Kohler Shower Mixer Valve Replacement

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J M: PS to everyone the TOOL to take that trim plate off is actually the round cylinder you took off at 3:15 mark- just flip it around and use the grooved keyed notches. How about that!!!!

Dray Ray: So if water is leaking (drip) at the shower head, it is going to be the mixing valve, correct?

Ernie Smith: Nice Seamaster!

Jay Desai: i saw video to replace mixing valve and now i can do myself. Thanks for video.

Phil Buccieri: This guy should have read the Kohler manual, the "Special tool" for removing the collar which holds the faceplate is the sleeve which is pulled out after removal of the handle.

Bolivar Estrella: Thanks Scott very helpful for us do it your self people

Tony Yip: Thanks Scott.  I was stuck on how to remove the valve unit!

Richard Cowtails: I had my battke with a Kohler at work one day... ugh pita!

Rick Trexler: Very Helpful video!
Here is a trick I came across when I changed my mixing valve:
If you reverse the sleeve that pulls out, it has 'teeth" that fit into the collar that needs to be unscrewed. see 3:11. no need for screwdrivers or angry wife!

newyota1: Did you get the part from Kohler directly?You know they have free replacement for original home owner?There is a balancing valve behind that you probably should have puled out and replaced while you where in there.Have done this job a few times myself on my two bathrooms.

John Luchetta: You're not replacing the mixer valve, you are only replacing the mixer cap!  This is a misleading title...

Joe Schafer: Nice how to video, good job! I noticed you used one to many parts installing the new part and missed the most important part to replace, the pressure balancing cartridge that sits inside the valve behind the part you replaced. A ton of people miss replacing that part and have a future leak because of it. I've had customers replace the valve, because they kept replacing the part you did and never knew there was another.

alongjoresl: Very smooth transitions between settings. Built solid. I have had several other companies, this is the best one, even for twice or three times the money here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to\1360yIf

djeasyed: This was very helpful. Thanks for posting. I got the job done using your instructions.

J L: Thanks for the video! Our plumber was stumped on how to pull the plate off the wall until we found this and showed it to him - he was impressed!

Michelle Daikos: Buy a Symmons mixing valve

Scott Jangro: @Orrphan yes, actually mine does wobble a little bit. I figured maybe I need to get back in and tighten up the screw that holds the handle on. A year later it's still going strong.

Orrphan: Nice. I like to turn the water on for one second while everything is apart, just to flush the lines. Did that handle still have a little wobble to it when completed?

Joyce Hodnett: Thank you very much.

bigbooklisa: Very helpful video. You're a good teacher. I wish you hadn't cut it short before showing how to adjust the hot/cold mixer and line up the handle.

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Kohler Shower Mixer Valve Replacement 5 out of 5

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