the same tool that you see in this video. Instead, it is made of metal instead of delrin. For people who make these "instructional" videos, please, please, please WRITE OUT YOUR SCRIPT. Then have someone who doesn't know how the tool works read the script and demonstrate the installation and removal.

NDZPerformance: We will see if we can process that request soon. Stay tuned.

Harold Smith: How about a video showing how to install the spring on the guide rod?

NDZPerformance: @TDoginNC They have been officially released.. Thanks for everyone's patience. NDZ

NDZPerformance: Update.. Thanks for all the calls. We have just submitted our info to Kimber, looks like we should be rolling pretty soon. We thank everyone for their patience and certainly Kimber for working with us to make this kit possible. We will keep people posted as new developments happen. Please call us for more info 203-439-7784 Thank you for everyone's interest.

HeyThatGuy: update?

NDZPerformance: We are currently working with the mfg. to be able to purchase these guide rods in higher qty's. However, their sales are very good and these parts in general are rather scarce for the time being. We will certainly post any new information as it becomes available.

TDoginNC: I didn't seem to see this available on your website ... any ETA ?

NDZPerformance: Glad you like it. Many calls for the 4" over the last year, and we finally had some time to finish this up.. Thanks for looking.

ridewot: great tool

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1911 Kimber Pro 4" Field Strip Takedown Tool Kit for Crimson Ultra Super Carry II Eclipse CDP Covert 5 out of 5

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Del. Tag Greason draws Brian Lants as the winner of the Kimber Super Carry Ultra 4-22-2012
Del. Tag Greason draws Brian Lants as the winner of the Kimber Super Carry Ultra 4-22-2012

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