2011 F150 5.0 Intake Mod Vs Stock Intake

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STX & TRX: I heard afe with 5 star tune is the way to go

preston121068: Implying a gotts mod or K&N air filter mod instantly gives you more power is very misleading. Neither adds anything, zip, ziltch, nada, nothing. The stock air intake tubes, filters and what have you leading up to the intake on your engine are rated 5% minimum higher in flow than your engine uses unless you increase the flow of outgoing air. IE Headers, exhaust, head work etc... There is no way and zero chance adding just a gotts mod or air filter upgrade does anything to enhance performance or fuel mileage without exhaust work too. Maybe in your head it seems like it and maybe it slightly changes the sound, but that is where it ends.

anthony munoz: what size tank do you have lolĀ 
im no where near 500 with my full tank

JON PRESCHER: me too...just sucks cause when i hit about 70 when its on the floor thats when that engine really wants to make some power...but it shuts off at 90..lol

KSCPERFECT: No difference my lightning will beat Dat ass

Orlando Ortiz: sounds better with the intake mod, how many miliseconds did you gain from the mod?

xforce687: hey, what kinda trim f 150 do you have? is it an xlt with 5.0? and whats your mileage, and have you had any bad problems with your truck yet?

n00bXRT: How about the airaid. :P Sounds really nice at a low tone.

Todd Thames: did the same thing to both my cars, measure tube go to k&ns web they have 1000 diff filters. if u have a nice smooth intake tube this a good idea. most r not save a little $ up and buy a good CAI i ve got a Volant on my 5.4 and i love it

hendo337: @yellowcow13 I made one for mine and it gets extremely good mileage. 24mpg at 65 in cruise no a/c. 5.0, 93oct 70 psi in tires. 3.55 Lsd rear, 245/75 17 tires, scab, 4x4, 6.5'box. Can't prove it's faster...but it feels faster.

Onenasty306: Dynomax sounds amazing

TheEstowrath: I ust put an K&N on my 5.0l. Best decision yet haha like 10-15 hp gain, better sound, and when i don't floor it better mpg. Buying a dual exhaust next.

John Colcord: i got a lot more power when i put my k&n intake on my dakota, sounds better, better mpg and performance. couldnt ask for much more

Onenasty306: Exactly why I did!

hendo337: I finally did A homemade CAI for my 5.0 F150. Cut the resonators off the intake pipe JB welded pieces over the holes, cut the MAF tube section off of the airbox lid and clamped A K&N conical filter the the end. I haven't made vids of it running empty yet but I have A bunch of videos of it pulling a 2000lb trailer with A 4000lb suzuki and 3600lb '11 5.0 Mustang.

Onenasty306: I did the same thing I did for fun on my old jeep. Use stock in take tube and cut a small black trash can over it and slide on k&n filter.. Cost like 65$. Returned everything except my 7$ trash can for the video hahah

hendo337: @hendo337 Seems like maybe it would be a good idea to cut the resonators off the stock intake tube, cut the round tips off the end of the resonator passages and JB weld them over the holes. I have also considered increasing the size of the opening in the airbox then using A high flow replacement panel or the Airraid quick fit intake with A conical filter.

hendo337: What did you do to the intake? I pulled the snorkel off of my air box because I noticed the opening in the Airbox was A good bit larger than the opening at the end of the snorkel. I haven't upgraded the filter yet. Don't know weither I will do A K&N stock replacement or the new K&N CAI (the one with the plastic tube) or if I will do the AFE dry filter with the oval shaped cone drop in replacement filter along with the snorkel delete. I already have A vid showing 0-60 in just over 6 seconds.

Onenasty306: Stock ;)

knucle01: What exhaust are you running? Awesome truck bro

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2011 F150 5.0 intake mod vs stock intake 5 out of 5

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2011 F150 5.0 intake mod vs stock intake
2011 F150 5.0 intake mod vs stock intake
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2011 F150 5.0 stock intake vs K&N CAI
2011 F150 5.0 stock intake vs K&N CAI
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Intake mod 2011 f150 5.0

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