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wesselvloon: zzee phpexe doesnt work
help plz

Mislav Kirac: Everything works fine until I get to the part of the evaluation verzion ZZEE phpexe and I do excatly as you and when I go to install verzion ZZEE phpexe not responding. please help!!!!!!!!

H3R: Działa ! Like & Sub

Jahirt Ruiz: PERFECT WORKS!!

ZagrajmyWPL121: Because of you now I can not log in to the origina!!!!

Radosław Buńczuk: Mi się blokuje po zainstalowaniu orgina. Długo czekałem aż się wyświetli okienko do logowania. Wyświetliły się 2 komunikaty błędu dziwne. Jeden coś mówił o zakończeniu programu tstunnel. Potem nie mogę się zalogować.

Armands Rolmanis: i cant log in pleas help

spik330: how do I reverse this so I can connect to origin again? reverting host back to normal does not seem to work

tir artur: evaluation version zzee phpexe no answer PLESE HELP ME

Rojeh Karabit: orgin not working help plz 

TheMrPalax: OMG thanks ! 

Danial Kzm: start.exe always crash when i try to opened it...can somebody tell me why is dat happening?

Abysuss-: Yeah right, you stupid crap..

Tajarod Gaza: 100% Works

Nila95: Doesnt work

ERD NEZI: i make step by step andi get error (0x000A)

ERD NEZI: licence not falid ???

Yash Dange: It gives me a message saying Activation.dll load failed. when I double click on start.exe and push continue when it turns red Please help!

Peretty: No work. No connect to origin never....

Sp3NgL3R: same

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