Modified Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol 985 FPS

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dumbunny360: I thought he was going to accidentally shoot the cat.

Lasse Eneroth: thats not that god power

darrin goodbrand: dose anyone ever use that platlom light weight pellets ?? thought they were inaccurate and expensive

Ho Lee Chit: i would pet the kitty then make vid lol

Christopher Fiorentino: just installed a .109 t.p and a #43 hammer spring prod went from 675 fps to 845 fps w/ 14.3 grn. cphp ...but man is it loud and dumps air..only getting one mag before poi change

apocalypse_gaming1: It would have a hard time tacking down a coyote but definitely anything smaller like coons or squirrel

Bryan Moore: can you not screw the hammer tension enough to get this much power? how much difference does the hammer spring tension make in velocity?

Devin Nabozny: How did u make it more powerful?

hunter100t: 1122 is the speed of sound, the bang that you all can hear is just muzzle blast, when you hear a very high pitched crack that hurts your ears, you will know its gone past the sound barrier, keeping it below 940 fps is best for accuracy because after that the pellet will encounter buffering making it inaccurate. its not all about power, if its not accurate its just a bunch of scrap metal.

JediPolock: A kitty =o.o= mew! Your kitty wanted your attention

Andres Lopez: it sounds loud. have u tried modding the shroud?

southern gunner: power doesn't give you accuracy

southern gunner: yea speed is good but is it accurate

Andres Lopez: can i get power from just opening up transfer port to 109?

sam cove: thought the cat was toast

dabtronic: hahaha your cats name is beretta :)

AirgunnerCA: Just for fun yeah i guess but what matters more is accuracy, i doubt it will be accurate at those speeds, basically useless for hunting.

sscoyote: Hey XO--how do you open the transfer ports? I saw you mentioned a dremel tool. What bit size are you using? And at what angle?

Cosmo Koss: I'm a newbie to the air pistol.  I'm just about to pull the trigger (sorry) and buy the Marauder.  Point being, though you've explained how to modify it, I'm still lost.  It'd be great if you made a step-by-step vid on the mods you did...including the porting you mentioned in a comment a year ago (where you state you're getting 1100 fps with the 14.3gr pellet).  I'd like to know what the slugs fps are with all your mods.

bwnj42: fps,,,,is one thing wheres the most important thing ACCURACY

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Modified Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol 985 FPS 5 out of 5

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