How To Fix A Random Engine Misfire In Your Car (Code P0300)

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NEWBURYPORT DRONES: Mine gave me P3000 at first but it was fake. It was actually P3001. I switched coils and fixed it for $50.

IT'SME: This is strange.

I had the check engine light come on (and and then the next day it was off) and had P0300, P0304, P0455 & P0480 codes come up when I had it scanned at Advance Auto. The next morning I disconnected the negative battery terminal for a few hours even though the check engine light was off. When I reconnected the battery cable and then I had the ECM scanned again at Auto Zone and it pulled up code P0455. 3 days later I stopped by a friends house and had him scan the ECM and he pulled no codes. Why does this happen?

G XIONG: Backyard Mechanics shouldn't spread opinions as facts...

Bad Battery, LOL...
Google "purpose of car battery"

If a weakened battery is to blame, then most likely it's because you may be overloading the car's electrical aystem. (Extra lights, stereo, amps, electronics, cooling fans, AC blower, Defrost, etc)
Or signs of a old or failing Alternator, Ign. Coil(s), old or corroded wiring, or a short in the system somewhere...
During normal load driving, you should be able to drive around with no problems without the battery once you've started the car.
Great example: push starting and driving manual transmission cars, especially after you forgot to turn off your lights, and your battery ran dead... 😣

ukkomies100: What do the vaccuum lines do. Are they for advancing or retarding ignition according to manifold pressure or have i understood correctly

ashley marquez: I have a 2004 auto a6 v6 and I have the same code P0300 just wanted to see if there are any other recommendations before I begin to work on the spark plugs. Thanks

Lennox: How about bad Injectors or maybe the need to do a Compression test + Leak Down Test ?

DESMIRA MERCHANDISE LTD: Hello thanks for your video please i need advice me I wanted to buy Ford Taurus 2006 with 80k miles on it, is it advisable to purchase this vehicle or rather buy Toyota camry 2005 with 80miles in it.. from new york.

Tyler bust them cheeks: Hey Scotty. My saab likes to misfire when my fual tank is low. I just changed to plugs too. So what do you think?

Daren Sullivan: I have a 2012 Audi Q5. It's showing P0300, P0302, P0304 and P0506. I purchased 2 new ignition coils and installed them on cylinder 2 and 4 but the problem continued. I also moved the new coils to different cylinders but still got P0302, P0304 and P0506 codes. I then replaced all spark plugs...still the same codes. By the way...I did clear codes each time.

Isaias Arellano: 1998 chevy blazer lt has the sam code,gave it new wires and plugs as well cap and rotor so i dunno what else its causing it,any ideas?

Chris Samurai: This guy always pick an easy cars to work on them....

Jose Carrillo: I need help my 2004 Dodge ram 1500 has the flash light on I replace the throttle body and camshaft sensor bit still doing the same

Marco Arias: Hey scotty what state you in

Mark Richards: You are partly right Scotty but if I’m not mistaken GM vehicles are the only ones that will say random misfire , they never say the specific cyl unlike ford Chrysler etc, u have to go into misfire history and most times it will be one cyl that is the culprit, Ford and Chrysler will say the specific cyl that is misfiring I.e. po 301 302 and so on, I’ve never seen a gm car throw a specific cyl number and I’ve been working in these toilets for 35 years

Duramax-fan man: Mine was just the intake gasket having a tiny crease in it..

fr3do1090: The battery only has one function, to jolt the starter and start the car. The alternator then takes over and generates power to the rest of the car and recharges the battery small voltage usage. The only time the car runs on the battery is when the alternator is bad and then drains the battery and the car dies on the side of the road. Never heard of a battery causing trouble codes Scotty

Yosvany: My Nissan Quest 2007 is spend too much gas, I recently do a overhaul for the engine and I put new plugs, can you help me to find some solution. Thanks so much

Antwan Baldwin: I have a bad misfire on my 07 Impala 3.9. stutters when I'm trying to go but will eventually pick up speed for maybe 3 seconds then stutters again. Changed the wires and plugs but still have a blinking engine light that comes on and off. Had a code of p0300 but a good friend has the same make of car and said it might be my Cadillac converters that have gone bad. Idk

According To Honda: None of this fixed my p0300

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