FAKE Diamond Supply Co. Snapbacks And T-Shirt (niodeals.com)

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Chuchin Villa: Your snapback's is fake,

Alejandro Burger: is diamond supply co clothes from Zumiez fake

Kyle Stewart: real diamond hats dont have a bent top to the diamond on the front. why would you even buy those if people are going to know that they are fake right away and call you out on it

Jose Cisneros: Lol I hate when people say “why do people were diamond if they don't skate?”, Clothes are for everybody doesn't matter who you are. 

El-Juarez: All Cloth from Diamond are made in USA except Diamond Snapbacks those are made in China

deltawolfgaming36: Hold up they made in China ? One of my snap backs it's made in Bangladesh The other one is made China The one made in China looks fake 

Benny Vasquez: Real diamond hats don't have stickers on the brims, freaking idiots.

Miguel Acosta: Those hats look real who would notice I got the Tiffany blue and white diamond logo SnapBack it looks sick

Clash of clans 666: Why did you get fake stuff

Jesus Heredia: You know its fake because it doesent have the logo on the botton left side of the shirt . ( just saying )

Alcaponejr3000: Eduardo you don't have to be a skater to buy diamond supply co stuff. I don't skate and I have some of the most expensive diamond supply co shirts. 

Jordan Jeffers: nicky diamonds would be ashamed of this crap

Ryan McGee: stfu

Brian Dillman: Sounds like a personal problem buddy ! :D

tteezzrreell: then why are you defending them? i saw the thumbnail and just snapped which is the only reason i click this vid.

Raul Huerta: Isn't a diamond supply snapback in tge inside suppise to have two tags diamond supply and made in usa

Jake Adkins: Hey man can I get an answer on that please!

Matt Gaviola: Disrespecting the Diamond Life Smh..

Verdstags: I find it stupid how so many people hate on him buying "fake" diamond stuff. Most people who wear diamond - authentic or not don't even know what they make. It's a skateboard brand who makes mainly hardware and riser pads. People calling you a poser for buying fake "swag" just sound stupid. Looks the same but cheaper so whatever.

ItsDeTiix: I have been thinking of this exact statement for a long time!

Madara Uchiha: Only swag fags cop fake crap. Diamond Lifers like myself get the real deal.

Luciano Plascencia: That's kind gay cuz it does have the tag on the bottom

Duke Errl: Diamonds always been in the closet, you just didn't like it when they came out...

jacarasunny: its his money let him use it how he wants to. diamond supply clothes are not all of that anyway. the actual product isn't worth the money.

tteezzrreell: lol i clearly said it to all the non skaters/posers out there... and i clearly said if you do skate and still wear this than thats okay.. my comment was directed to the posers retard.. and lol quit getting so butt hurt if you really did then you wouldn't be so hurt.

Shoes&Baseball: That makes no sense buying fake crap. If you can't afford it then don't buy it at all.

jollyown1991: yo what size t-shirt do you normally wear and how does the shirt fit?! I dont get why when people do shirt reviews they never explain how it fits. Ive botten shirts from MK n HIPHOPIOP and they always come out being 2 or 3 sizes to small. But for some reason I feel that Nioshop and Niodeals shirts might be true to size. N e way nice video

jrich23own: diamond uses cheap quality, you may have the money but u arent getting what u pay for

blackend_white: you'd be surprised by how many people do

BigErkStatus: I dont think those hats are fake (knockoff.) They look authentic.

Brionna Biggie: crap i rather have fake diamond supply stuff like him instead of spending freaking 80 dollars on a damn sweatshirt with a design -_- but then again im the dumbass to buy the exspenive crap

Edward Henderson: On the diamond supply co snapbacks does it say "diamond supply co" on the back of the snap?

Tyler Amin: what website did u get thoes from

Jose The MJ23 Shoe Fan: Hats ain't fake 40$ each if NEW but sadly shirt fake U waisted 20$ on shirt :(..... :)

3089280288: It's all made in China. Anyone with enough money can do the same thing.

shadier98: Bro why pay for fake crap its not even that much for the real ones .not freakin wit it

jafar taru: From what store

Javi Berry: Where did you buy the snapbacks?

dopestkidwasgood23: Fake shirt the tag on the inside isn't supposed to be like that, & also on the bottom left there's supposed to be a "diamond supply co" tag watch out next time (:

Jake Collins: And the yellow one is real

XEMOTIONSXPKER: retard for buying fake diamond..lol

Josh Crosser: to poor to pay for real crap? fake ass wanna be skater

RandomReviews4You: You watched the video. Not my fault..

likemystyel: Im Pretty Sure If Your Stupid enought To Buy Diamond Shirts That Looks That Has A Wierd Text There Fake Its Simple

Mike Reeves: All you guys are dumbasses he said PM him for the website and dont ask in the comments and yet all you dumb Fu**s keep asking in the comments aha

sunshine guang: Who care it original or fake. I’d like to share a reliable supplier: iluxshop..com.. I bought many times of replicas from China. This is the best one I ever meet. The sales are very nice and patient. Best quality, lowest prices, various designs, fast and safe shipping. Now I keep placing order to them monthly. Could you give me some advice about the better shop? THX in advance.

jacarasunny: as for the shirt you got ripped off. diamond supply shirts usually runs 35. get the real shirt they will last a little longer. but as for socks, hats wallets, anything else get the fake stuff it you want.

VitalTubeTV: Ha... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Nyce2Everyone: lol you didnt say it was ugly af, and they are physically just about the same thing, just coming from different places and costing different prices

aaapro96: & not freaking Ebay...

FAKE Diamond Supply Co. Snapbacks and T-Shirt (niodeals.com) 3.7 out of 5

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FAKE Diamond Supply Co. Snapbacks and T-Shirt (niodeals.com)
FAKE Diamond Supply Co. Snapbacks and T-Shirt (niodeals.com)
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