Tracfone LG 840g 3g GSM Touchscreen Review

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1pigslayer: anyone else have the problem with the internet and the wifi disconnecting constantly with net 10?

Catzilla: Tracfone came out with several Android phones a while ago. I still have my LG840 as a backup but I really like the new phone. You still get the same deal on the android phones and they add data megs as well. So if you have a triple-minutes-for-life phone, a 60 minute card will get you 180 talk minutes, 180 text messages and 180 megs of data. I recommend the ZTE Valet.

cgrscott: Opera Mini was useless on the Tracfone LG 800G. Sounds like it works on the LG 840G.

Senthuren Sivarupan: I got this phone last month. overall, its a great phone. my only qualms with this is the internet browser where u need to use the old touchpad, and youtube where the videos pop up small.

cgrscott: I did not know it lets you access Wifi. That's a plus.

Lianna Wright: Can someone tell me how to download Opera mini? went to the website to download and it needs to be downloaded direct to the phone, but on this phone it's hard to enter the URL and get it to download. How can I download to my hard drive and move over to the phone?

Lianna Wright: Next time, go over all the ports and how to turn it on.

missy loves: I have this phone and I love it!!!

Claire Darvish: youtube does work on that phone i am on it right now actually but the screen is very small

sandra johnson: I like that digital ruler you are using. Where can I buy one?

multimousemed: Only two gripes. #1 you don't get a regular text keyboard for filling out text boxes(you have to do it the old way like on a touch pad phone) I have no idea in H why they did that. It is very annoying and it eats up your data from not getting to type things in fast enough. #2 the youtube players screen is a quarter of the screen size. So videos show up as a tiny square in the middle of the screen and there is no way to hack around either issue. Otherwise this is a very good phone and at over a year mine ha sbeen dropped and left in sub zero temps many times, even got rained on overnight when I left it on the hood of the mower:/ still works perfectly. However I am upgrading to the newest Android phones tracfone has now, because the youtube player, internet browsing and getting an actual keyboard for text boxes....will all be way better than on the LG840G. Don't get me wrong, the 840 is a great phone, but it is not an Android or that type of smartphone. It is very inexpensive and you get A LOT for the price. Really I don't need an Android and the LG840 is overkill for my needs, but I like tech I want a full keyboard for internet browsing and Tracfone has Androids now and I merely want something new to play with:) So I give the LG840 an 8 out of 10. It would be a 10 if the keyboard and video playback problems were better. So for 50 bucks it's great, even cheaper now because of the new Androids coming in. I saw a new LG840G TracFone at Dollar General for 40 bucks yesterday. You cannot beat that.

Rich Kretzschmar: My Dad just picked up this Bad Boy. I like your Praduct review. Now if you could secure Cali Lewis (Luria Petrucci) to add a byte of spice to thIS song and dance I.T. just might bring a tear to my 1/64 eYe. 

leo rico: I was about to get this phone... in fact I've bought it and Immediately returned it because I realized that the thing didn't have andriod, I didnt like that it didnt have google play, and that is the kind of phone I wanted to upgrade to, an android that was at least kit kat with google play. I also didnt like how it made a sound every time one touched it.... so I got the prepaid huawei


jeanrockpop: how do you edit videos on that phone?

Art Poe: how do you get rid of the widget on the screen with date and time?

QbidMusicandMore: I tried both the opera Mini and the UC Mini Browsers on this phone. I liked the stock browser better than both of them.

Antonette Richardson: Is it compatable with safelink?

Silia P. Time: can i unlock this phone

alienyouth9: lol sucks for all of you i just got one for $20 lol on sale love it

Dasan Shell: Cool phone. I wanted this phone for Christmas but I didn't get it 😡

Carmen White: I want to put java apps on my lg 840g phone so I can get opera mini. What website would I go to, to download java apps with jar files extension? I found a website but it didn't work. If anyone can help I would appreciate it!

Lianna Wright: Can I use this phone to use a "Square" type device to charge credit cards? Or do I have to go for the Android phone?

multimousemed: Be aware also that this phone is easy to lose because it is so light and thin. It slips between cushions, car seats, pants pockets, easy to drop from sliding out your hand, gets lost in second if you don't keep watch of it. I swear it takes off on its own.

QbidMusicandMore: Youtube videos play on it just find too.

Shooting Star Studios: I need help!!! how do you set the time and date every time I click something with time it goes the alarm and it wont work. please reply back as soon as you can.

Pinworm X: Cool. I'll stick with my flip phone. Thanks for the review.

Devon: I was interested in the HSN 1400 min for a year deal with this phone. Were you able to install and use Pandora (I'd like to bluetooth stream it through my car stereo). Also do you know how many minutes it would deduct for 1 hr of streaming pandora?

DOSBoxMom: Thanks for the info! I've since signed up for Ting, and purchased a refurb LG Optimus S through them (the Sprint-specific twin of my daughter's LG Optimus V). I cancelled my Virgin Mobile service earlier this month, reset my VM Kyocera Rise to factory settings, and am currently selling the Kyocera Rise on eBay. I used to own a Tracfone with a "Blackberry"-style QWERTY keyboard, but botched setup & never used it - so that went into 1 of those "recycling mailers" one gets w/purchase of a phone.

Peggy Holt: Amazon has the cheapest....but I need help in getting the pictures off the camera to my PC...and I bought a seperate SD car and I have an USB cable, and can't get them off the camera.....HELP!!!!

gameofthegods0: do you have to pay to go on the internet

holliswoods775: I think it probably does


honey McDonald: what about the SIM card

James Webster: i love this phone awesome

TheMultiNations: I had that phone... someone stole it.

lee53597: what about syncing or uploading the contacts from gmail? Can it be done thru wifi or data cable?

CraftyBomber: No holliswood u its free

mydlands: Thanks! I eventually found it. :)

Ernest Morissette: my LG 840g cell keeps deducting minutes sporadically. the phone is in lock mode. It beeps twice and deducting time? what can be done to stop this? HELP

uncommonthreads: please let us know whether they gave you a AT&T or a T-moble sim card for your service.

Mr Streakman: SINCE WHEN?!

Brooke Highland: An u get kik and Instagram

PaulysAdvancedGaming: THe non reconditioned ones are pretty good actually.

mfuji02: where it's not on there web site? :/


Anon5K: Also curious....whats maximum micro sd card this phone can handle?

Walter HIll: hi. do you know the call rates? is it 1 unit for 1 minute? roaming charges?

Claire Lowry: I think tracfone is safelink. Just as they apparently have something to do with walmart's no-contract cell service. Not certain...but yeah, I've heard a thing or 2 about these items.

Neenah Guy: Excellent post!!! Thanks Save On.... May switch from my 505c to this...wish it had voice dialing like my 505..but may learn to live without it.

Tracfone LG 840g 3g GSM Touchscreen Review 4.5 out of 5

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