Negatives Of Selling On Amazon FBA (Just Be Aware!!!)

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Paul Chamberlain: Good info. Thanks very much.

Henry91340: Good video but Can you spray some WD-40 on that squeaking chair please!

Digital Assets: Hi Nice video was looking for a review about FBA and stunned upon your site. So are you still with Amazon or never did?

ILYASS AIT ALI: Your old videos still value - Good things here buddy

Wayne McKenzie: What is FBA stand for ?

Nunya Biznis: I have been saying this for over a decade. You have no control over you business if you sell on a marketplace (Ebay, Amazon, etc). Because of this, it's not really a viable business model if all you do is sell on marketplaces.

Talent Search Training: Once you save up enough money then a great way to buy low is to buy in bulk from overseas then sell on Amazon. Luckily, I am in an industry that I can make $20K gross per sale, NET around $18K. I then let my son borrow some of that money to buy bulk and we store the product in the shed that we have on our property. I charge him a nominal fee in interest and he has always paid me back before he sells all of the units. He just needs to 'sell' me why he thinks that the item will sell. He is already a true businessman WITH experience and he is only a freshman in college.

James Dearth: holy crap, spit it out! get to the point!!

ExtraordinaryLiving: Hey, dude, LIFE is a flip-switch deal ...
- you could lose your job (if you are employed by someone else) with just a snap of your boss' fingers.
- your investment in the financial market (if you do have any) could shrivel up for reasons out of your control.
- if the SHTF happens (market collapses), then your money is a useless piece of paper.
- you can cease to have a breath tomorrow if something catastrophic happens, may it be a world event or your personal event.

There are always risks in anything we do in this life. Heck, even if we do nothing, the risks are still there!

Nonetheless, I get your point ... know the risks, go in there with eyes wide open. My take is, be smart about it, don't count on anything or anybody but ourselves, take advantage of Amazon as Amazon is taking advantage of us, however don't let Fear stop us!

Pain: no one's gonna spend 24 minutes, am like i'll just check another video. lol

toot tall: what happens if you simply refuse to pay anything? Unless they're still holding some of your money, what can they really do?

toot tall: sometimes, they will say they destroy the items, but you will later find the exact same items on Amazon, I mean your items. How that happens, who knows. They're not telling.

Trevor G: Blah blah get to the point your wasting my time

Tommy Gun: What zerofatreturns is trying to say is read terms and service agreement lol

Tommy Gun: Amazon can shut you down!! Like bam 🤛🤛shut you down!! Rambling man huh? Lol

lally asian: thank you for this video
i just started selling on amazon, just on my second month. i sold 8000$ in my first month, and i only get 2500$ net pay... thank god my website is done so i can focus selling there and just do amazon on the side. amazon is super hard when it comes to communications even if you call their seller support, the representative does not even know amazon's rules and policies. i am just hoping to make money there before i can fully get out. P.S. . i got lots of refunds, when buyer calls their hotline the representatives just offer a quick refunds so the buyer gets satisfied without any questions OR RETURNING MY PRODUCTS . i asked the representative where did my products goes and she cannot answer my question. she also told me that the referral fee amazon charged for that sale is not refundable... that is so one way for amazon and buyers.

i do not see myself selling on amazon for a long time.. i have high quality products manufactured in america, and i deserve to earn money from it.

ILC Buy and Sell: Try to articulate to the point much, much faster. You never got to the point.

Mike Miller: Not to say anything bad about you dude but you did waste a lot of our time by you saying Amazon can shut you down

Lydia Avila: I agree people praise Amazon far too much and yet never speak of the problems it has caused them. Just the other day I was at the 99 cent store. This man is in the warehouse part of the store taking every toy he can get his hands on, he sells to Amazon as a vendor. Now this company buys from China obviously and many of their items higher than 99 cent are marked on the box itself, not with a sticker, so I don't know how Amazon covers that up, because the man claimed he sells to them and makes different % depending on the product. I asked him what he thought of Ali express and he said it wasn't any good I should stay away from it "everyone" is having problems with it. Well, I truly I don't think everyone is having problems and how we he know who every single person is that is using Ali express? He doesn't. Its just his opinion.

I saw a box of nice dolls I took because I don't think its right the manager allows him to come in and take all the toys, when other people don't have a fair chance at buying them. I don't see how buying retail and selling retail is that profitable. Wouldn't it make sense to buy wholesale or at cost then sell retail? Frankly if a person is going to sell, sell on your own. So what if Amazon has traffic, there are many ways to get customers and many women who buy the most shop around, for a better deals. Carry your own products and ship them out yourself. Quality control is important and that way you know first hand what your reselling.

Michael wills: Selling on amazon fba is horrid. greed mongers

Negatives of Selling on Amazon FBA (Just Be Aware!!!) 5 out of 5

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Negatives of Selling on Amazon FBA (Just Be Aware!!!)
Negatives of Selling on Amazon FBA (Just Be Aware!!!)
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