Eminent HERO's Deck #11: Vision HERO (4/29/2011)

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XterioR: Army heroes?

Nicolas Calderon: Diamond gate is the best variant until now.

ANIMEKING26: looks pretty good i cant wait for the vision heroes to be bought over to the tcg

EminentHero: @PokeTwilight Whats Army Heroes? A type of Deck?

EHEROWEZ: The is some sweet e hero cards am talking about the new. Fusion

John Jordan: vision heros and masked heros are only ocg?

EminentHero: @PokeTwilight Ooooh i know what you mean. It's a deck im making using Armory Arm. I can Spam summon 3 Armory Arms in 1 turn and give them to any monster. Said monster gains 3000 ATK and triple burn damage.

kailmanning: @KisameOfTheMist7854 Your Friends are wrong, e-heroes can be deadly. could you tell or PM what type of heroes your running right now? I Personally prefer to use the original heroes Like Sparkman and wild heart.

EminentHero: @JohnJordan3000 They come TCG in the next set Generation Force

EminentHero: @PokeTwilight Masked HERO and Vision HERO are only a 2 card archtype release (So Far) and hopefully they will make more of them. You should use the Elemental HERO but use the Mask HERO in the deck but not as a focus though. Just more as a means of xtra kick if you need it and can't fuse.

XterioR: @EminentHero Yeah

jason: did you just say vision hero synchro monsters that will be sooooooooooo epic do you know when they will be out

XterioR: @EminentHero Oh really nice. Actually I am a fan of the Destiny Hero series but i sold my friend my Bloo-D(Plasma which in our country JPN was harder to get) now I regret but I may play D.Hero again probably when I can find another Bloo-D anyway why don't you try Gemknight?

EminentHero: @sasuke6122 Elemental Hero and Evil Hero are the best, but Elemental Heroes are the top of their archtype for various reasons.

XterioR: @EminentHero Should I play Elemental Hero or Masked Hero? Both are cool the Masked Hero have little support and aren't strong enough yet the Elemental Hero are strong but complicated.

MultiFaza123: ok this is good deck :)

theThugLife112: i think it would be so dope if they made the vhero effect monsters and the masked heroes too and i hope escuridao isnt the last hero i hope they mkae masked hero dark law

SuperMLev: Did you Mention something about vision hero synchro monsters?

Brian Moreno: basic d hero deck

DVKNIGHT000: @EminentHero ewww racist asshole that guy, evil heroes kick ass and Im trying to make a rock// evil hero deck for a fast beatdown aswell :) keep winning man

XterioR: @EminentHero I heard you say army heroes

EminentHero: @LVA2010 Of course it is. Theres only 2 Vision HEROES. Plus Destiny HEROES play more similarly to Vision HEROES

EminentHero: @MultiFaza123 Thanks, but the deck has changed since this video

EminentHero: @MrSuperkiki Thanks for the info though. I changed this deck since this video. I currently have Trinity FTK/OTK and I want to see if I can get it to flow easily and recover the lose of cards.

Okuyasu Nijimura: @EminentHero I emailed Konami, how do you get a hold of them?

XterioR: @EminentHero actually there are gemknights in DT05

EminentHero: @PokeTwilight What I'm trying to do is see if I can go to Yugioh wikia, and draw my own designs for the MAsked HERO and Vision HERO monsters and support cards that havent been TCG/OCG yet and send the ideas in to Konami or whomever it concerns to see if A:) If they can make them into real cards for the HERO fans to have more fun and choices to use or B:) I can get a job with them to design cards. I hope for both A:) & B:) to happen cause I'm a HERO fan as well as HERO

EminentHero: @sasuke6122 No. Sorry man. My Hero cards are not for trade. Its a collection thing as well as for deck making

RedDragonAutomaton97: To me the Elemental heroes are the superheroes, Destiny, Masked,Vision and Evil heroes seem like Anti-heroes

khoinguyen22: Would solidarity be a good card to add to this deck?

EminentHero: @khoinguyen22 Yeah it would since they all are Warriors and the Vision Hero style is a ATK/DEF gain/drain type deck

EminentHero: @SuperMLev Nah. Heros only have Fusion monsters.

sasuke6122: r u willing to trade any of these cards

sasuke6122: is this deck gd when you duel other people and is destiny hero dreadmaster good or not and if so y

Yip Lin Sheng: Cool, nice combo in this deck(^^)

EminentHero: @shentaro Idk but i assume it to be very hard. I would think you email them via their email address, but they may be too busy to reply. Thats what i would think

EminentHero: @sasuke6122 Well depends on how you make it. Yes Dreadmaster is good cause 1:) he grants immunity to battle damage and destruction for Destiny Heroes 2:) He can summon 2 Destiny Heroes from your grave if summoned Via Clocktower and 3:) hes strong in terms of ATK and DEF depending on the monsters you have

EminentHero: @PokeTwilight We dont have TCG Gemknights yet. All we got was Gem Elephant. Im gonna make my Plasma Counter deck now that I got my 3 Grinder Golems. The deck abuses Plasma's ability to turn monsters into equip cards. I combo Release Restraint Wave on Plasma's equipped monster to destroy the monster then my oppo F/D (Face Down) backfield gets destroyed too. Then I take another monster. DeD (Destiny End Dragoon) is an option fusion in the deck in case I can summon Dogma or Plasma.

XterioR: @EminentHero Not sure but people are saying the Steelswarm will hit Hidden Arsenal 5 but a chance for Gemknights too but I'm not sure but I'm sure they are released to the TCG in DT05

XterioR: @RedDragonAutobot97 Masked are Kamen Riders!!! Superheroes!!! So they can't be anti HERO

John Jordan: @EminentHero ok thank u

EminentHero: @DesmondYip Thanks man. I been using this deck and it actually does rather well with the new updates to it. It focuses on Atk/Def reduction for my opponent an Atk gain for me. I got my 4th D-Hero Plasma soi can now use Dogma an Destiny End Dragoon for that extra power..

EminentHero: @DVKNIGHT000 Yeah i know right. Now that all this crap for HERO came out, people contradicting themselves saying they are the crap now.

EminentHero: This is the Vision Hero deck I mentioned about in my Bulletin. Let me know what you guys think of it.

EminentHero: @SuperToatahu If i did I made a mistake. HERO monsters only fuse, not Synchro or Xyz..sorry

EminentHero: @RE0R If used right they can be

EminentHero: @PokeTwilight Really? So which Hidden Arsenal set will that be?

EminentHero: @ANIMEKING26 l:) in a fe months they will. all hero monsters an spells/traps not in tcg come out in bulk in the next set

EminentHero: @KisameOfTheMist7854 Masked and Vision HERO are good, but it has to be made right. Being that here are only 2 Masked HEROes and 2 Vision HEROes makes it tough. HERO monsters are good, but most people and ALOT of meta players dont know their full potential yet. I bet you once someone tops at regionals or Nats. with a HERO Deck, people will be all over the HEORes nuts contradicting themselves. I won a local tourney at Delmar with Evil HERO an this guy got pissed and called me a african american.

EminentHero: @JohnJordan3000 No problem

Eminent HERO's Deck #11: Vision HERO (4/29/2011) 4.5 out of 5

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Eminent HERO's Deck #11: Vision HERO (4/29/2011)
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