Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 .44 Magnum Revolver With 4 Inch Barrel

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Mr. Lineman: nice video... love the 29...hey peter schiotis.....up yours!!!

Dodge Mustang: Now that S&W 29 4 inch and the 4 inch Python are the very best you can get..Thanks for the show,,Lucky Dog!!!

Morris Zachrisson: Could you please tell me about the firing pin on the hammer. When I touch it it moves a little bit up and down words. It feels some kind of loose a little bit. Is that normal or the firing pin must feel like it was glued to the hammer?

Terry Weinhold: there was also a transition Model 29. It had a pinned barrel with a non recessed cylinder

Scott Crafton: Nice!

MPGunther1: that is a beauty

Peter Schiotis: i'm sorry but you handle that gun like a rank amateur.

Peter Schiotis: the Model 29 Clint Eastwood used in The Dirty Harry movies utilized an 8 3/8 inch barrel

Tom Powers: I recently purchased a new 629-5, 4" bbl gun. Overall the quality of it is very good. Good DA & SA trigger pull. Sure does shoot well.

Rich Chel: "Dirty Harry" Inspector Callahan used a 44 Special revolver I believe.

Tactical: wow nice

Jon Micallef: Hi! I finally did get to do a video of my 29-2. It's dated 1975. Here's the link - I hope you like it!

brandon doughty: I have one just like that but I can't load it it was my grandfathers and he passed it on to me. when I push in the thumb piece the cylinder doesn't roll to the side, so I can't load it up, can you tell me the reason why this is happening? I know it's a pretty old gun put it's in good condition i'm just having trouble loading it

bra-zza: this revolver is beautiful !

Jon Micallef: That's a real good lookin' gun! I've got a second hand one on the way. Also in 4", so I'm investing the time to do some weights! Lol! All the best!

aadrianlee: I love this revolver in 4 inch model

Ole Ironhead: That is one beautiful firearm!!  Let me know when you want to sell her!!  :)))))

Jayne Rivera: I am looking for this

Chance Blevins: you should take that to a smith or have S&w do it put some ports on that barrel that will help the recoil alot

Bo Jay: How much is it worth?

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Smith & Wesson model 29-2 .44 Magnum revolver with 4 inch barrel 5 out of 5

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