Wella Toners And T10 Pale Blonde

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gitsiegoo: Thank you so much for making this video! It was super helpful to me because the t18 didn't turn out a cool enough tone for me, so I was going to try t10. I'm glad I watched your video first cause it sounds like t10 definitely wouldn't have been cool enough. I have reddish blonde hair naturally and it's so hard to get the red tones out. Great video, and thanks again!

Aliee Lovee: Thank you for the information! Ugh but I wish the lighting was better :( . The colors look sooooo much different online then in person.

Little Bunny Bunny: can i mix t10 and t18 together on bleached hair and what colour will it come

Dolores Mollicone: Do you think I can mix t10 and t18 ?? I have brown roots and bleached yellow orange highlights. There are a few light blonde.

alyssa aragon: I mean with deposit and not lift

alyssa aragon: I have a high contrast balayage ombre, I'd like to tone my blonde ends with T18 and the dark brown with T14 but I'm affraid of the 20 vol lightening my dark brown roots. Is it possible to use the toners with activating lotion without deposit?

Alexis Cruz: What do I use if I highlighted my hair and I have yellow and orange brass in my hair??

Jiggalicious27: quite like how t11 looks

Sigi Celiku: Hey girls,
I got a 9N/911 ( Very light Blonde ) . Do any of you know what is the previous version of this one I have ?

sacheverelle: What about blending 2 toners for a less violet white-blonde? T18 is too silvery for my taste. It is the color of old person white hair and I'm older so it is really aging, plus parts of my hair come out pure violet which isn't at all I want 10T looks darker than I would like..So I got 10N Satin Blonde (a neutral shade) which I was going to cut with a few drops of T18 (the cooling violet shade). Any thoughts?

SexcSenorita77: Hi thnx for the update info. Coyld I mix T10 and T11 I have some yellow gold pieces with pale light ends. What does it do for orange?

Alleykate Olsen: hell o i love your hair i recently bleached mine and i was wondering what a good toner was to match a color #613 extension if you can help i would be so grateful!

Amanda Bailey: Ok...so I am a natural brunette...about a level 3 or so...I have been getting my hair heavily highlighted with foils at a salon. I did attend cosmetology, & decided to go to school for something else, point is that I do have some knowledge on the subject. My hair has been almost completely blonde for a while, & I have asked my hair dresser if she would make me platinum all over/completely...for whatever reasons, she would talk me out of it, say it couldn't be done, wouldn't look right, too high maintenance, etc....so I bought some things from Rite Aid (only bc I live in BFE & that is the closest store, lol)  to lighten my hair...ended up orangey, which I knew would happen, but was hoping wouldn't. I eventually went to Sally's & bought Wella bleach & T18...turned out a nice color...not a silver white, but a very very pale blonde white, with only the slightest tones of pale blonde...but I did not leave the T18 on for even 8 minutes, bc I thought it might be pulling purple or grey. Question: I have another bottle of T18 & was wondering if I were to apply it again, would it whiten it, or just pull grey?!? I know I will need to watch it closely, but just wondering if it is worth the risk or not?!? Has anyone ever used it twice before to get the desired effect? & if so, how did it turn out? Sorry for the novel I wrote...any answers would help! Thanks! ;)

Max Brown: what toner should i use if i want light honey blonde

gab soued: Hi would like to know how can I mix the t18 with the t11 do I use the 2 hole bottles or just half and half of each.

Yeanett Goris: Hi @FUNKYMACGIRL, I did My first set of highlights a week ago using T11 and T18 and it turned out nice goldish highlights. Since I wanted more platinum I did a second set of highlights TODAY mixing T14 and T18 toners to tone down brassiness in the back of my hair and to turn highlights into more whitish..WELL GUESS WHAT? I have no idea how, my hair in the back turned really orangy and my gold highlights turned more yellowish... OMG!!!! it was supposed to help not to make it worse!i used both toners both times with 20 vol... Could you pls advice what to do to get rid off the orange color? Also, to tone down the yellow highlights? I came home and did a orange strand of hair and a highlighted strand of hair adding ONLY T18 with 20 Vol. On both dry hair strands for 20min To see if that would help and it did nothing! Please help!!!! Thank you so much!

S.A Impavido: If i've bleach my hair about two weeks ago and it turned into weird brownish gingery color what toner would I use to turn it to a light blonde? I know ash tones take out any orange which is kinda what I have so which number would be best. I do not want it white or silver just a regular pale blonde.

Chanel Nunez: My hair is already blonde , I want to go platinum without bleaching

FUNKYMACGIRL: yes you can mix the t14 with t18, the t14 is for orangy/gold tones not the t11 and ive used the t28 and made my hair a darker blonde 8(

Carla Paulette: Have you tried t11, t14 or t28?

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Wella Toners and T10 Pale Blonde 5 out of 5

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Wella Toners and T10 Pale Blonde
Wella Toners and T10 Pale Blonde
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