Kimber Vs Springfield 1911 Compact .45acp Pistols

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Kahlil Warren: I seen both jam Kimber & Springfield not good for your life Lol

Terry Weinhold: I love my Kimber Compact. Never had a jam

mcgrath274: lots of whining here kids.

I think they should compare kimbers to BMWs.

colts to Ford

Glocks to water bottles

dilligaf081352: please see :
Korth PRS Firing and Warning

Texas Patriots Militia: I can't decide so I'll buy both of them. Probably have to hide one in my car for a while until my girl looses track on how many guns I bought this winter.

RayGunz: I get my guns from the great state of Texas

RayGunz: I would take the micro compact over a Kimber any day

Raymond Peterson: I want to see more STI videos I think there a better company than both of these I do like Springfield a lot but I think STI has the best 1911 packages out there

CrazyPetez: Just bought the Kimber, and have a Springfield EMP (9mm).  Was wondering if I made a mistake with the Kimber instead of the Micro Compact.  Then I see the Springer is made in Brazil.  Probably OK, but glad I have the made in USA Kimber.

Morris Zachrisson: Colt 1911 Compact wins.

762X39KALASHNIKOV: kimber cdp II ultra is more than just a little over 1k its about $1299.99 comes out to about 1400 with .825% tax in TX

william flachsenhaar: Never knew about springfield

Charles Martel: Nice video😎

Victer Cruz: freaken camera a

ukfan4sure1: I hated to hear "Brazil"....  I try to buy USA made if possible.

Marrs47: Don't know if New York qualifies as US anymore these days

cmonsterz: I'm surprised that the Springfield is made in Brazil...and still a $1k gun. If that's the case, I guess that I'll stick with Kimber. Thanks for the great show and tell!

GunWebsites: LOL, no prob, thanks

Ray: I'm surprised Kimber is still in New York

Isandring: my springfield micro 1911 was made in Geneseo, IL according to the stamp on the frame, not Brazil.

Kimber vs Springfield 1911 Compact .45acp Pistols 5 out of 5

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