Digitech RP350 Demo Part 1

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Michael Briseno: Can you put more than one effect together

Frozen_Hell: Can i put songs into it and play them? I mean mp3s from my computer to put'em some how in the effect and play them on my digitech when i'm at repetition.

Jeremy Wodarski: I have the RP355 but I wana know how to add your own presets

Ivan Drenjanin: Can you make and put your presets in it?

Le5Pau1: Thanks for the quick response. I did the factory reset and now it works fine. didn't lose much data or FX so it's all good. Thanks man!

northlander30: You will have to go back into the Exedit software and reassign the foot pedal. That's where you assign the wah pedal to be a volume or an on off pedal for any of the effects.

Le5Pau1: I was flicking through the settings and I accidentally deactivaded my wah pedal. How do I reactivate it? And don't say go to edit, Expdal etc cause that crap don't work..

Dwight Renfield: what would cause it to not have sound coming out ......i can get a faint sound of the drum machine when its on but nothing else. checked all the chords ....and the pedal isnt that old ....like been used 6 times old .....

northlander30: The user presets are the first 70 on the pedal then the number display starts again at 1 this set is the factory presets these you can't change,

Andrew Cuevas: which ones are the factory and which are the user? And how do you get into both of em?

northlander30: Well you still have the setting on your factory presets. There are 70 user presets and 70 factory of which cannot be changed

Andrew Cuevas: I was meesing around with the settings on der ya and I accidently hit store when I meant to hit drums. So I think I need the entire der ya setup

northlander30: Ya the next time I plug into the computer I will go to the settings. Do you need the entire Der Ya setup? I mean what amp and eq settings that were factory preset? I will send you an email with the settings when I play again through the computer.

Andrew Cuevas: can you give me the settings for Der ya cause I accidently erased mine.

northlander30: Thanks but I can't please everybody. Had you read my description you would have read that this was recorded using a digital still camera on movie mode. The amp seriously distorted the camera mic.

sweetend29: Le son est pourri! Aïe pitié.

northlander30: @OdaKa Thanks I was planning to do another review using more of the wah pedal. I just haven't gotten around to it lol. At the time i made this video I had only had the RP350 for a few hours and I knew little to nothing about it. Now I could walk you through all of the X-Edit software and how to set up certain patches and how to assign whatever effect you wanted to the wah pedal.

OdaKa: 5:24 Never used a wah pedal... Lol, this is probably the best and most comprehensive reviews of this unit on youtube, and the wah pedal was the one thing I was hoping to learn about... *smh*

northlander30: @TheMimishis Likely the newer RP355 is better it has a built in looper. It wasn't on the market when I got the RP350. If it had of been I would have bought the 355,

LosHermo Santos: @northlander30 which one is better rp 355 or rp 350???

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Digitech RP350 demo part 1 5 out of 5

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