E Cigarette Won't Charge - How To Fix Your Electronic Cigarette

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alan pell: ok here,s the answer, inside the pen where it screws to the charger , the metal screw thread gets pushed down , get a small pair of scissors and pull up the thread inside the pen. then it will connect again .

Kara: I bought a vuse e cig a few days ago. The battery is fine but when I try to charge it, it just falls off. Like it's too loose. Should I just get a new one?

Jeffery Williams: I have a iclear 16 the red light comes on when I plug it in to charge but its not charging its just constantly on the red light how do I fix this ?

Luis Estrada: i just bought a new krave e cig from the store and i used it straight out of the box and both cartridges didnt give any smoke. Anyone know whats wrong?

Shannon Holohan: My vuse wasn't working. I bought it and literally 4 hours later it died....I put it on the charger for about 4 hours and it was a constant white light which meant it was charged I took one puff and bam....it was dead again. I had to return it and get a new one. 😒

necrohero0: dunno why this actually worked...

Howling Wolf: wow... this actually worked... thanks dude. you earned a sub!

RetroAdzz: hey, e-cig makes wired crackling noise is this normal

davidnagash: Ooh yess. Cleaning, i never imagine ohhhh

Fritzi Schwenkhoff: This worked! Thanks!

Rick Cromer: i shouldn't have to...I bought a product, paid for it, it should do what it says it should.   

ChannelNotFound: Mine doesn't charge. When I pull on it it's just a 4 second constant light and nothing. Wont even shock my tongue if I put it on the battery. Is it FUBAR?

MissMargaret: It does work, but how often do most people need to do this? I feel like it's every week now for me.

nsangel2: seriously?  this is it?  Your not going to show them how to pop up the pins so they have good contact, or suggest trying another battery incase it's the charger? or trying another charger incase it's the battery? lame dude

Takeo M: My e cig still not working :(

Shane Stanton: this was a horrible video. Waste of my time.

Jimbo Cason: Like any other battery, this Lithium battery will eventually not be able to hold a charge, so you will have to buy new batteries(cigs) soon enough. For those who haven't tried Blu, it is the best by far...comes with 2 batteries and 3 slots for filters in the "pack"...pls, the pack is also chargeable and recharges the battery you are NOT using while using the other one... always have a charged battery now!

Zambiee 122: music 

adventchild5150: freak you

Spencer Stone: you seriously made a video of wiping out the charging components? Who that freak wouldn't try that already?

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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