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Marshall Maynor: What's the best way to clean the big easy grill?

russ hall: Gary, love the videos, I was curious as to how the turkey turned out on the first cook. I watched part 2 when you pulled it out of the cooker but we never got the scoop on how it turned out. You left us hanging. LOL

Tammy O'Bremski:  
We just bought the big easy for Xmas 3 n 1. I just put a 13lb brisket in this morning at 7 and by 10:30 it was done. I have it on the lowest flame and it wasn't suppose to be done until around 4pm info from ttp:// .  I called the 1 -800 line and they are not sure. They said to just practice with the timing. I think that is a very expensive way to test. $52 brisket. Anyone else come across this ?? Low temp is 300 and customer service says that is correct and to cut our cooking time down to 1/4 of whatever their site says. I am thinking 300 temp is way to high for a cook. Any suggestions would be awesome. 

Hans Bachmann:  Hey there we just bought 2 of these, no not grill fanatics its just that we own 2 homes, And we hardly ever grill as we're very busy and this new one which I got purely for smoking is totally new for us but was on sale so what the heck we got 2 as our friends had some and they raved about it, anyway our 2nd home was completed just this year and we have a large built in outdoor natural gas grill/oven thingy, but no smoker and didn't want those wood or charcoal based ones as you'll see why.

So pardon the rant but what heat setting do you use for Turkey? I can't seem to find it anywhere even on Char-Broils site. Any info would be great as you seem to be the only guy on Youtube with this model  that has a review. Which very good btw.

I work in Fed LE wife is MD (so no grill masters here hehe) as its the reason why we got this type of smoker etc, she wanted a electric or propane EG: No direct heat or flames. She is a 20yr+ Cardiologist/Surgeon and knows all too well the affects of charcoal and wood flames to cook with. Hence why we got this type for smoking stuff.  I messaged you just incase you don't see this as its a old video. Great review!

Steve Edwards: Gary, I am about to buy a Big Easy and watched a few of your videos. Thanks for the helpful advice and demo. My question for you is: Would it be good to pull the drum out and season between the inner and outer walls since the heat flows in that area?? This would also season the outer layer of the drum that the basket fits into. I've had many grills that the inside was seasoned but rust started from the outside in. Thanks for any advice on this in advance.

Ted H: I have the newest model and I absolutely love it. This SRG cooks the best chicken and turkey ever! So juicy and perfectly cooked every time. Just set it and forget it. It's almost amazing for plank cook, especially fish, since there are no flare ups. I also bought the A-Maze-N smoker tube to put under the basket to add even more smoke for long slow cooks. Char Broil has a winner here!

Cooking Outdoors: Cool George, I am sure you will make the best of it! Happy cooking! (Char-broil doesn't recognize us little people, but thank for the support George))

George Mims: Gary, my Bad, found it in a local Lowes store. It threw me off because it was in a different box ( just red and white no large photo on one side f box like yours. Going to pick it up this afternoon, Thanks for replying - Hey Charbroil should start paying you a commission. You're the reason I'm buying it! Keep the great cooking ideas coming! Never smoked in my life but definitely hoping this makes it Easy:) happy cookin!

Cooking Outdoors: Thanks Bruce!! Is 1 1/2 hours close?

Bruce Tracy: Gary, Great video...(Are you next to an airport, lol.) Bruce

Bruce Tracy: Gary, Great video...Bruce

Cooking Outdoors: George, mine is the propane gas version. Amazon has it listed but out of stock. If I can find more info I'll keep you posted.

George Mims: Where did you purchase your electric Big Easy SGR? I've checked Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears! NO ONE has one in stock! NO ONE!

William Jones: No, the thermometer is crap. Lasted a few minutes then fogged up with moisture and is WAY off actual temp. What did I expect? Got myself a decent one and now am enjoying the finest in infrared and smoke cooking. Did a pork shoulder last night and it was WOW!

Cooking Outdoors: @megan40207 Megan, You need to watch part 2! It's a Turkey! There is another video also that shows me cooking ribs in the Big Easy SRG - check it out. Gary

Megan Hancock: nice! would love to see what you are cooking on/in it - looks like you had some ribs in there- YUM!

Char-Broil Big Easy SRG Review - Part 1.avi 5 out of 5

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