How To Disassemble The Kel-Tec P-11 9mm Pistol

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Svern Warunos: I have been shooting and handling guns and rifles since i was eight years old I'm 39 as of 2017 i still consider myself a beginner

lcasblcr: worst handgun ever for a woman imo, hard to chamber, and trigger pull is hard even after 400-500 rounds fired

Mitchel Young: Thanks bro

xseveb htwooh: Very well made video on the disassembly of the p11 very helpful

Kartez Drake: Thank you, I was having a hard time.

George Lowe: One of the best Youtube on Kel-Tec P-11 9mm Pistol Disassemble Video I have seen. Both the Audio and way he presented was very professional.

Patrick Foy: Thanks for the video...helps out tremendously....

FJ Dubya: I just bought my 2nd P11, this time a stainless steel one. And I'm not even going to get rid of my blued one now! I really like this model of pistol and I find it deserves far more credit than alot people give it. So many people report problems out of the box and say they want to throw it out. I have had NO problems with either of mine. And because the 9mm ammo is cheaper than .45ACP, I often shoot these guns more than my  médium frame .45, so the P11'a caught up to the .45 quickly is terms of number of rounds shot, and they ended up having far fewer failures to eject or fire.  I don't undertsand why trash the trigger of the P11 in the reviews. Sure, there are guns with better triggers. The P11 has a very long crisp pull before the hammer drops. But it's not a problem to squeeze off a few mags in rapid fire with this, really. It wouldn't be an issue if I was shooting at one or two perpetrators in self-defense. I suppose if I was defending the Alamo, maybe I'd want something smoother. For my own personal defense in most situations,  I can't complain. Some people like the more refined PF9 than the P11. The PF9 is the nephew of the P11, and takes about 4 rounds less of 9mm Luger than the P11. Thanks, but I'll take the P11, less refined or not. I think it's a badass Little gun for the money, and it also taked S&W model 59 mags, which come with as much as 30 rounds. Although the P11 has more failures with mags larger than 12, the 30 round mags have the potential to turn your P11 into a tiny powerhouse that could send a Glock running home with it's tail between its legs....and do it for less than half the cost. The optional belt clip is dream if you're not carrying against bare skin. You can basically forget about a holster that way. Hell, I could put one belt clip on for left-handed carry, and one on my 2nd P11 for right-handed carry, and two very manageable 9mm that I could pull out simultaneously. If you're ambidextrous like me, you might be pretty scary (not to mention deadly) with a P11 in each hand, taking on multiple assailants at once. I understand why the P11 is not considered a top-gear pistol. The finish SUCKS, unless you get the stainless model. You'll want to soup up your P11 and customize it a little if you have one, maybe get a Hogue grip for it, and maybe replace the polymer guide rod with a steel or titanium one. But when all is said and done, I think you'll have a great little CCW that you'll hardly notice is there when carrying, yet has enough fire-power and utilitarian mojo to roll with the big boys.

Robert Harry: Thanks

Dustin Fancher: I just picked up one today at a pawn shop. It was labeled as a PF9 but when I got home found it is a PF11. Oh well. As long as it works it will still do what I need! 

Lion Silver: I just noticed the the Sccy CPX-2 is nearly identical to the P-11

Funnypandalonies: I find the fewer parts the easier it is to maintain.

MAC Cap: Great vid!! I have had this gun since 1996, it works well for a 14 oz. 9mm..

Nick Giaq: thank you for making this video, i was having a lot of trouble with the takedown, but this helped clear it up for me.

Armed Patriot: Very nice videos. Extremely clear, easy to understand and you have the perfect narration voice. I bought my first pistol today It was a (Kel Tech 9mm P 11 Luger) and I learned how to dissemble and reassemble my weapon in about all of 2 minuets thanks to your video.. I had a little trouble with the guide rod of course but eventually got it Keep up the good work with the videos!

heat45jc: The claim was that the P-11 was the smallest and lightest 10+1 capacity 9x19mm. The smallest single stack semi-automatic 9x19mm would have to be the Robaugh R9.

SoundOfSilenceWolf: there are numerous reasons for a gun, one they are fun to shoot but that is besides the point two, for protecting your family, friends, home, co-workers, and those who are around you and your home, and three for hunting.

Vic T: Just bought one today for 199.99 used, took it out dropped 100 rds thru it, not a single malfunction. Best 200 i spent

silverado669: No, It's not accurate to any distance beyond 20 feet. I've owned one for about 10-12 years or so. It's fun, but you can't hit much at all. 20 feet is pushing it.

How to Disassemble the Kel-Tec P-11 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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