Digitech RP350 Demo Part 1

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coooba94: Can i put songs into it and play them? I mean mp3s from my computer to put'em some how in the effect and play them on my digitech when i'm at repetition.

northlander30: Wow that's pretty expensive since I only paid just over 220 dollars for mine Canadian brand new 2 years ago. Have a look on ebay you might find a lot better deals.

northlander30: Well obviously you didn't read the info! If you had of you would have read that the camera mic was being stressed. Don't base your decisions on a video on You tube where the quality is compromised due to YT compressing the vid. Go out and try one!

bigmarkdarula: @northlander30 dude the dude who sold it to you knew it was blown - unscrew the screws in the back pull the front knobs off - look at the board - u'll see a blown/black cap cylinder looking thing in the back u'll have to solder on a new one - or just pay 50bux to have digicrap fix it themselves that dude who sold it to you on ebay you should file a claim against

NSHT1337: I have question for you... how i reset this multi effects pedal?

lespaulguitarist92: this or the boss me-50?

Logan Merchant: Thanks again... might stick with the RP350 for the type of use I need it for. I've spotted what looks like a good deal. I can get a new one for Aust$300 (about Canadian $280) incl. power supply/delivery - thats about A$200 better than the best price I've seen for a Boss ME70 (except one that was already sold). And about the most I can afford.

northlander30: LOL crocs are very metal, I have numerous metal bands wearing them back stage.

northlander30: @riyan1288 well cool then if you got one made in the US.

northlander30: I agree!

northlander30: Awesome! Had I known that the RP355 was being released at the time I got mine I would too have bought the 355.

bigmarkdarula: if you only get the recorded sound beats someone sold you a digicrap with a blown capiciter in the back

malteserman456: hey do you have to have 2 amps plugged into the pedal to use it? also does it fit into any type of amp?

james laurente: the distortion was so digital and it was too buzzy, nothing great in this pedal it just sounds like electric current...

OdaKa: 5:24 Never used a wah pedal... Lol, this is probably the best and most comprehensive reviews of this unit on youtube, and the wah pedal was the one thing I was hoping to learn about... *smh*

northlander30: No the RP350 doesn't have the looper. The looper is a new addition the the RP series and starts with the 355. I have the BOSS RC2 Loop Station so I didn't need the 355 but still would have bought it if I had known about it.

northlander30: The pedal has a bypass built into it, The only problem is it could be tricky for a gig situation. Both the up and down pedals must be pushed at the same time to activate the bypass feature. I for think they should have had a 4th pedal for a bypass.

Javier C: so that means i can do tom morrelos effects with the whammy pedal? please reply back, it could help me alot

TheAwesomeWeirdo: @northlander30 Only problem is I bought the pedal off of Ebay... But I'll try that. But if you catch wind of any other solutions it would much be appreciated if you could send me a message. Thanks! :)

northlander30: The RP350 is all metal construction too and is built like a tank lol.

northlander30: Yes true you can do some tweaking on the unit itself but to create patches and have the full range of options you need to connect it to your computer. The 350 has about 20 or so more effects then the 150.

northlander30: Have you gone int and used the X-edit software through your computer and tweaked any of the pre sets? What SD pickups are in your guitar, a JB and a 59? First tell me what kind of sound you are looking for.

jothcover: Thanks :)

501PS3: omg those shoes wtf nice pedal btw got him 2 and its kinda cool i only have problems with that delay i cant get a good delay for the song sur moon of buckethead

northlander30: @OdaKa Thanks I was planning to do another review using more of the wah pedal. I just haven't gotten around to it lol. At the time i made this video I had only had the RP350 for a few hours and I knew little to nothing about it. Now I could walk you through all of the X-Edit software and how to set up certain patches and how to assign whatever effect you wanted to the wah pedal.

northlander30: Unfortunately no it doesn't work that way. How it works is there are 70 factory presets and 70 user presets . The user presets are the first 70 and factory are the next 70. The left and centre pedal work as an up and down between presets and the far right pedal is an amp channel pedal. Every preset has an a and b channel..

Donny Pankonin: I think all the bad comments on this are BULLcrap!! There is not a thing wrong with this you guys just like to argue and start crap.... Im a guitarist who knows a lot about this stuff I would know and so far the pedal is awesome

northlander30: @guitarlord2012 I would contact Digitech! Sounds like there might be a problem if everything is connected properly. Have you tried it through headphones yet? Without using an amp, plug your headphones direcly into the back of the 350, I do this every night. Check to see if it works this way.

northlander30: Ya you will have to go into the software and tweak and play around until you get the sound your looking for. I had to do it and I am still doing it looking for sounds. There are some of my own patches I can't use through an amp cause they sound like crap! But I can use them through headphones, sometimes it doesn't make sense to me.

Dwight Renfield: what would cause it to not have sound coming out ......i can get a faint sound of the drum machine when its on but nothing else. checked all the chords ....and the pedal isnt that old ....like been used 6 times old .....

Elvedred Dorr: Hey, I'm kind of new to this, but is there a way to set up the expression pedal to change between clean/distortion? Or any other way to do that without bending down and rotating the knobs, browsing the effects etc? Sorry if it's a dumb question :D

northlander30: No unfortunately the RP350 doesn't work this way. This is where BOSS has Digitech, Digitech should have designed the RP series so you can turn the effects on and off and be able to stack them. Take away the amp a and b cause to me it is useless I can't get 2 of my own presets for one patch unless I use all of the same components. What you are talking about is stacking the effects and you can't do that with the 350. I still use my other stomp boxes with the 350.

strizbizvideo: Hey, thought Id throw in my 2 cents since Ive owned on of these for about maybe 6 months now. One of the things Id like to point out ( I noticed it hasnt really been touched on much) Is that this is also a pretty good audio interface too. If you have a computer you can ue it for more than tweeking the sounds.

rickeygottheblues: if you get use to useing a good tube amp digital just dont cut it

Noah Siegel: Ah well. I think you can agree that the 70 has more features and effects than the 350 or 500?

Bones12x2: does the rp350 have no looper at all or is the 355 just better?

northlander30: That pedal is for like you said switching between amps. You can only select one amp at a time. There are 2 amp settings for each patch.

northlander30: @bigmarkdarula I don't understand what you mean. Please explain what your talking about

felipe18268: 3:30 its crazy train :P good song

northlander30: You will need to hook the RP up to your computer using a USB 2.0 cable that is NOT supplied.You will also need to go to Digitech's web site and download the Xedit software and drivers assuming you have not done this yet. Once you have done all of this tweaking your own sounds is as easy as clicking on the software while the RP350 is on and plugged into the computer. You set up what you want then save it to the drop down menus at the top. You can name them whatever you want. Let me know.

Harry Waterworth: hi is there anyway of using two amps seperatly. using the a/b selector?

Pusth İbho: @northlander30 which one is better rp 355 or rp 350???

northlander30: @jamesakira1 Once again if you people would take the time to read the description you would know why it sounds this way. Go out and try one before commenting on whether or not they are a good pedal! That's the problem with posting videos about gear, you all say it sounds like crap no one reads the description before commenting and your too quick to judge. You want to hear what it really sounds like then you have to actually plug a guitar into one and play.

sweetend29: Le son est pourri! Aïe pitié.

guitarman122508: I got this for my birthday yesterday :D

Joshua Sneed: SNDMAN

northlander30: The user presets are the first 70 on the pedal then the number display starts again at 1 this set is the factory presets these you can't change,

Kyle Neujahr: just ordered one of these today

northlander30: No unfortunately there isn't You can only use the A/B amp selector for the amps they have pre installed and the bullcrap about it is if you have one of the channels a or b set up the way you want and you have distortion set up for that channel, channel b will be like that too. So you can't have a clean for a and a dirty for b. Stupid set up, I don't even use the amp selector they should have just made the amp selector into another stomp pedal.

ZiggyzWurld357: I own one of these, and it is GREAT!!! Definately beats spending thousands on all the pedals I would buy!

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Digitech RP350 demo part 1 4 out of 5

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Digitech Rp350/Rp355 Review
Digitech Rp350/Rp355 Review

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