Tracfone LG 840g 3g GSM Touchscreen Review

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Gale Abernathy: How can I find the serial number on my Tracfone????

Tanya To Hot: The cheapest place to buy the phone is (EBAY) and you can play YouTube on this phone smaller screen but it plays YouTube.

PC5032: Where is the cheapest place to buy this phone?


micah Sanford: s tractions or bad

unbotheredd legend: how much money does it cause

Lee Ferguson-Piper: If you use opora mini can you go on text now with this phone?

Rebecca Five: Is there a way to show both the texter and the receivers text on the screen at the same time? even cheap phones have this capability yet I can only seem to display either the message of the person texting me or my response but never both at the same time. SO frustrating!

tony fontane: Can u tell me how to see who/where a text message is coming from before I open it? Even people who are on my contact list, when they text me, it still does not show who the text is coming from.

jeffrey click: why are you talking about other phones in a review about one phone in particular. Thats a waste of time. 

Noah Beck: so it texts normally on opera mini?

OrangeCounty92: I'm not able to watch this video. So I'll ask.

Does this phone deduct minutes for phone calls and texts?

Am I forced to pay the bill in 30 days?

robert cantara: how do you turn the womans voice off

RHesus Negative: Great Demo! I already pay $30mth wth TMobile for my GNote for the past 3 years, i use that for texting, talking web; the talking sucks sometimes but i have a 4yo Net10 LG900 i pay about $15mth to talk on, thats it, so i've decided to upgrade that fone to a LG840G fr $24, triple minutes. I may stop paying TMobile or NET10, it'll depend on how this fone does once i get it from I also own a iPod 5thgen because i just love having something that Apple to hear music from,, i can can talk, text, web too but i need net to do that. I just prefer to keep 2 fone option ALWAYS just in case one fails on me but as a Minimalist, i never want it to cost me more than a total of $45 a month for everything.

torn mask: this Tracfone does have triple minutes for life & it also uploads YouTube for streaming videos.

Tim Hortons: when you are talking about a small cellphone, maybe have it stable instead of shaking your hand??

just a thought

jusmeyahoo: Hi, I have a texting question.
Is their a  way to know who sent the text before opening it? I end up paying to open a text from some one I don't know is their a way to fix that? 

Bree Green: you can use youtube just its small but the sound is good so far ive heard

LiS Wright: Can someone tell me how to download Opera mini?  went to the website to download and it needs to be downloaded direct to the phone, but on this phone it's hard to enter the URL and get it to download.  How can I download to my hard drive and move over to the phone?

LiS Wright: Next time, go over all the ports and how to turn it on.

Tracfone LG 840g 3g GSM Touchscreen Review 5 out of 5

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