Air Rifle Hunting, NiteSite Rat Hunt 2012

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Maximillian Keentiger: Bad views.

HuntersVermin: No offence taken, had to laugh really, but no bladders were squeezed in the making of this film.

freetheoldhag: This is very cool i crave shooting rats & i do not care were i hit them. I shoot for body mass heart lungs. SO please don't take offence & block me when i ask -------just maken fun o yer accent . Being the damned yank that i am..... DO YOU SQUEEZE THIER WEE LIL BLADDER??? sorry could not help it. Hag

HuntersVermin: Glad you liked them, hope you get the NS200 soon.

ItsTurok: I've just ordered my NS200 from Scotland to be delivered to New Zealand.. Can't wait for it to arrive, so I'm just re-watching all your videos in the meantime!

prohunting1: good shots, please se my new video and subscribe.. thank :)

HuntersVermin: I made them my self and i have a video of how on my channel, but they aren't really adjustable.

remyd1984: What shooting sticks do you use? Are they adjustable? Cheers remyd ps keep at them!!!

HuntersVermin: Sounds interesting, hope it works out for you.

HuntersVermin: Glad you got it sorted.

HuntersVermin: Guess i am just lucky.

HuntersVermin: Yes i am using a Nikko Stirling 4-16x44 with the LRX but found that if i adjusted the side wheel parallax it helped the picture sharpen up.

simo24991: Try hunting foxes

jacknorwich: How do you manage to find so much to shoot?? I live in the middle of the suffolk countryside and the only things here are pheasants.

HuntersVermin: There are air rifles that can produce the 11.5ft/lb of power for hunting for around £100 like the Webley Value Max, and there are a few available in a combo deal with rifle scope mounts etc all in the deal like the Stoeger xs20s for around the £200-£300 mark.

James Figg: If you dont mind me asking how much would a rifle and scope cost , which would be capable of ensuring a clean kill , i am unsure as to how much to spend. any tips or help would be a massive help, great vids btw i hope one day i could be half as good as you are.

Scono Sciuto: ok grazie della risposta.Quì in italia non ho modo di provarlo, ma sembra un buon prodotto e penso di acquistarlo.Continua i video sono okkkkkk.

matuka66: love the term "death kicks"

HuntersVermin: You can buy them from Blaze Publishing 01926339808 or on line at Virtual Newsagent.

stu down: where can i buy one of your dvds?

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Air Rifle Hunting, NiteSite Rat Hunt 2012 5 out of 5

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