Furdiburb Review + Tips!!!

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Loaa Khaled: how do i get the water element thing

Loaa Khaled: how do i get the water element thing

Hector Guevara: its eyes are soo cool

Nicole Jernigan: Cool:-) 

akashaquackeroo: Dr Cameroon

akashaquackeroo: To get rid of all go to the place I want to die from eating mushrooms are cancer and bring it what is a whole gotta get out with guys

Golden Golem: Money: get a free potion from Tokori, take it out, put it in the person's empty hands, get on, and as you jump on the stars, you get money.

989Supergirl: why is my furdiburb always sad??? :'(

Enchantedkeys: broken heart: strawberry-cherry-large brown poop

Jesus Crust: I cant add anything 2my inventory!!! Ill hold onto it for almost 10 mins but no lasers r coming!!!

camroon1000: lol nice song

Naf Afiqa: eat the mushroom

girlo0o: water the plant near Tokori shop a mushroom will grow that will give you the fire but don't eat right away save it in your inventory. Then go to the temple give your alien the mushroom to eat it move it up near it and a fire will come from his mouth.

robert maxwell: You activate it by putting a cloud over it and you can make a strawberry rug if want you put three strawberries in and you can get a strawberry rug and you make a cupcake with a pineapple star potion and cherries have fun :D

Bella Boop: Hi! Your tutorial is the best of all!!!😄. It's really good quality and everything you said is true! Also your right about that it's a shame that it's only on android. My parents got me an ipad but I just asked for something of android so I can play Furdiburb. Plus I like your little blog you made!😊

Kratsyy: check out my channel on how to hack furdiburb and get as many coins and golden poops as u want!

JJY86: Go to Crabidab shop pick the blue bottle that has 3 hooks on it (alot quicker) start fishing the more fish u get the bigger they will get keep fishing with the fish it does take some patients.U will get stingrays sharks ect. Once uget the purple angler fish your in! put it back on the hook & the seacreature will slowly apear and suck u in. In the mouth collect the tooth thats all u can get u will see a sign on the wall the tooth + starquest + starquest take 2 the factory = front of space ship :)

isabeldoyle23: Do I pronounce things weird? I say furdIburb not furdEYburb. And I say sheedo not shaydo...

affurra darakus: Iris is a black dragon lol feed him the orange mushroom

Tiana Schneider: The arrow relic is unbeatable. Its so you can compose your own music. You should also check the facebook guide for it. :)

Andromachi Aslanidou: I found it!To make fire give to the furdiburd a mushroom! ;)

JJY86: Thanks for that, how do u open the relics if u don't mind me asking?

Kade Gann-Archuleta: thanks so much for the help! u just have to finish the levels on the song until the bar is full. i just haven't got the arrow relic, but the others are pretty simple if u listen to the tune that plays before u pick the notes

NosyFox: i need fire! !!!!!!!! pliz tell me...

altoidsours: Help, my little guy keeps crying and I don't know how to make him happy. Also I can't buy anything because everything costs real money. :( Am I doomed to have a sickly and unhappy alien forever?

Juliana Tatiana Leyva: This is bullcrap!!! U posted this videos and the title has tips so youre gonna say what it does or how its done to what youre letting us watch

girlo0o: You have to give him the taro root where you can find it in the underground hole. You have to eat a mushroom to shrink to enter it you will find taro root put it in your inventory then you will give it to the squirrel he will eat it and will sleep.You can make taro root in the factory Starquest+Squash+Eggplant. hope i helped you :)

315kmd: I love Furdiburb best game ever !!!! updates take a while but really cute!! very fun game to play if your thinking about downloading the game... DO IT. Does not work with the I phone figured that out the hard way...

Near Endoh: @GraciaNatasha Apparently,if you go see one of the vendors,theyll tell you.

IlyPrinceOfPop: Put 3 strawberries in the machine if u want a cool strawberry rug! :D

many417: How did you get the fire

Golden Golem: First you have to charge your lightbulb antenna and go to her. Feed her the fire mushroom, and she will reveal herself

Rafael González: i love your videos and your tamagotchis :)

roxychickade: How do u get to the space ship ive looked everywhere

Manuel Antonio Restrepo Diago: hello, how active the accelerometer to Furdiburb? I do not see any option to activate, but if my phone has accelerometer, can you help please? thanks

Tabatha Braller: I was hoping that you were going to help me out with some of the questions I had with the game but instead every time you came to 1 you wouldn't answer it . you told me I had to figure it out on my own .. no help at all. thanks a lot

TheAnnoe: You need to go to the moon (you do this by collecting one of her tears) and you will get an item you can use in the music puzzle. When you enter the music puzzle thing, you take the item from your inventory and put it in a shaft in the left of the room. After completing all the levels for this puzzle, you will get a golden note. Just give this to the nightingale.

persefonologika: does anybody know how to end the last level of the fireflies ? (please make a youtube clip!) thnx

Kade Gann-Archuleta: the same thing, the only one with a space part r the free one and the bird one that u get on the moon

Tabatha Braller: Sorry. for my outburst i am frustrated with this game :-).

al101star: How is the field important?

RayneyKayLa: Dose anyone no how to het the elements for the thing in the cape

Chrissy Dunham: U get fire bye putting a hot pepper in furdis mouth

JJY86: Hi there your guy is probably not crying he is more then likely wet after u have washed him all u need 2 do is a bring some wind down over him & a tornado will dry him for u. Nothing costs real money go 2 the gloomy woods& inside the wooden door. Get 1 of free bottles that will send u in2 space its one of the Red 1's. When u have that go 2 the well were the 2 ladies are standing put the bottle it then put your Furdiburb above the well then you are able 2 go into space and collect (money)

JJY86: Thanks for that I'm just not to sure how to open them???? Sorry I know its probably an easy answer I'm suffering from Chemo brain - Leukaemia! radiation and chemo have killed all my brain cells and I feel very stupid sometimes and the answer is right in front of my eyes! lol Thanks for your help and I'm always happy 2 help :D have you solved the music room or do u want the answers?

Jaki Neubecker: mushroom in forest for fire-water clover patch mossy rock for earth-all over wind gust for wind-sky cloud for water-sky that's all

Alejandro Suarez: You are so CUTE, i want a girlfriend like youuu :D!

pokemontrainer921: ... omg SOMEONE HELP ME PLS my furdi keeps moving to the right of my screen like a moron..... i cant do star quest because he only moves right.... PLEASE HELP

Ameerun Nessa: @Sachiko : put a mushroom in the dragons mouth :)

Near Endoh: Do you know if there is a place to see the different evolutions?

Furdiburb Review + Tips!!! 3.8 out of 5

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