Snowcoach Snowmobile Trailer For Kids

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eelmusic: Cool, Eric!

BHShaman: Got a Kat Kutter ourselves. We just putter along, but they want to go some longer distances now. What speeds do you get up to with that?

Jeff Hays: I want to buy one. How do they trail behind the snowmachine? Alaska here.

Andrew Stambaugh: freak those things ive been in one that locks on the outside and almost drowned because of it just get a two up seat way safer!

FalloutStudios54: heyy my dad just baught that from u

Jeff Hays: Still using our snowcoach to take the kids to school.

S1PR0DUCTI0NS: it is sweet tell it flips and falls off and kills your kid then your day goes from good to great

indy34096: the only thing you give up with a four-stroke is the weight it carries. they are very heavy

Eric Chizum: @yzryder125 I wil Never go back to a 2 stroke. The power and fuel efficiency are incredible.

Andrew Stambaugh: @S1PR0DUCTI0NS and it becomes an anchor and will drown you!

Kyle O'Brien: How do you like that 4-stroke?

matt rennick: You can buy/build a trailer hitch for your snowmobile. It usually bolts or rivets to the frame under the seat.

braydenpresber: wow, that sounds like my grandma's electic leaf blower.....

Kyle O'Brien: @waterdog1580 Thats what I was wondering I personally haven't ridden one yet but want to because I hear the throttle response is awesome and some other things.

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Snowcoach snowmobile trailer for kids 4.3 out of 5

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