Shooting The New Umarex IMI .22 Caliber Uzi

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Especimen 26-JG: Yes

Jeff Galey: I love mine ....!
never had a jam....!

Mitch Mitrione: What a piece of crap gun. If you relied on this to do a drive by you wouldn't kill anybody.. ever.. lmao

Akshay Goblet: I first used it in Max Payne 2 game

Müller Volker: One thing for your information UMAREX is crap here in Germany. We have some for fireworks and blanks and they are all crap, sometimes packet in blisters hanging on a postcardstand. Its rubbish. #I dont know if yours is also cast iron, but if not, I still dont believe its any better then our rubbish UMAREX.

little nick: The african american pulled up with a submachine Uzi little did he know I had a loaded 12-gauge one sucka dead LA Times front page

Leonard Wong: love uzis....

MlLKMAN: That's one busy range.

željko lada: u wtf

David sá: belas carabinas de pcp ao seu lado

Dennis Wood: yeah I think I will pass on getting this gun !! not worth it as much as it Jammed

Jeff sHo: Might want to try some good ammo like CCI mini mags, these guns don't like crap bulk ammo.

GeorgeBonez: Oh cool! It jams up just like a real Uzi! ha

Rusty Booty: That would be great for ccw.

Štefan Kolesár: ..skúsiť to ako pilotný projekt:

Štefan Kolesár: Myslím si, že by mohol mať tento "UZI" úspech na trhu ako replika so slepými nábojmi 9mm a to všetky modifikácie nábojov ( akustickéľ+plynové ) . Pekný-čierny plastový kufrík, v ktorom by bola replika+1-2zásobníky (20/32)+čistenie+tlmič+optika . Čo Vy na to UMAREX ?

LaMetrius Jackson: does anyone know who invented the gun (the very first gun on earth)

ohka on wheels: If the new uzi unfully automatic
Whi he so big and heavy?
The israelis made good gun, the gemans kill him...

BBQ Sandwich: Umarex is the importer, not the maker. It's built by Walther in Germany idiots. 

BBQ Sandwich: 2 malfunctions in one magazine. Not a good testament. 

Shooting the new Umarex IMI .22 Caliber Uzi 5 out of 5

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My Air Gun & Blank Gun Collection for 2011

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