Nazi Zombies Portable 1.1 Beta (PC): How To Use Cheats!

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yomomma9876543210123: What's the song?

Fortunato Martins: it needs to be the first version

Antonio Reyes: si le vuelves a dar "fly" vuelves a caminar xD

Joe Sheto: Por qué no acaba de aprender a hablar Inglés correctamente?

MatiasRey: Puto jajajajjaan inglish not spanish yhea

joey karsten: im such a dumbass when the cheats were going dow n i tried scrolling up xD

Joe Sheto: Yah, it happens alot :/

Joe Sheto: i've tried the cheat for it, but it dowsn't work.

Joe Sheto: That's not a cheat. More of a Tip/Tactic.....

Brutus Batutus: noclip u still reload, noclip just lets you walk through WALLS and kind lets you fly to

Joe Sheto: Well, its just the normal website for the game, but ok....

Joe Sheto: by willing, you mean test them out, right? if thats the case i can help

elgost guy: what i love is that this download actualy works

tri pham: i want to get all of the guns

Joe Sheto: Any time! :)

Joe Sheto: well yes, but this is youtube, not a law office. I've had about 3 ppl msg me if it's for psp too.. :D

Sanic: Well the title has PC in it doesn't it -_-

Joe Sheto: xD. you using pc version?

Sanic: I was like WTF IT DOESN'T WORK! but then I went through a wall

Joe Sheto: yeah, i accidentally put that in the vid..... i was kind of loopy when i made this so..............

Nazi Zombies Portable 1.1 beta (PC): How to use cheats! 5 out of 5

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