(HD) How To Clean And Oil A Baitcasting Reel

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Clayton Palmer: I WILL BUY THAT REEL

Larry Cederholm: talking over music bad idea

Dan Richard: A lot of great information in this video as this will be the first time I try to clean and oil my own baitcasters for the first time but the music playing over top of you speaking is REALLY distracting.

j c: what was the name of the last song??? so good... thanks for the tutorial

Isidro Garza: how about the worm gear I put grease in my worm gear is that ok

Rossouw Byleveld: Hi +FHC outdoors, I accidentally dropped my shimano ceanen in sand, do I follow same steps to clean it ? it has n sandy sound when turning gears and not when casting the line

VJTrey1: piling should be done every trip too?

daniel gomes: I have a daiwa tatula bait casting reel and i got some sand in the are where the magnetic break is can u make a video on how to get the sand out of magnetic break plz i just subscribed u

Red Rag: Hi, thank you for the video, I'm from Ukraine, near Russia, on our resources absolutely no video repair and maintenance ... We simply have to have not yet come to this ...
Regards Alex ... Sorry for my english)))

nick avison: have you ever used the bass pro shops reel oil? is it similar or should i buy the bantam oil

HTxRocketsChamps2010: thanks for the help

Hmoob Toj siab: true thought so myself

cb7pwn: i thought the "spool brake system" was on the right, which you adjust for lure weight casting?... im still confused man lol but thanks for the answer haha

cb7pwn: really stupid question.. but i have just bought 2 baitcasters, i wanna try something new as opposed to spinning, i just want to know what the "brake" mechanism is under the sideplate? i know how to oppperate everthing else and their functions, but not the inner brake

ronzonio1: awesome vid man! helped a lot for my currado. keep up the great vids.

Papa John and the merky water Band: freak you, my low profile isn't like that at all,you don't know crap

connor mobbs: can u still do the exact same thing with a round reel instead of a teardrop one?

Jan Thao: Ok cool thanks subscribed hope to see some more of your vids

Jan Thao: How often do you recommend cleaning your reel?

Hunter Cole: hey i hope you can answer this, i am just getting my reel ready for bass season which opens in june here, but I just took the previous line off and a small piece of cut line fell into the little holes in the spool. Do you know of any way to get that out? Its a Quantum energy PT

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(HD) How to clean and oil a baitcasting reel 5 out of 5

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(HD) How to clean and oil a baitcasting reel
(HD) How to clean and oil a baitcasting reel
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