(HD) How To Clean And Oil A Baitcasting Reel

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daniel gomes: I have a daiwa tatula bait casting reel and i got some sand in the are where the magnetic break is can u make a video on how to get the sand out of magnetic break plz i just subscribed u

River brown: Thanks for the video bud. I really enjoyed it. Very informative.

Алексей Николаевич: Hi, thank you for the video, I'm from Ukraine, near Russia, on our resources absolutely no video repair and maintenance ... We simply have to have not yet come to this ... Regards Alex ... Sorry for my english)))

the301crew: wat the different oiling the shaft and the pining gear

Michael A: Buddy all i have to say is THIS IS AWESOME ....... Liked every part of what was said and done .. Amazing video clarity ..... Will be waiting for ur next video on cleaning the handle part of it .. just wanted to ask you what alcohol is that which was used to clean the reel .. sorry asking you because here in India its hard to find something related to fishing .. Thank you once again for an amazing clip ..

Lawrence Hsieh: Thanks for the video! Just got a Shimano Citica (my first ever baitcasting reel) and it's been awesome using it, although I still lack the skills in regards to casting. Glad that I have access to such great tutorials in regards to keeping my reel clean and efficient.

TeamRippnLipz1: Great video very intuitive.. RippnLipz daily

BigBite1987: @BassinNW hey thanks bud!

fishingdaybyday: Could I put reel lub the chunky stuff not oily stuff on the main shaft on top of the oil?

simonsky8: @PS3KICKSXBOX ive got the exact same reel and just follow the same instructions as BassinNW gives.

Paul Switzer: Obviously, I will avoid any part I disagree with. The only reason I was commenting was because you said you were just following the instructions from Shimano. There is a Shimano Tech on youtube that has a tutorial that specifically says not to put ANY oil in the pinion gear. I am nothing close to an expert on this topic so that is why I am watching these clips. Just thought I would pass along the info. Check out the tutorial for yourself- Shimano Reel Maintenance Part 1 on Youtube

Graphicspittz187: Cool vid man... I sell a fishing reel cleaning service on ebay... You did a aight job and cool vid

Michael A: @BassinNW thank you buddy.. ur awesome

piznimp01: Sticking with the pink weights huh i found the heavy weights (grey) for the citica work much better. Cast like a dream after switching

Isaac Thornton: how often do you have to oil the spool like every time you put on new line or wat.

xx4james4xx: I didnt say that i didnt like the part of the vid that i watched, i like your other vids i was just sayin it would have been nice if the music wasnt so loud

BBChEvY859: freak you, my low profile isn't like that at all,you don't know crap

HATINTHEKAT: hey great video man, you dumbed it down for me and showed all the steps, other videos have been very confusing and didnt really show us how to do it, but when you oil the center and lip of the breaking cover will that make the latch for it turn easier? cuz when i need to change my vbs breaks my latch is hard to turn, please and thank you!

PS3KICKSXBOX: @BassinNW I have a Pinnacle vision Slyder,I got it from my brother brand new but out of the package with out any oil?or instructions.Could you tell me how to clean one of those?

Isaac Thornton: @BassinNW thanks like the video by the way

billygtrg: i need help! my spool wont spin. like when i click the thumb release it works fine but when i spin the handle, the handle spins but the spool doesnt, and he thumb relese doesnt go up. so i manually have to click it up..whts wrong with it??

fishnman1000: Great vid...I had my done at a tackle shop, just a little unsure about it...THANK YOU...will save money ...

xx4james4xx: Then i couldnt here u talk about the reel, think about your reply next time

Plitski: Video is helpful....get rid of the background music! It makes it hard to hear what your saying!

sambf12: thanks for this it was extremely helpful from all of the stuff you need to the step by step instructions. it would be awesome if you could do one the entire reel like the gears and handle and also one for a spinning reel. thanks again.

Matt N: when and how exactly would you grease a baitcaster ? thanks

Alex M: if im fishing saltwater with a reel like this(abu garcia revo s), how often should i clean it?

originalvalleykid: great job! you taught me how fo sho!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

TheLeondewit: hi do you ahve any idea how to service a Abu Revo?

BigBite1987: First of all good video I just found a shimano CU-200 rod and reel in a local lake hahaha started cleaning it and the brake system side is jammed i can't open it "yet" which brought me to your video i started this acc to ask you what song is playing in the background it sounds like tom petty if it is i dont have it in my itunes ha would you mind letting me know? also diggin the Hat bud Keep on rippin lips!!

azman1206 ramli: @BassinNW ..bro , where the braid?

Isaac Young: If it is submerged in fresh water, is it necessary to open it up and clean it? Cause I have had my spinning reel fall in a pond every now and then. I thought it was only saltwater that made it so it had to be completely opened up?

MrAvocado99: Can u do this with the line on the spool?

jonny cage: nice video man was very helpful thx

ERIC JAMISON: great video bro-shimano all the way!

cb7pwn: really stupid question.. but i have just bought 2 baitcasters, i wanna try something new as opposed to spinning, i just want to know what the "brake" mechanism is under the sideplate? i know how to oppperate everthing else and their functions, but not the inner brake

goatkiller68: does this work for all reels or a majority

Michael A: buddy i have a question i have a curado 301e7 i go for saltwater fishing say 3 times a month.. i wash the spool once i am back. but i do the stuff i saw on your video.. But i wanted to know when should i send it for a complete service like 1 a year . help me with it pls

Sean Kennedy: tks alot man, im from singapore and just cleaned my shimano scorpian great video keep it up :D

FHC Outdoors: It's a centrifugal braking system. If you push the pins toward the center of the wheel, they are disengaged, meaning the brakes will not slow down your spool. If you pop the brakes out (little plastic things) they will rub on the inside of the race, causing your spool to slow down as your lure hits the water. I usually pop 2 or 3 out...more if it's really windy. That's it my friend!

hobiefishn: hey i have the same reel do i have to use that alcohol if so any alternatives thanks

scottmcwallflower: Thanks for the Video. This and the other one with the Shimano tech were very helpful. Neither of you talk about the worm gear for the level wind though, and I feel this is the part of the reel that gets the dirtiest. Do you know how to clean that? Do you take it out completely, or just clean from exterior? Have you ever completely taken a reel apart and soaked it in water and dish soap or anything to get all of the gunk out?

fishinghunter11: very helpful

nick avison: have you ever used the bass pro shops reel oil? is it similar or should i buy the bantam oil

cb7pwn: i thought the "spool brake system" was on the right, which you adjust for lure weight casting?... im still confused man lol but thanks for the answer haha

max peterson: nice vid man

ls vtec: true thought so myself

Jackson Metivier: YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! I have a citica and i forgot to wash it since my last saltwater outing and it was clunky and it wasnt working wekk and i used this video and its good as new THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Paul Switzer: You don't add a drop of oil to the bearing under the casting control knob?

TeamRippnLipz1: @Graphicspittz187 Haha thats me!

(HD) How to clean and oil a baitcasting reel 4.8 out of 5

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(HD) How to clean and oil a baitcasting reel
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