Online Review. Is Online Telecenter A Scam? Or Is Brent Miller The Scammer?

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Debra Owens: so in others words you cannot answer the questions so why not admit it is not legit as far as you know!No one needs the BS just an opinion!

Lulu 2U: I really don't care what name a person goes by. I just want to know if this business is legit or a scam. If I want to call myself Willie Wonka that's my prerogative. I feel for you regarding getting scammed. Unfortunately, you know this is planet Earth and the Best people go awry sometimes (thus the T.V. show called SNAPPED). But, why would you let anyone use your PayPal account when they can cause your Wallet (bank account), to deficit? That's the same as giving someone your bank card and the password...What's the difference? I wouldn't even give my children the password to my bank account, so, I don't understand why you did that....???

Mikey8113: Well...look him up.  Gospel Jackson (aka Brent Miller) is in fact from Nigeria.  Everyone should know by now that it is actually acceptable in Nigeria to cheat, swindle, and steal.  They think that it's actually "fair" if someone else falls for their gimmicks.  No, I'm not prejudice, just stating a well-known fact.

Jim Pierce: Remy, did you ever get your money back. I was interested in otc but will wait to hear back from you. do you know a online business where you can make money. Thanx.

Jim Pierce: Andre, I was wondering if you're still with this program-otc. and if you are how much have you made this year. Thanx.

Link2Prosperity: Wow you got played. This sounds like a Nigerian scam

Jean Keys: I saw the Google Sniper X video and I saw other videos and comments that this was not legit. Are you talking about the same thing?

BattleCHIEF1967: Sorry you got gypped Remi--these dudes are total scheisters...Thanks for doing the vid.

Ali Hossain: That is a nice way of earning money from home... but Fast Finance Hub is a lot easier. I earn well over $6k a week using it and anyone can too. Therefore take a look. Search Google for Fast Finance Hub and find out how.

David G: Remi, you sound like a total goofball. How can you say this guy is a good when he stole 3000 dollars from you. And if he is making good money, why would he need your paypal account to do transactions when he should have his own as a business man. Also you commented on his Online Telecenter as being good if you put your hard work into it and you can make money from it. You sound so mixed up. No wonder you got scammed. People you know the saying if it sounds too good to be true it is.

Jorge Nunez: so, its a scam?

MrDirectornick: I just saw the ad on craigslist today. I watched your video, and it seems like you have an aught with Brent Miller, not Online tele-center. For one, I could not read the emails or the pay-pal statement, and 2, why didn't you go to the authorities? I'm sure they would have been able to make him pay you back if he owed you money and you have the documentation of an agreement.

Femmespied: Thanks for your video...yesterday I saw the ad on Craigslist and watched the OnlineTeleCenter video, and he asked for $20.00 in the video, TO TRY THE "PREMIUM PRODUCTS THAT YOU PROMOTE...LET THIS BE A WARNING, IF ANYONE ASKS YOU FOR MONEY UPFRONT IT IS A SCAM!

sameera nikeshala: If you are looking to earn income quickly, you should do a google search Smarter Money Maker. That might help you get the income you deserve.

Andre Barefield: Very interesting information about our fearless leader, no doubt. He has so much money, that I'm inclined to believe that this is personal, considering that it would only take $3000 to make you happy. Oh well! Glad I didn't see this before I joined, it may have deterred me from partaking in the easiest, and most lucrative opportunity that I've ever been associated with. I started OTC September 16th & just received my W9 from them stating my earnings at $38,990 for 2012. You kept it real though.

rsuave109: Thanks for revealing the truth.

Jorge Sanchez: Can someone please tell me if this telecenter offer is a scam?

Trenisha H: I just watched this video after seeing it on craigslist and I was just not comfortable with the whole presentation. I began to look for scams and here it is!! Thank you so much.

snowblo1: Wow, no disrespect here, but this video had absolutely nothing to do with Online Telecenter directly. I mean I'm sorry of what you're going through, but it had nothing to do with the actually company. I'm like really confused here.

Lauri Hoover: Thanks for your info, I was looking at this on craigslist and will not be applying

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Online Telecenter: Make Money from Home. Work Online. Take Inbound Calls From Home. Daily Money
Online Telecenter: Make Money from Home. Work Online. Take Inbound Calls From Home. Daily Money

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